Schneider Electric PM800 logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" or "Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
627Ethernet physical connection integer
628Baud rate integer
629Parity integer
630Wire mode integer
631Port protocol mode integer
632PM8ECC reset counter integer
633Frame type integer
1099Current, phase AAmps/Scaleinteger
1100Current, phase BAmps/Scaleinteger
1101Current, phase CAmps/Scaleinteger
1102Current, neutralAmps/Scaleinteger
1103Current, groundAmps/Scaleinteger
1104Current, 3-Phase averageAmps/Scaleinteger
1106Current, unbalance, phase A0.10%integer
1107Current, unbalance, phase B0.10%integer
1108Current, unbalance, phase C0.10%integer
1109Current, unbalance, max0.10%integer
1119Voltage, A-BVolts/Scaleinteger
1120Voltage, B-CVolts/Scaleinteger
1121Voltage, C-AVolts/Scaleinteger
1122Voltage, L-L averageVolts/Scaleinteger
1123Voltage, A-NVolts/Scaleinteger
1124Voltage, B-NVolts/Scaleinteger
1125Voltage, C-NVolts/Scaleinteger
1126Voltage, N-RVolts/Scaleinteger
1127Voltage, L-N averageVolts/Scaleinteger
1128Voltage, unbalance, A-B0.10%integer
1129Voltage, unbalance, B-C0.10%integer
1130Voltage, unbalance, C-A0.10%integer
1131Voltage, unbalance, max L-L0.10%integer
1132Voltage, unbalance, A-N0.10%integer
1133Voltage, unbalance, B-N0.10%integer
1134Voltage, unbalance, C-N0.10%integer
1135Voltage, unbalance, max L-N0.10%integer
1139Real power, phase AkW/Scaleinteger
1140Real power, phase BkW/Scaleinteger
1141Real power, phase CkW/Scaleinteger
1142Real power, totalkW/Scaleinteger
1143Reactive power, phase AkVAr/Scaleinteger
1144Reactive power, phase BkVAr/Scaleinteger
1145Reactive power, phase CkVAr/Scaleinteger
1146Reactive power, totalkVAr/Scaleinteger
1147Apparent power, phase AkVA/Scaleinteger
1148Apparent power, phase BkVA/Scaleinteger
1149Apparent power, phase CkVA/Scaleinteger
1150Apparent power, totalkVA/Scaleinteger
1159True power factor, phase A0,001integer
1160True power factor, phase B0,001integer
1161True power factor, phase C0,001integer
1162True power factor, total0,001integer
1163Alternate true power factor, phase A0,001integer
1164Alternate true power factor, phase B0,001integer
1165Alternate true power factor, phase C0,001integer
1166Alternate true power factor, total0,001integer
1167Displacement power factor, phase A0,001integer
1168Displacement power factor, phase B0,001integer
1169Displacement power factor, phase C0,001integer
1170Displacement power factor, total0,001integer
1171Alternate displacement power factor, phase A0,001integer
1172Alternate displacement power factor, phase B0,001integer
1173Alternate displacement power factor, phase C0,001integer
1174Alternate displacement power factor, total0,001integer
1179Frequency0.01Hz 0.10Hzinteger
1189True power factor, phase A0,001integer
1190True power factor, phase B0,001integer
1191True power factor, phase C0,001integer
1192True power factor, total0,001integer
1193Displacement power factor, phase A0,001integer
1194Displacement power factor, phase B0,001integer
1195Displacement power factor, phase C0,001integer
1196Displacement power factor, total0,001integer
1199THD/thd current, phase A0.10%integer
1200THD/thd current, phase B0.10%integer
1201THD/thd current, phase C0.10%integer
1202THD/thd current, phase N0.10%integer
1206THD/thd voltage, phase A-N0.10%integer
1207THD/thd voltage, phase B-N0.10%integer
1208THD/thd voltage, phase C-N0.10%integer
1210THD/thd voltage, phase A-B0.10%integer
1211THD/thd voltage, phase B-C0.10%integer
1212THD/thd voltage, phase C-A0.10%integer
1229Current fundamental RMS magnitude, phase AAmps/Scaleinteger
1230Current fundamental coincident angle, phase A0.1Dinteger
1231Current fundamental RMS magnitude, phase BAmps/Scaleinteger
1232Current fundamental coincident angle, phase B0.1Dinteger
