Schneider Electric (EM4200) data logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" or "Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
2Total instantaneous real power (3 phase total)kWword
3Total instantaneous reactive power (3 phase total)kVARword
4Total instantaneous apparent power (3 phase total)kVAword
5Total power factor (total kw / total kva)Ratioword
6Voltage, line to line, average of phasesVoltword
7Voltage, line to neutral, average of phasesVoltword
8Current, average of phasesAmpword
9Real power, L1kWword
10Real power, L2kWword
11Real power, L3kWword
12Power factor, L1Ratioword
13Power factor, L2Ratioword
14Power factor, L3Ratioword
15Voltage, L1 L2Voltword
16Voltage, L2 L3Voltword
17Voltage, L3 L1Voltword
18Voltage, L1 NVoltword
19Voltage, L2 NVoltword
20Voltage, L3 NVoltword
21Current, instantaneous, L1Ampword
22Current, instantaneous, L2Ampword
23Current, instantaneous, L3Ampword
24Present demand sub intervalkWword
25Minimum demandkWword
26Maximum demandkWword
27Present demandkWword
28Peak demandkWword
30Ct size (100, 300, etc.)Ampsword
31Count of kwh resetsCountword
32Count of peak demand resetsCountword
33Count of sub intervalsCountword
34Count of number readings in present sub intervalCountword
35System type: see manualintegerword
36Sub interval length: sets the length of a sub interval. value is the number of seconds times 5 (for example, 15 minutes is 4500). for sync to comms, set this to zerointegerword
37Number of sub intervals per demand interval. sets the number of sub intervals that make a single demand interval. legal values are 1 to 6. for block demand, set this to 1integerword
38Commandbit mapword
256Real energy consumptionkWhsingle
258Real energy consumption (redundant)kWhsingle
260Total instantaneous real powerkWsingle
262Total instantaneous reactive powerkVARsingle
264Total instantaneous apparent powerkVAsingle
266Total power factor (total kw / total kva)Ratiosingle
268Voltage, line to line, average of 3 phasesVoltsingle
270Voltage, line to neutral, average of 3 phasesVoltsingle
272Current, average of 3 phasesAmpsingle
274Real power, L1kWsingle
276Real power, L2kWsingle
278Real power, L3kWsingle
280Power factor, L1Ratiosingle
282Power factor, L2Ratiosingle
284Power factor, L3Ratiosingle
286Voltage, L1 L2Voltsingle
288Voltage, L2 L3Voltsingle
290Voltage, L3 L1Voltsingle
292Voltage, L1 NVoltsingle
294Voltage, L2 NVoltsingle
296Voltage, L3 NVoltsingle
298Current, instantaneous, L1Ampsingle
300Current, instantaneous, L2Ampsingle
302Current, instantaneous, L3Ampsingle
304Present demand sub intervalkWsingle
306Minimum demandkWsingle
308Maximum demandkWsingle
310Present demandkWsingle
312Peak demandkWsingle
316Ct size (100, 300, etc.)Ampssingle
318Count of kwh resetsIntegersingle
320Count of peak demand resetsIntegersingle
322Count of sub intervalsIntegersingle
324Count of number readings in present sub intervalIntegersingle
1024Real energy consumption (msr)kWhdword
1026Reactive energy consumption (msr)KVARhdword
1028Apparent energy consumption (msr)KVAhdword
1030Total instantaneous real (p) powerkWword
1031Total instantaneous reactive (q) powerkVARword
1032Total instantaneous apparent (s) powerkVAword
1033Average power factor (pf: total kw / total kva)Ratioword
1034Voltage line to line (u), average of active phasesVoltword
1035Voltage line to neutral (v), average of active phasesVoltword
1036Current, average of active phasesAmpword
1037Frequency (derived from phase a, b, or C in that order)Hzword
1038Total real power present demandkWword
