Schneider Electric (PM600) logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" or "Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
2019Scale Factor A smallint
2022Scale Factor D smallint
2023Scale Factor E smallint
999Update interval smallint
1002Current, phase AAmpssmallint
1003Current, phase BAmpssmallint
1004Current, phase CAmpssmallint
1005Current, calculated neutralAmpssmallint
1009Current unbalance, phase APercentsmallint
1010Current unbalance, phase BPercentsmallint
1011Current unbalance, phase CPercentsmallint
1012Current unbalance, worstPercentsmallint
1013Voltage, phase A to BVoltssmallint
1014Voltage, phase B to CVoltssmallint
1015Voltage, phase C to AVoltssmallint
1017Voltage, phase A to neutralVoltssmallint
1018Voltage, phase B to neutralVoltssmallint
1019Voltage, phase C to neutralVoltssmallint
1021Voltage unbalance, phase A BPercentsmallint
1022Voltage unbalance, phase B CPercentsmallint
1023Voltage unbalance, phase C APercentsmallint
1024Voltage unbalance, L L worstPercentsmallint
1025Voltage unbalance, phase APercentsmallint
1026Voltage unbalance, phase BPercentsmallint
1027Voltage unbalance, phase CPercentsmallint
1028Voltage unbalance, L N worstPercentsmallint
1030True power factor, phase A smallint
1031True power factor, phase B smallint
1032True power factor, phase C smallint
1033True power factor, 3 phase total smallint
1038Real power, phase AkWsmallint
1039Real power, phase BkWsmallint
1040Real power, phase CkWsmallint
1041Real power, 3 phase totalkWsmallint
1042Reactive power, phase AkVArsmallint
1043Reactive power, phase BkVArsmallint
1044Reactive power, phase CkVArsmallint
1045Reactive power, 3 phase totalkVArsmallint
1046Apparent power, phase AkVAsmallint
1047Apparent power, phase BkVAsmallint
1048Apparent power, phase CkVAsmallint
1049Apparent power, 3 phase totalkVAsmallint
1050Thd/thd A current smallint
1051Thd/thd B current smallint
1052Thd/thd C current smallint
1054Thd/thd A voltage smallint
1055Thd/thd B voltage smallint
1056Thd/thd C voltage smallint
1077A current fundamental rms magnitudeAmpssmallint
1078A current fundamental coincident angleDegreessmallint
1079B current fundamental rms magnitudeAmpssmallint
1080B current fundamental coincident angleDegreessmallint
1081C current fundamental rms magnitudeAmpssmallint
1082C current fundamental coincident angleDegreessmallint
1087A voltage fundamental rms magnitudeVoltssmallint
1088A voltage fundamental coincident angleDegreessmallint
1089B voltage fundamental rms magnitudeVoltssmallint
1090B voltage fundamental coincident angleDegreessmallint
1091Register name C voltage fundamental rms magnitudeVoltssmallint
1092C voltage fundamental coincident angleDegreessmallint
1093A B voltage fundamental rms magnitudeVoltssmallint
1094A B voltage fundamental coincident angleDegreessmallint
1095B C voltage fundamental rms magnitudeVoltssmallint
1096B C voltage fundamental coincident angleDegreessmallint
1097C A voltage fundamental rms magnitudeVoltssmallint
1098C A voltage fundamental coincident angleDegreessmallint
1199Minimum update interval smallint
1200Minimum frequencyHertzsmallint
1202Minimum current, phase AAmpssmallint
1203Minimum current, phase BAmpssmallint
1204Minimum current, phase CAmpssmallint
1205Minimum current neutral, calculatedAmpssmallint
1209Minimum current unbalance, phase APercentsmallint
1210Minimum current unbalance, phase BPercentsmallint
1211Minimum current unbalance, phase CPercentsmallint
1212Minimum current unbalance, worstPercentsmallint
1213Minimum voltage, phase A to BVoltssmallint
1214Minimum voltage, phase B to CVoltssmallint
1215Minimum voltage, phase C to AVoltssmallint
1217Minimum voltage, phase AVoltssmallint
1218Minimum voltage, phase BVoltssmallint
1219Minimum voltage, phase CVoltssmallint
1221Minimum voltage unbalance, phase A BPercentsmallint
1222Minimum voltage unbalance, ph. B CPercentsmallint
1223Minimum voltage unbalance, ph. C APercentsmallint
1224Minimum volt. Unbalance, worst L LPercentsmallint
1225Minimum voltage unbalance, ph. APercentsmallint
1226Minimum voltage unbalance, ph. BPercentsmallint
1227Minimum voltage unbalance, ph. CPercentsmallint
1228Minimum volt. Unbalance, worst L NPercentsmallint
1230Minimum true power factor, phase A smallint
1231Minimum true power factor, phase B smallint
1232Minimum true power factor, phase C smallint
1233Minimum true power factor, total smallint
1238Minimum real power, phase AkWsmallint
1239Minimum real power, phase BkWsmallint