1233Current fundamental RMS magnitude, phase CAmps/Scaleinteger
1234Current fundamental coincident angle, phase C0.1Dinteger
1235Current fundamental RMS magnitude, neutralAmps/Scaleinteger
1236Current fundamental coincident angle, neutral0.1Dinteger
1243Voltage fundamental RMS magnitude, A-N/A-BVolts/Scaleinteger
1244Voltage fundamental coincident angle, A-N/A-B0.1Dinteger
1245Voltage fundamental RMS magnitude, B-N/B-CVolts/Scaleinteger
1246Voltage fundamental coincident angle, B-N/B-C0.1Dinteger
1247Voltage fundamental RMS magnitude, C-N/C-AVolts/Scaleinteger
1248Voltage fundamental coincident angle, C-N/C-A0.1Dinteger
1283Current, positive sequence, magnitudeAmps/Scaleinteger
1284Current, positive sequence, angle0,1integer
1285Current, negative sequence, magnitudeAmps/Scaleinteger
1286Current, negative sequence, angle0,1integer
1287Current, zero sequence, magnitudeAmps/Scaleinteger
1288Current, zero sequence, angle0,1integer
1289Voltage, positive sequence, magnitudeVolts/Scaleinteger
1290Voltage, positive sequence, angle0,1integer
1291Voltage, negative sequence, magnitudeVolts/Scaleinteger
1292Voltage, negative sequence, angle0,1integer
1293Voltage, zero sequence, magnitudeVolts/Scaleinteger
1294Voltage, zero sequence, angle0,1integer
1295Current, sequence, unbalance0.10%integer
1296Voltage, sequence, unbalance0.10%integer
1297Current, sequence unbalance factor0.10%integer
1298Voltage, sequence unbalance factor0.10%integer
1793Conditional energy control status integer
1799Demand calculation mode current integer
1800Demand interval currentMinutesinteger
1801Demand subinterval currentMinutesinteger
1802Demand sensitivity current1%integer
1804Short demand interval currentSecondsinteger
1805Time elapsed in interval currentSecondsinteger
1806Time elapsed in subinterval currentSecondsinteger
1807Interval count current1,0integer
1808Subinterval count current1,0integer
1813Min/Max reset count curren t1,0integer
1839Demand calculation mode power integer
1840Demand interval powerMinutesinteger
1841Demand subinterval powerMinutesinteger
1842Demand sensitivity power1%integer
1843Predicted demand sensitivity power1,0integer
1844Short demand interval powerSecondsinteger
1845Time elapsed in interval powerSecondsinteger
1846Time elapsed in subinterval powerSecondsinteger
1847Interval count power1,0integer
1848Subinterval count power1,0integer
1853Min/Max reset count power1,0integer
1859Demand calculation mode input pulse metering integer
1860Demand interval input pulse meteringMinutesinteger
1861Demand subinterval input pulse meteringMinutesinteger
1862Demand sensitivity input pulse metering1%integer
1864Short demand interval input pulse meteringSecondsinteger
1865Time elapsed in interval input pulse meteringSecondsinteger
1866Time elapsed in subinterval input pulse meteringSecondsinteger
1867Interval count input pulse metering1,0integer
1868Subinterval count input pulse metering1,0integer
1873Min/Max reset count input pulse metering1,0integer
1879Demand calculation mode generic group 1 integer
1880Demand interval genericMinutesinteger
1881Demand subinterval genericMinutesinteger
1882Demand sensitivity generic1%integer
1884Short demand interval genericSecondsinteger
1885Time elapsed in interval genericSecondsinteger
1886Time elapsed in subinterval genericSecondsinteger
1887Interval count generic1,0integer
1888Subinterval count generic1,0integer
1893Min/Max reset count generic1,0integer
1919Demand forgiveness durationSecondsinteger
1920Demand forgiveness outage definitionSecondsinteger
1922Clock sync time of dayMinutesinteger
1923Power factor average over last power demand interval0,001integer
1939Last incremental interval, real demand peakkW/Scaleinteger
1944Last incremental interval, reactive demand peakkVAr/Scaleinteger