1039Total reactive power present demandkVARword
1040Total apparent power present demandkVAword
1041Total real power max demandkWword
1042Total reactive power max demandkVARword
1043Total apparent power max demandkVAword
1047Pulse counter 1 (real energy)Counterdword
1049Pulse counter 2 (reactive energy)Counterdword
1055Real energy consumption, L1kWhdword
1057Real energy consumption, L2kWhdword
1059Real energy consumption, L3kWhdword
1061Reactive energy consumption, L1kWhdword
1063Reactive energy consumption, L2kWhdword
1065Reactive energy consumption, L3kWhdword
1067Apparent energy consumption, L1kWhdword
1069Apparent energy consumption, L2kWhdword
1071Apparent energy consumption, L3kWhdword
1073Real power, L1kWword
1074Real power, L2kWword
1075Real power, L3kWword
1076Reactive power, L1kVARword
1077Reactive power, L2kVARword
1078Reactive power, L3kVARword
1079Apparent power, L1kVAword
1080Apparent power, L2kVAword
1081Apparent power, L3kVAword
1082Power factor, L1Ratioword
1083Power factor, L2Ratioword
1084Power factor, L3Ratioword
1085Voltage, L1 L2Voltword
1086Voltage, L2 L3Voltword
1087Voltage, L3 L1Voltword
1088Voltage, L1 NVoltword
1089Voltage, L2 NVoltword
1090Voltage, L3 NVoltword
1091Current, L1Ampword
1092Current, L2Ampword
1093Current, L3Ampword
1094Current, neutralAmpword
1536Real energy (ph) consumptionkWhsingle
1538Reactive energy (qh) consumptionkVARhsingle
1540Apparent energy (sh) consumptionkVAhsingle
1542Total instantaneous real power (p)kWsingle
1544Total instantaneous reactive power (q)kVARsingle
1546Total instantaneous apparent power (s)kVAsingle
1548Average power factor (pf: total kw / total kva)Ratiosingle
1550Voltage line to line (u), average of active phasesVoltsingle
1552Voltageline to neutral (v), average of active phasesVoltsingle
1554Current, average of active phasesAmpsingle
1556Frequency (derived from phase a, b, or C in that order)Hzsingle
1558Total real power present demandkWsingle
1560Total reactive power present demandkVARsingle
1562Total apparent power present demandkVAsingle
1564Total real power max demandkWsingle
1566Total reactive power max demandkVARsingle
1568Total apparent power max demandkVAsingle
1576Pulse counter 1 (real energy) single
1578Pulse counter 2 (reactive energy) single
1588Real energy consumption, L1kWhsingle
1590Real energy consumption, L2kWhsingle
1592Real energy consumption, L3kWhsingle
1594Reactive energy consumption, L1kWhsingle
1596Reactive energy consumption, L2kWhsingle
1598Reactive energy consumption, L3kWhsingle
1600Apparent energy consumption, L1kWhsingle
1602Apparent energy consumption, L2kWhsingle
1604Apparent energy consumption, L3kWhsingle
1606Real power, L1kWsingle
1608Real power, L2kWsingle
1610Real power, L3kWsingle
1612Reactive power, L1kVARsingle
1614Reactive power, L2kVARsingle
1616Reactive power, L3kVARsingle
1618Apparent power, L1kVAsingle
1620Apparent power, L2kVAsingle
1622Apparent power, L3kVAsingle
1624Power factor, L1Ratiosingle
1626Power factor, L2Ratiosingle
1628Power factor, L3Ratiosingle
1630Voltage, L1 L2Voltsingle
1632Voltage, L2 L3Voltsingle
1634Voltage, L3 L1Voltsingle
1636Voltage, L1 NVoltsingle
1638Voltage, L2 NVoltsingle
1640Voltage, L3 NVoltsingle
1642Current, phase AAmpsingle
1644Current, phase BAmpsingle
1646Current, phase CAmpsingle
1648Current, neutralAmpsingle
2048Real energy: net (import export)kWhinteger
2050Real energy: quadrants 1 and 4 import, delivered, down streamkWhdword
2052Real energy: quadrants 2 and 3 export, received, up streamkWhdword
2054Reactive energy quadrant 1: inductive (ieee), lags import real energy (iec)KVARhdword