1240Minimum real power, phase CkWsmallint
1241Minimum real power, totalkWsmallint
1242Minimum reactive power, phase AkVArsmallint
1243Minimum reactive power, phase BkVArsmallint
1244Minimum reactive power, phase CkVArsmallint
1245Minimum reactive power, totalkVArsmallint
1246Minimum apparent power, phase AkVAsmallint
1247Minimum apparent power, phase BkVAsmallint
1248Minimum apparent power, phase CkVAsmallint
1249Minimum apparent power, totalkVAsmallint
1250Minimum thd/thd current, phase APercentsmallint
1251Minimum thd/thd current, phase BPercentsmallint
1252Minimum thd/thd current, phase CPercentsmallint
1254Minimum thd/thd voltage, phase APercentsmallint
1255Minimum thd/thd voltage, phase BPercentsmallint
1256Minimum thd/thd voltage, phase CPercentsmallint
1399Maximum update interval smallint
1400Maximum frequencyHertzsmallint
1402Maximum current, phase AAmpssmallint
1403Maximum current, phase BAmpssmallint
1404Maximum current, phase CAmpssmallint
1405Maximum current neutral, calculatedAmpssmallint
1409Maximum current unbalance, ph. APercentsmallint
1410Maximum current unbalance, ph. BPercentsmallint
1411Maximum current unbalance, ph. CPercentsmallint
1412Maximum current unbalance, worstPercentsmallint
1413Maximum voltage, phase A BVoltssmallint
1414Maximum voltage, phase B CVoltssmallint
1415Maximum voltage, phase C AVoltssmallint
1417Maximum voltage, phase AVoltssmallint
1418Maximum voltage, phase BVoltssmallint
1419Maximum voltage, phase CVoltssmallint
1421Maximum volt. Unbalance, ph. A BPercentsmallint
1422Maximum volt. Unbalance, ph. B CPercentsmallint
1423Maximum volt. Unbalance, ph. C APercentsmallint
1424Maximum volt. Unbalance, worst L LPercentsmallint
1425Maximum volt. Unbalance, ph. APercentsmallint
1426Maximum volt. Unbalance, phase BPercentsmallint
1427Maximum volt. Unbalance, phase CPercentsmallint
1428Maximum volt. Unbalance, worst L NPercentsmallint
1430Maximum true power factor, ph. A smallint
1431Maximum true power factor, ph. B smallint
1432Maximum true power factor, ph. C smallint
1433Maximum true power factor, total smallint
1438Maximum real power, phase AkWsmallint
1439Maximum real power, phase BkWsmallint
1440Maximum real power, phase CkWsmallint
1441Maximum real power, totalkWsmallint
1442Maximum reactive power, phase AkVArsmallint
1443Maximum reactive power, phase BkVArsmallint
1444Maximum reactive power, phase CkVArsmallint
1445Maximum reactive power, totalkVArsmallint
1446Maximum apparent power, phase AkVAsmallint
1447Maximum apparent power, phase BkVAsmallint
1448Maximum apparent power, phase CkVAsmallint
1449Maximum apparent power, totalkVAsmallint
1450Maximum thd/thd current, phase APercentsmallint
1451Maximum thd/thd current, phase BPercentsmallint
1452Maximum thd/thd current, phase CPercentsmallint
1454Maximum thd/thd voltage, phase APercentsmallint
1455Maximum thd/thd voltage, phase BPercentsmallint
1456Maximum thd/thd voltage, phase CPercentsmallint
1616Apparent energy smallint
16193 phase total smallint
1620Real energy 3 phase total smallint
1624Reactive energy 3 phase total smallint
1700Present current demand phase AAmpssmallint
1701Present current demand phase BAmpssmallint
1702Present current demand phase CAmpssmallint
1703Present demand neutral currentAmpssmallint
1708Peak current demand phase AAmpssmallint
1709Peak current demand phase BAmpssmallint
1710Peak current demand phase CAmpssmallint
1711Peak current neutral currentAmpssmallint
1730Present real power demand, 3 phase totalkWsmallint
1731Present reactive power demand, 3 phase totalkVArsmallint
1732Present apparent power demand 3 phase totalkVAsmallint
1733Peak real power demand, 3 phase totalkWsmallint
1734Average power factor, @ peak realPercentsmallint
1737Peak reactive power demand 3 phase totalkVarsmallint
1738Average power factor @ peak reactivePercentsmallint
1741Peak apparent power demand, 3 phase totalkVAsmallint
1742Average power factor @ peak apparentPercentsmallint
1745Predicted real power demand, 3 phase totalkWsmallint
1746Predicted reactive power demand, 3 phase totalkVArsmallint
1747Predicted apparent power demand, 3 phase totalkVAsmallint
1799Last restart date/time smallint
1802Date/time smallint
1804Demand of peak current phase A smallint
1805Date/time smallint
1807Demand of peak current phase B smallint
1808Date/time smallint
1810Demand of peak current phase C smallint
1811Date/time of peak smallint
1813Demand (average real power) smallint

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