1949Last incremental interval, apparent demand peakkVA/Scaleinteger
1959Last demand current, phase AAmps/Scaleinteger
1960Present demand current, phase AAmps/Scaleinteger
1961Running average demand current, phase AAmps/Scaleinteger
1962Peak demand current, phase AAmps/Scaleinteger
1969Last demand current, phase BAmps/Scaleinteger
1970Present demand current, phase BAmps/Scaleinteger
1971Running average demand current, phase BAmps/Scaleinteger
1972Peak demand current phase BAmps/Scaleinteger
1979Last demand current, phase CAmps/Scaleinteger
1980Present demand current, phase CAmps/Scaleinteger
1981Running average demand current, phase CAmps/Scaleinteger
1982Peak demand current phase CAmps/Scaleinteger
1989Last demand current, neutralAmps/Scaleinteger
1990Present demand current, neutralAmps/Scaleinteger
1991Running average demand current, neutralAmps/Scaleinteger
1992Peak demand current, neutralAmps/Scaleinteger
1999Last demand current, 3-Phase averageAmps/Scaleinteger
2000Present demand current, 3-Phase averageAmps/Scaleinteger
2001Running average demand current, 3-Phase averageAmps/Scaleinteger
2002Peak demand current, 3-Phase averageAmps/Scaleinteger
2149Last demand real power, 3-Phase totalkW/Scaleinteger
2150Present demand real power, 3-Phase totalkW/Scaleinteger
2151Running average demand real power, 3-Phase totalkW/Scaleinteger
2152Predicted demand real power, 3-Phase totalkW/Scaleinteger
2153Peak demand real power, 3-Phase totalkW/Scaleinteger
2158Cumulative demand real power, 3-Phase totalkW/Scaleinteger
2160Power factor, average @ peak demand, real power0,001integer
2161Power demand, reactive @ peak demand, real powerkVAr/Scaleinteger
2162Power demand, apparent @ peak demand, real powerkVA/Scaleinteger
2164Last demand reactive power, 3-Phase totalkVAr /Scaleinteger
2165Present demand reactive power, 3-Phase totalkVAr /Scaleinteger
2166Running average demand reactive power, 3-Phase totalkVAr /Scaleinteger
2167Predicted demand reactive power, 3-Phase totalkVAr /Scaleinteger
2168Peak demand reactive power, 3-Phase totalkVAr /Scaleinteger
2173Cumulative demand reactive power, 3-Phase totalkVAr /Scaleinteger
2175Power factor, average @ peak demand, reactive power0,001integer
2176Power demand, real @ peak demand, reactive powerkW/Scaleinteger
2177Power demand, apparent @ peak demand, reactive powerkVA/Scaleinteger
2179Last demand apparent power 3-Phase totalkVA /Scaleinteger
2180Present demand apparent power, 3-Phase totalkVA /Scaleinteger
2181Running average demand apparent power, 3-Phase totalkVA /Scaleinteger
2182Predicted demand apparent power, 3-Phase totalkVA /Scaleinteger
2183Peak demand apparent power, 3-Phase totalkVA /Scaleinteger
2188Cumulative demand apparent power, 3-Phase totalkVA /Scaleinteger
2190Power factor, average @ peak demand, apparent power0,001integer
2191Power demand, real @ peak demand, apparent powerkW/Scaleinteger
2192Power demand, reactive @ peak demand, apparent powerkVAr/Scaleinteger
2199Consumption units code input channel #1 integer
2200Demand units code input channel #1 integer
2201Last demand input channel #1 integer
2202Present demand input channel #1 integer
2203Running average demand input channel #1 integer
2204Peak demand input channel #1 integer
2209Minimum demand input channel #1 integer
2399Input register generic channel #1 integer
2400Unit code generic channel #1 integer
2401Scale code generic channel #1 integer
2402Last demand generic channel #1 integer
2403Present demand generic channel #1 integer
2404Running average demand generic channel #1 integer
2405Peak demand generic channel #1 integer
2410Minimum demand generic channel #1 integer
2599Energy, real total (signed/absolute)WHsingle
2601Energy, reactive total (signed/absolute)VArHsingle
2603Energy, apparentVAHsingle
2605True power factor, total single