2056Reactive energy quadrant 2: inductive (ieee), leads export real energy (iec)KVARhdword
2058Reactive energy quadrant 3: capacitive (ieee), lags export real energy (iec)KVARhdword
2060Reactive energy quadrant 4: capacitive (ieee), leads import real energy (iec)KVARhdword
2062Apparent energy: net (import export)KVAhinteger
2064Apparent energy: quadrants 1 and 4 import, delivered, down streamKVAhdword
2066Apparent energy: quadrants 2 and 3 export, received, up streamKVAhdword
2068Total net instantaneous real (p) powerkWsmallint
2069Total net instantaneous reactive (q) powerkVARsmallint
2070Total net instantaneous apparent (s) power (vector sum)kVAword
2071Total power factor (total kw / total kva)Ratiosmallint
2072Voltage, L L (u), average of active phasesVoltword
2073Voltage, L N (v), average of active phasesVoltword
2074Current, average of active phasesAmpword
2076Total real power present demandkWsmallint
2077Total reactive power present demandkVARsmallint
2078Total apparent power present demandkVAsmallint
2079Total real power max demandkWsmallint
2080Total reactive power max demandkVARsmallint
2081Total apparent power max demandkVAsmallint
2082Total real power max demandkWsmallint
2083Total reactive power max demandkVARsmallint
2084Total apparent power max demandkVAsmallint
2086Pulse counter 1 (import real energy) dword
2088Pulse counter 2 (export real energy) dword
2090Accumulated real energy, L1kWhdword
2092Accumulated real energy, L2kWhdword
2094Accumulated real energy, L3kWhdword
2096Accumulated real energy, L1kWhdword
2098Accumulated real energy, L2kWhdword
2100Accumulated real energy, L3kWhdword
2102Accumulated Q1 reactive energy, L1kVARhdword
2104Accumulated Q1 reactive energy, L2kVARhdword
2106Accumulated Q1 reactive energy, L3kVARhdword
2108Accumulated Q2 reactive energy, L1kVARhdword
2110Accumulated Q2 reactive energy, L2kVARhdword
2112Accumulated Q2 reactive energy, L3kVARhdword
2114Accumulated Q3 reactive energy, L1kVARhdword
2116Accumulated Q3 reactive energy, L2kVARhdword
2118Accumulated Q3 reactive energy, L3kVARhdword
2120Accumulated Q4 reactive energy, L1kVARhdword
2122Accumulated Q4 reactive energy, L2kVARhdword
2124Accumulated Q4 reactive energy, L3kVARhdword
2126Accumulated apparent energy, L1kVAhdword
2128Accumulated apparent energy, L2kVAhdword
2130Accumulated apparent energy, L3kVAhdword
2132Accumulated apparent energy, L1kVAhdword
2134Accumulated apparent energy, L2kVAhdword
2136Accumulated apparent energy, L3kVAhdword
2138Real power (p), L1kWsmallint
2139Real power (p), L2kWsmallint
2140Real power (p), L3kWsmallint
2141Reactive power (q), L1kVARsmallint
2142Reactive power (q), L2kVARsmallint
2143Reactive power (q), L3kVARsmallint
2144Apparent power (s), L1kVAword
2145Apparent power (s), L2kVAword
2146Apparent power (s), L3kVAword
2147Power factor (pf), L1Ratiosmallint
2148Power factor (pf), L2Ratiosmallint
2149Power factor (pf), L3Ratiosmallint
2150Voltage (u), L1 L2Voltword
2151Voltage (u), L2 L3Voltword
2152Voltage (u), L3 L1Voltword
2153Voltage (v), L1 NVoltword
2154Voltage (v), L2 NVoltword
2155Voltage (v), L3 NVoltword
2156Current, L1Ampword
2157Current, L2Ampword
2158Current, L3Ampword
2159Current, neutralAmpword
2560Accumulated real energy: net (import export)kWhsingle
2562Real energy: quadrants 1 and 4 import, delivered, down streamkWhsingle
2564Real energy: quadrants 2 and 3 export, received, up streamkWhsingle
2566Reactive energy quadrant 1: lags import real energy (iec) inductive (ieee)kVARhsingle
