Schneider Electric PM1000 PM1200 logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" or "Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
3913Current average (A) single
3929Current, phase 1 (A1) single
3943Current, phase 2 (A2) single
3957Current, phase 3 (A3) single
3909Line to line average voltage (VLL) single
3911Line to neutral voltage (VLN) single
3925Voltage phase 1 to phase 2 (V12) single
3939Voltage phase 2 to phase 3 (V23) single
3953Voltage phase 3 to phase 1 (V31) single
3927Voltage phase 1 to neutral (V1) single
3941Voltage phase 2 to neutral (V2) single
3955Voltage phase 3 to neutral (V3) single
3903Active power, total (W) single
3919Active power, phase 1 (W1) single
3933Active power, phase 2 (W2) single
3947Active power, phase 3 (W3) single
3905Reactive power, total (VAR) single
3921Reactive power, phase 1 (VAR1) single
3935Reactive power, phase 2 (VAR2) single
3949Reactive power, phase3 (VAR3) single
3901Apparent power, total (VA) single
3917Apparent power, phase 1 (VA1) single
3931Apparent power, phase 2 (VA2) single
3945Apparent power, phase 3 (VA3) single
3907Power factor average (PF) single
3923Power factor, phase 1 (PF1) single
3937Power factor, phase 2 (PF2) single
3951Power factor, phase 3 (PF3) single
3915Frequency, hz (F) single
3861Voltage THD, phase 1 (%V1) single
3863Voltage THD, phase 2 (%V2) single
3865Voltage THD, phase 3 (%V3) single
3867Current THD, phase 1 (%A1) single
3869Current THD, phase 2 (%A2) single
3871Current THD, phase 3 (%A3) single
3959Forward apparent energy (FwdVAh) single
3961Forward active energy (FwdWh) single
3963Forward reactive inductive energy (FwdVARh) single
3965Forward reactive capacitive energy (FwdVARh) single
3967Reverse apparent energy (RevVAh) single
3969Reverse active energy (RevWh) single
3971Reverse reactive inductive energy (RevVARh) single
3973Reverse reactive capacitive energy (RevVARh) single
3993On hours (On hrs) integer
3995Forward run seconds (FwdRun secs) integer
3997Reverse run seconds (RevRun secs) integer
3999Number of power interruptions (Intr) integer
3975Present demand (Present demand) single
3977Rising demand (Rising demand) single
3979Maximum demand (Max MD) single
3981Maximum demand occurrence time (Max DM occurrence time) integer
3881Average load percentage (% avg load) single
3883Percentage of phase 1 load (%L1) single
3885Percentage of phase 2 load (%L2) single
3887Percentage of phase 3 load (%L3) single
3889Unbalanced %load (Unbalanced %Load) single
3891Unbalanced % voltage (Unbalanced % voltage) single
3001Apparent power, total (VA) single
3003Active power, total (W) single
3005Reactive power, total (VAR) single
3007Average PF (PF) single
3009Average line to line voltage (VLL) single
3011Average line to neutral voltage (VLN) single
3013Average current (A) single
3015Frequency, hz (F) single
3019Number of interruption (Intr) integer
3031Apparent power, phase1 (VA1) single
3033Active power, phase1 (W1) single
3035Reactive power, phase1 (VAR1) single
3037Power factor, phase1 (PF1) single
3039Voltage phase1 to phase2 (V12) single
3041Voltage phase1 to neutral (V1) single
3043Current, phase1 (A1) single
3045Frequency, hz (F1) single
3049Number of interruption (Intr1) integer
3061Apparent power, phase 2 (VA2) single
3063Active power, phase 2 (W2) single
3065Reactive power, phase 2 (VAR2) single
3067Power factor, phase 2 (PF2) single
3069Voltage phase 2 to phase 3 (V23) single
3071Voltage phase 2 to neutral (V2) single
3073Current, phase 2 (A2) single
3075Frequency, hz (F2) single
3079Number of interruption (Intr2) integer
3091Apparent power, phase 3 (VA3) single
3093Active power, phase 3 (W3) single
3095Reactive power, phase 3 (VAR3) single
3097Power factor, phase 3 (PF3) single
3099Voltage phase 3 to phase 1 (V31) single
3101Voltage phase 3 to neutral (V3) single
3103Current, phase 3 (A3) single
3105Frequency, hz (F3) single
3109Number of interruption (Intr3) integer
3121Forward apparent energy (FwdVAh) single
3123Forward active energy (FwdWh) single
3125Forward reactive inductive energy (FwdVARh) single
3131Forward reactive capacitive energy (FwdVARh) single
3139Forward run seconds (FwdRunsecs) integer
3151Reverse apparent energy (RevVAh) single
3153Reverse active energy (RevWh) single
3155Reverse reactive inductive energy (RevVARh) single
3161Reverse reactive capacitive energy (RevVARh) single
3169Reverse run seconds (RevRunsecs) integer
3181Total apparent energy (TotVAh) single
3183Total active energy (TotWh) single
3185Total reactive inductive energy (TotVARh) single
3191Total reactive capacitive energy (TotVARh) single
3199Total run seconds (TotRunsecs) integer
3735Present demand (Present demand) single
3737Rising demand (Rising demand) single
3739Time remaining (Time remaining) integer
3741Maximum demand (MaxDM) single
3743Maximum demand occurrence time (MaxDMTime) integer
3122Old forward apparent energy (OldFwdVAh) single
3124Old forward active energy (OldFwdWh) single
3126Old forward reactive inductive energy (OldFwdVARh) single
3132Old forward reactive capacitive energy (OldFwdVARh) single
3140Old forward run seconds (OldFwdRunsecs) integer
3152Old reverse apparent energy (OldRevVAh) single
3154Old reverse active energy (OldRevWh) single
3156Old reverse reactive inductive energy (OldRevVARh) single
3162Old reverse reactive capacitive energy (OldRevVARh) single
3170Old reverse run seconds (OldRevRunsecs) integer
3182Old total apparent energy (OldTotVAh) single
3184Old total active energy (OldTotWh) single
3186Old total reactive inductive energy (OldTotVARh) single
3192Old total reactive capacitive energy (OldTotVARh) single
3200Old total run seconds (OldTotRunsecs) integer
3701Neutral voltage (Neutral voltage) single
3703Neutral current (An) single
3705Voltage phase angle, phase 1 (V1) single
3707Voltage phase angle, phase 2 (V2) single
3709Voltage phase angle, phase 3 (V3) single
3711Current phase angle, phase 1 (A1) single
3713Current phase angle, phase 2 (A2) single
3715Current phase angle, phase 3 (A3) single
3717Rotations per minute (RPM) single

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