2799Current, highest phase valueAmps/Scaleinteger
2800Current, lowest phase valueAmps/Scaleinteger
2801Voltage, L-L, highest valueVolts/Scaleinteger
2802Voltage, L-L, lowest valueVolts/Scaleinteger
2803Voltage, L-N, highest valueVolts/Scaleinteger
2804Voltage, L-N, lowest valueVolts/Scaleinteger
3013Power meter present operating system firmware revision level integer
3014Power meter present reset system firmware revision level integer
3015Power meter present download system firmware revision level integer
3036Present millisecond integer
3041Power fail override integer
3042Number of metering system restarts1,0integer
3043Number of control power failures1,0integer
3048Cause of last meter reset integer
3051Configuration modified integer
3056Last Power-Fail duration integer
3058Present FW module integer
3060Present watchdog counter integer
3062Active load timer set-point integer
3063Active load timer MSB integer
3064Active load timer LSB integer
3065GMT management (Future) integer
3078Supported feature bitmap (Future) dword
3082Meter demo mode enable integer
3083Demo mode metering input override select integer
3084Billing log intervalMinutesinteger
3085Model ID integer
3092Present monthMonthsinteger
3093Present dayDaysinteger
3094Present yearYearsinteger
3095Present hourHoursinteger
3096Present minuteMinutesinteger
3097Present secondSecondsinteger
3098Day of week1,0integer
3137CT ratio, phase A correction factor0,00001integer
3138CT ratio, phase B correction factor0,00001integer
3139CT ratio, phase C correction factor0,00001integer
3141PT ratio, phase A correction factor0,00001integer
3142PT ratio, phase B correction factor0,00001integer
3143PT ratio, phase C correction factor0,00001integer
3153Phase A current field calibration coefficient0,00001integer
3154Phase B current field calibration coefficient0,00001integer
3155Phase C current field calibration coefficient0,00001integer
3157Phase A voltage field calibration coefficient0,00001integer
3158Phase B voltage field calibration coefficient0,00001integer
3159Phase C voltage field calibration coefficient0,00001integer
3160Neutral-Ground voltage field calibration coefficient0,00001integer
3163Input voltage deadband enable integer
3164Input current deadband enable integer
3165Power factor deadband enable integer
3169CT phase shift correction @ 1 amp integer
3170CT phase shift correction @ 5 amps integer
3198Manufacturing data CRC integer
3199Metering system type1,0integer
3200CT ratio, 3-Phase primary1,0integer
3201CT ratio, 3-Phase secondary1,0integer
3202CT phase selection1,0integer
3204PT ratio, 3-Phase primary1,0integer
3205PT ratio, 3-Phase primary scale factor1,0integer
3206PT ratio, 3-Phase secondary1,0integer
3207Nominal system frequencyHzinteger
3208Scale A - 3 phase amps1,0integer
3209Scale B - neutral amps1,0integer
3211Scale D - 3 phase volts1,0integer
3212Scale E - neutral volts1,0integer
3213Scale F - power1,0integer
3214Energy display precision1,0integer
3219Logical phase A voltage1,0integer
3220Logical phase B voltage1,0integer
3221Logical phase C voltage1,0integer
3222Logical phase A current1,0integer
3223Logical phase B current1,0integer
3224Logical phase C current1,0integer
3225Logical phase N voltage1,0integer
3227Phase rotation direction1,0integer
3228Incremental energy intervalMinutesinteger
3229Incremental energy interval start timeMinutesinteger
3230Incremental energy interval end timeMinutesinteger
3231Energy accumulation mode1,0integer
3232Peak current demand over last year (currently not calculated)Ampsinteger
3233Feature upgrade A integer
3234Feature upgrade B integer
3235Feature upgrade C integer
3236Frequency sync error limit integer
3237Nominal system voltage, L-L1integer
3238Nominal circuit current1integer
3239Harmonic quantity selection1,0integer