2568Reactive energy quadrant 2: leads export real energy (iec) inductive (ieee)kVARhsingle
2570Reactive energy quadrant 3: lags export real energy (iec) capacitive (ieee)kVARhsingle
2572Reactive energy quadrant 4: leads import real energy (iec) capacitive (ieee)kVARhsingle
2574Apparent energy: net (import export)kVAhsingle
2576Apparent energy: quadrants 1 and 4 import, delivered, down streamkVAhsingle
2578Apparent energy: quadrants 2 and 3 export, received, up streamkVAhsingle
2580Total net instantaneous real (p) powerkWsingle
2582Total net instantaneous reactive (q) powerkVARsingle
2584Total net instantaneous apparent (s) power (vector sum)kVAsingle
2586Total power factor (total kw / total kva)Ratiosingle
2588Voltage, L L (u), average of active phasesVoltsingle
2590Voltage, L N (v), average of active phasesVoltsingle
2592Current, average of active phasesAmpsingle
2596Total real power present demandkWsingle
2598Total reactive power present demandkVARsingle
2600Total apparent power present demandkVAsingle
2602Total real power max demandkWsingle
2604Total reactive power max demandkVARsingle
2606Total apparent power max demandkVAsingle
2608Total real power max demandkWsingle
2610Total reactive power max demandkVARsingle
2612Total apparent power max demandkVAsingle
2616Pulse counter 1 (import real energy) single
2618Pulse counter 2 (export real energy) single
2620Accumulated real energy, L1kWhsingle
2622Accumulated real energy, L2kWhsingle
2624Accumulated real energy, L3kWhsingle
2626Accumulated real energy, L1kWhsingle
2628Accumulated real energy, L2kWhsingle
2630Accumulated real energy, L3kWhsingle
2632Accumulated Q1 reactive energy, L1kVARhsingle
2634Accumulated Q1 reactive energy, L2kVARhsingle
2636Accumulated Q1 reactive energy, L3kVARhsingle
2638Accumulated Q2 reactive energy, L1kVARhsingle
2640Accumulated Q2 reactive energy, L2kVARhsingle
2642Accumulated Q2 reactive energy, L3kVARhsingle
2644Accumulated Q3 reactive energy, L1kVARhsingle
2646Accumulated Q3 reactive energy, L2kVARhsingle
2648Accumulated Q3 reactive energy, L3kVARhsingle
2650Accumulated Q4 reactive energy, L1kVARhsingle
2652Accumulated Q4 reactive energy, L2kVARhsingle
2654Accumulated Q4 reactive energy, L3kVARhsingle
2656Accumulated apparent energy, L1kVAhsingle
2658Accumulated apparent energy, L2kVAhsingle
2660Accumulated apparent energy, L3kVAhsingle
2662Accumulated apparent energy, L1kVAhsingle
2664Accumulated apparent energy, L2kVAhsingle
2666Accumulated apparent energy, L3kVAhsingle
2668Real power, L1kWsingle
2670Real power, L2kWsingle
2672Real power, L3kWsingle
2674Reactive power, L1kVARsingle
2676Reactive power, L2kVARsingle
2678Reactive power, L3kVARsingle
2680Apparent power, L1kVAsingle
2682Apparent power, L2kVAsingle
2684Apparent power, L3kVAsingle
2686Power factor, L1Ratiosingle
2688Power factor, L2Ratiosingle
2690Power factor, L3Ratiosingle
2692Voltage (u), L1 L2Voltsingle
2694Voltage (u), L2 L3Voltsingle
2696Voltage (u), L3 L1Voltsingle
2698Voltage, L1 NVoltsingle
2700Voltage, L2 NVoltsingle
2702Voltage, L3 NVoltsingle
2704Current, L1Ampsingle
2706Current, L2Ampsingle
2708Current, L3Ampsingle
2710Current, neutral (measured or calculated)Ampsingle

Schneider Electric (EM1000,EM1100,EM1200) data logging
Schneider Electric (EM3502,EM3550) data logging
Schneider Electric (EM4200) data logging
Schneider Electric (EM6400) data logging
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Schneider Electric PowerLogic ION8600 data logging
Schneider Electric PowerLogic ION8800 data logging

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