Schneider Electric PM800 logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
627Ethernet physical connection integer
628Baud rate integer
629Parity integer
630Wire mode integer
631Port protocol mode integer
632PM8ECC reset counter integer
633Frame type integer
1099Current, phase AAmps/Scaleinteger
1100Current, phase BAmps/Scaleinteger
1101Current, phase CAmps/Scaleinteger
1102Current, neutralAmps/Scaleinteger
1103Current, groundAmps/Scaleinteger
1104Current, 3-Phase averageAmps/Scaleinteger
1106Current, unbalance, phase A0.10%integer
1107Current, unbalance, phase B0.10%integer
1108Current, unbalance, phase C0.10%integer
1109Current, unbalance, max0.10%integer
1119Voltage, A-BVolts/Scaleinteger
1120Voltage, B-CVolts/Scaleinteger
1121Voltage, C-AVolts/Scaleinteger
1122Voltage, L-L averageVolts/Scaleinteger
1123Voltage, A-NVolts/Scaleinteger
1124Voltage, B-NVolts/Scaleinteger
1125Voltage, C-NVolts/Scaleinteger
1126Voltage, N-RVolts/Scaleinteger
1127Voltage, L-N averageVolts/Scaleinteger
1128Voltage, unbalance, A-B0.10%integer
1129Voltage, unbalance, B-C0.10%integer
1130Voltage, unbalance, C-A0.10%integer
1131Voltage, unbalance, max L-L0.10%integer
1132Voltage, unbalance, A-N0.10%integer
1133Voltage, unbalance, B-N0.10%integer
1134Voltage, unbalance, C-N0.10%integer
1135Voltage, unbalance, max L-N0.10%integer
1139Real power, phase AkW/Scaleinteger
1140Real power, phase BkW/Scaleinteger
1141Real power, phase CkW/Scaleinteger
1142Real power, totalkW/Scaleinteger
1143Reactive power, phase AkVAr/Scaleinteger
1144Reactive power, phase BkVAr/Scaleinteger
1145Reactive power, phase CkVAr/Scaleinteger
1146Reactive power, totalkVAr/Scaleinteger
1147Apparent power, phase AkVA/Scaleinteger
1148Apparent power, phase BkVA/Scaleinteger
1149Apparent power, phase CkVA/Scaleinteger
1150Apparent power, totalkVA/Scaleinteger
1159True power factor, phase A0,001integer
1160True power factor, phase B0,001integer
1161True power factor, phase C0,001integer
1162True power factor, total0,001integer
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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