3240Voltage harmonic magnitude format1,0integer
3241Current harmonic magnitude format1,0integer
3242Harmonic refresh intervalSecondsinteger
3243Time remaining until harmonic refreshSecondsinteger
3245Harmonic report status1,0integer
3247Display 1 second metering floating point values integer
3262Active load configuration integer
3263Active load elapsed time integer
3340Fixed length waveform capture A percent completePercentinteger
3399RS-485 comm port , protocol integer
3400RS-485 comm port, address integer
3401RS-485 comm port, baud rate integer
3402RS-485 comm port, parity integer
3406RS-485 comm port, modbus ASCII time between chars integer
3409Rs-485 comm port, packets to this unit integer
3410Rs-485 comm port, packets to other units integer
3411Rs-485 comm port, packets with invalid address integer
3412Rs-485 comm port, packets with bad CRC integer
3413Rs-485 comm port, packets with error integer
3414Rs-485 comm port, packets with illegal opcode integer
3415Rs-485 comm port, packets with illegal register integer
3416Rs-485 comm port, invalid write responses integer
3417Rs-485 comm port, packets with illegal counts integer
3418Rs-485 comm port, packets with frame error integer
3419Rs-485 comm port, broadcast messages integer
3420Rs-485 comm port, number of exceptions integer
3421Rs-485 comm port , messages with good CRC integer
3422Rs-485 comm port, modbus event counter integer
3429AUX comm port , protocol integer
3430AUX comm port, address integer
3431AUX comm port, baud rate integer
3432AUX comm port, parity integer
3436AUX comm port, modbus ASCII time between chars integer
3437EIA port integer
3439AUX comm port, packets to this unit integer
3440AUX comm port, packets to other units integer
3441AUX comm port, packets with invalid address integer
3442AUX comm port, packets with bad CRC integer
3443AUX comm port, packets with error integer
3444AUX comm port, packets with illegal op-code integer
3445AUX comm port, packets with illegal register integer
3446AUX comm port, invalid write responses integer
3447AUX comm port, packets with illegal counts integer
3448AUX comm port, packets with frame error integer
3449AUX comm port, broadcast messages integer
3450AUX comm port, number of exceptions integer
3451AUX comm port , messages with good CRC integer
3452AUX comm port, modbus event counter integer
3749Duration: <20ms magnitude: 80-90% nominal Vxxinteger
3750Duration: 20ms-0.5s magnitude: 80-90% nominal Vxxinteger
3751Duration: 0.5-10s magnitude: 80-90% nominal Vxxinteger
3752Duration: >10s magnitude: 80-90% nominal Vxxinteger
3753Total voltage sags magnitude: 80-90% nominal Vxxinteger
3754Duration: <20ms magnitude: 70-80% nominal Vxxinteger
3755Duration: 20ms-0.5s magnitude: 70-80% nominal Vxxinteger
3756Duration: 0.5-10s magnitude: 70-80% nominal Vxxinteger
3757Duration: >10s magnitude: 70-80% nominal Vxxinteger
3758Total voltage sags magnitude: 70-80% nominal Vxxinteger
3759Duration: <20ms magnitude: 40-70% nominal Vxxinteger
3760Duration: 20ms-0.5s magnitude: 40-70% nominal Vxxinteger
3761Duration: 0.5-10s magnitude: 40-70% nominal Vxxinteger
3762Duration: >10s magnitude: 40-70% nominal Vxxinteger
3763Total voltage sags magnitude: 40-70% nominal Vxxinteger
3764Duration: <20ms magnitude: 0-40% nominal Vxxinteger
3765Duration: 20ms-0.5s magnitude: 0-40% nominal Vxxinteger
3766Duration: 0.5-10s magnitude: 0-40% nominal Vxxinteger
3767Duration: >10s magnitude: 0-40% nominal Vxxinteger
3768Total voltage sags magnitude: 0-40% nominal Vxxinteger
3769Total voltage sags duration: <20msxxinteger
3770Total voltage sags duration: 20ms-0.5sxxinteger
3771Total voltage sags duration: 0.5-10sxxinteger
3772Total voltage sags duration: >10sxxinteger
3773Total ITI(CBEMA) voltage sagsxxinteger
3782Duration: <20ms magnitude: 110-120% nominal Vxxinteger
3783Duration: 20ms-0.5s magnitude: 110-120% nominal Vxxinteger
3784Duration: 0.5-10s magnitude: 110-120% nominal Vxxinteger
3785Duration: >10s magnitude: 110-120% nominal Vxxinteger
3786Total voltage swells magnitude: 110-120% nominal Vxxinteger
3787Duration: <20ms magnitude: 120-140% nominal Vxxinteger
3788Duration: 20ms-0.5s magnitude: 120-140% nominal Vxxinteger
3789Duration: 0.5-10s magnitude: 120-140% nominal Vxxinteger
3790Duration: >10s magnitude: 120-140% nominal Vxxinteger
3791Total voltage swells magnitude: 120-140% nominal Vxxinteger
3792Duration: <20ms magnitude: 140-200% nominal Vxxinteger
3793Duration: 20ms-0.5s magnitude: 140-200% nominal Vxxinteger
3794Duration: 0.5-10s magnitude: 140-200% nominal Vxxinteger
3795Duration: >10s magnitude: 140-200% nominal Vxxinteger
3796Total voltage swells magnitude: 140-200% nominal Vxxinteger
3797Duration: <20ms magnitude: 200-500% nominal Vxxinteger
3798Duration: 20ms-0.5s magnitude: 200-500% nominal Vxxinteger
3799Duration: 0.5-10s magnitude: 200-500% nominal Vxxinteger
3800Duration: >10s magnitude: 200-500% nominal Vxxinteger
3801Total voltage swells magnitude: 200-500% nominal Vxxinteger
3802Duration: <20ms magnitude: >500% nominal Vxxinteger
3803Duration: 20ms-0.5s magnitude: >500% nominal Vxxinteger
3804Duration: 0.5-10s magnitude: >500% nominal Vxxinteger
3805Duration: >10s magnitude: >500% nominal Vxxinteger
3806Total voltage swells magnitude: >500% nominal Vxxinteger
3807Total voltage swells duration: <20msxxinteger
3808Total voltage swells duration: 20ms-0.5sxxinteger
3809Total voltage swells duration: 0.5-10sxxinteger
3810Total voltage swells duration: >10sxxinteger
3811Total ITI(CBEMA) voltage swellsxxinteger
3820Duration: <50ms magnitude: 80-90% nominal Vxxinteger
3821Duration: 50-200ms magnitude: 80-90% nominal Vxxinteger
3822Duration: 200-500ms magnitude: 80-90% nominal Vxxinteger
3823Duration: 500-1000ms magnitude: 80-90% nominal Vxxinteger
3824Duration: >1000ms magnitude: 80-90% nominal Vxxinteger
3825Total voltage sags magnitude: 80-90% nominal Vxxinteger
3826Duration: <50ms magnitude: 70-80% nominal Vxxinteger
3827Duration: 50-200ms magnitude: 70-80% nominal Vxxinteger
3828Duration: 200-500ms magnitude: 70-80% nominal Vxxinteger
3829Duration: 500-1000ms magnitude: 70-80% nominal Vxxinteger
3830Duration: >1000ms magnitude: 70-80% nominal Vxxinteger
3831Total voltage sags magnitude: 70-80% nominal Vxxinteger
3832Duration: <50ms magnitude: 50-70% nominal Vxxinteger
3833Duration: 50-200ms magnitude: 50-70% nominal Vxxinteger
3834Duration: 200-500ms magnitude: 50-70% nominal Vxxinteger
3835Duration: 500-1000ms magnitude: 50-70% nominal Vxxinteger
3836Duration: >1000ms magnitude: 50-70% nominal Vxxinteger
3837Total voltage sags magnitude: 50-70% nominal Vxxinteger
3838Duration: <50ms magnitude: 0-50% nominal Vxxinteger
3839Duration: 50-200ms magnitude: 0-50% nominal Vxxinteger
3840Duration: 200-500ms magnitude: 0-50% nominal Vxxinteger
3841Duration: 500-1000ms magnitude: 0-50% nominal Vxxinteger
3842Duration: >1000ms magnitude: 0-50% nominal Vxxinteger
3843Total voltage sags magnitude: 0-50% nominal Vxxinteger
3844Total voltage sags duration: <50msxxinteger
3845Total voltage sags duration: 50-200msxxinteger
3846Total voltage sags duration: 200-500msxxinteger
3847Total voltage sags duration: 500-1000msxxinteger
3848Total voltage sags duration: >1000msxxinteger
3849Total SEMI f47 voltage sagsxxinteger
3899PQ advanced Enable/Disable integer
3900PQ advanced nominal voltageVolts/Scaleinteger
3901PQ advanced voltage selection for 4-Wire systems integer
3902PQ advanced nominal frequencyHzinteger
3903PQ advanced frequency configuration integer
3904EN50160 and trending configuration first day of week integer
3905EN50160 definition of interruption%integer
3906EN50160 definition of allowable range of slow voltage changes%integer
3907EN50160 definition of short interruptionSecondsinteger
3908PQ advanced last enable status integer
3915EN50160 count of 10-minute intervals for present week integer
3916EN50160 allowable rapid voltage changes per week integer
3917EN50160 allowable short interruptions per year integer
3918EN50160 allowable long interruptions per year integer
3919EN50160 allowable voltage dips per week with 10% <= depth < 15% nominal integer
3920EN50160 allowable voltage dips per week with 15% <= depth < 30% nominal integer
3921EN50160 allowable voltage dips per week with 30% <= depth < 45% nominal integer
3922EN50160 allowable voltage dips per week with 45% <= depth < 60% nominal integer
3923EN50160 allowable voltage dips per week with 60% <= depth < 75% nominal integer
3924EN50160 allowable voltage dips per week with 75% <= depth < 90% nominal integer
3925EN50160 allowable voltage dips per week with 90% <= depth < 99% nominal integer
3926EN50160 allowable voltage dips per week with 10% <= depth < 99% nominal integer
3929EN50160 allowable over voltages per week with 110% < magnitude <= 115% nominal integer
3930EN50160 allowable over voltages per week with 115% < magnitude <= 130% nominal integer
3931EN50160 allowable over voltages per week with 130% < magnitude <= 145% nominal integer
3932EN50160 allowable over voltages per week with 145% < magnitude <= 160% nominal integer
3933EN50160 allowable over voltages per week with 160% < magnitude <= 175% nominal integer
3934EN50160 allowable over voltages per week with 175% < magnitude <= 200% nominal integer
3935EN50160 allowable over voltages per week with 200% < magnitude integer
3936EN50160 allowable over voltages per week with 110% < magnitude integer
3999Discrete input status standard discrete input integer
4019Present module type standard IO integer
4022Extended MBUS device integer
4023Extended MBUS device integer
4024Previous module type standard IO integer
4029Last module type standard IO integer
4199Discrete Output/Alarm table integer
5128Unused integer
5279Input metering channel 1 label string(16)
5287Input metering channel 2 label string(16)
5295Input metering channel 3 label string(16)
5303Input metering channel 4 label string(16)
5311Input metering channel 5 label string(16)
5319Trending and forecasting control integer
5320Trend item to post in registers integer
5329Trend quantity 7 - register number integer
5330Trend quantity 7 - scale factor integer
5331Trend quantity 7 - label string(16)
5834Alarm summary number of alarms in each group integer
5849Acknowledge/Relay/Priority entry 1 integer
5850Unique identifier integer
5860Pickup value for entry 1Units/Scaleinteger
6224Number of unacknowledged alarms in active alarm log1,0integer
6225Number of unacknowledged alarms in active alarm list1,0integer
6249Acknowledge/Relay/Priority entry 1 integer
6250Unique identifier integer
6260Extreme value for history log entry 1Units/Scaleinteger
6264Elapsed seconds for history log entry 1Secondsinteger
6674Number of unacknowledged alarms in alarm history log1,0integer
6675Lost alarms1,0integer
7999Requested command integer
8000Command parameters integer
8015Comms channel integer
8016Status pointer integer
8017Result pointer integer
8018Data pointer integer
8019Data buffer area integer
8149Unused integer
8999Frequency 10s average0.01Hzinteger
9000Frequency 10s minimum0.01Hzinteger
9001Frequency 10s maximum0.01Hzinteger
9002Va 10m averageVolts/Scaleinteger
9003Va 10m minimumVolts/Scaleinteger
9004Va 10m maximumVolts/Scaleinteger
9005Vb 10m averageVolts/Scaleinteger
9006Vb 10m minimumVolts/Scaleinteger
9007Vb 10m maximumVolts/Scaleinteger
9008Vc 10m averageVolts/Scaleinteger
9009Vc 10m minimumVolts/Scaleinteger
9010Vc 10m maximumVolts/Scaleinteger
9020Voltage unbalance 10m average0.10%integer
9021Voltage unbalance 10m minimum0.10%integer
9022Voltage unbalance 10m maximum0.10%integer
9023THD va 10m average0.10%integer
9024THD va 10m minimum0.10%integer
9025THD va 10m maximum0.10%integer
9026THD vb 10m average0.10%integer
9027THD vb 10m minimum0.10%integer
9028THD vb 10m maximum0.10%integer
9029THD vc 10m average0.10%integer
9030THD vc 10m minimum0.10%integer
9031THD vc 10m maximum0.10%integer
9032Va h2 10m average0.01%integer
9033Va h2 10m minimum0.01%integer
9034Va h2 10m maximum0.01%integer
9035Va h3 10m average0.01%integer
9036Va h3 10m minimum0.01%integer
9037Va h3 10m maximum0.01%integer
9038Va h4 10m average0.01%integer
9039Va h4 10m minimum0.01%integer
9040Va h4 10m maximum0.01%integer
9041Va h5 10m average0.01%integer
9042Va h5 10m minimum0.01%integer
9043Va h5 10m maximum0.01%integer
9044Va h6 10m average0.01%integer
9045Va h6 10m minimum0.01%integer
9046Va h6 10m maximum0.01%integer
9047Va h7 10m average0.01%integer
9048Va h7 10m minimum0.01%integer
9049Va h7 10m maximum0.01%integer
9050Va h8 10m average0.01%integer
9051Va h8 10m minimum0.01%integer
9052Va h8 10m maximum0.01%integer
9053Va h9 10m average0.01%integer
9054Va h9 10m minimum0.01%integer
9055Va h9 10m maximum0.01%integer
9056Va h10 10m average0.01%integer
9057Va h10 10m minimum0.01%integer
9058Va h10 10m maximum0.01%integer
9059Va h11 10m average0.01%integer
9060Va h11 10m minimum0.01%integer
9061Va h11 10m maximum0.01%integer
9062Va h12 10m average0.01%integer
9063Va h12 10m minimum0.01%integer
9064Va h12 10m maximum0.01%integer
9065Va h13 10m average0.01%integer
9066Va h13 10m minimum0.01%integer
9067Va h13 10m maximum0.01%integer
9068Va h14 10m average0.01%integer
9069Va h14 10m minimum0.01%integer
9070Va h14 10m maximum0.01%integer
9071Va h15 10m average0.01%integer
9072Va h15 10m minimum0.01%integer
9073Va h15 10m maximum0.01%integer
9074Va h16 10m average0.01%integer
9075Va h16 10m minimum0.01%integer
9076Va h16 10m maximum0.01%integer
9077Va h17 10m average0.01%integer
9078Va h17 10m minimum0.01%integer
9079Va h17 10m maximum0.01%integer
9080Va h18 10m average0.01%integer
9081Va h18 10m minimum0.01%integer
9082Va h18 10m maximum0.01%integer
9083Va h19 10m average0.01%integer
9084Va h19 10m minimum0.01%integer
9085Va h19 10m maximum0.01%integer
9086Va h20 10m average0.01%integer
9087Va h20 10m minimum0.01%integer
9088Va h20 10m maximum0.01%integer
9089Va h21 10m average0.01%integer
9090Va h21 10m minimum0.01%integer
9091Va h21 10m maximum0.01%integer
9092Va h22 10m average0.01%integer
9093Va h22 10m minimum0.01%integer
9094Va h22 10m maximum0.01%integer
9095Va h23 10m average0.01%integer
9096Va h23 10m minimum0.01%integer
9097Va h23 10m maximum0.01%integer
9098Va h24 10m average0.01%integer
9099Va h24 10m minimum0.01%integer
9100Va h24 10m maximum0.01%integer
9101Va h25 10m average0.01%integer
9102Va h25 10m minimum0.01%integer
9103Va h25 10m maximum0.01%integer
9104Vb h2 10m average0.01%integer
9105Vb h2 10m minimum0.01%integer
9106Vb h2 10m maximum0.01%integer
9107Vb h3 10m average0.01%integer
9108Vb h3 10m minimum0.01%integer
9109Vb h3 10m maximum0.01%integer
9110Vb h4 10m average0.01%integer
9111Vb h4 10m minimum0.01%integer
9112Vb h4 10m maximum0.01%integer
9113Vb h5 10m average0.01%integer
9114Vb h5 10m minimum0.01%integer
9115Vb h5 10m maximum0.01%integer
9116Vb h6 10m average0.01%integer
9117Vb h6 10m minimum0.01%integer
9118Vb h6 10m maximum0.01%integer
9119Vb h7 10m average0.01%integer
9120Vb h7 10m minimum0.01%integer
9121Vb h7 10m maximum0.01%integer
9122Vb h8 10m average0.01%integer
9123Vb h8 10m minimum0.01%integer
9124Vb h8 10m maximum0.01%integer
9125Vb h9 10m average0.01%integer
9126Vb h9 10m minimum0.01%integer
9127Vb h9 10m maximum0.01%integer
9128Vb h10 10m average0.01%integer
9129Vb h10 10m minimum0.01%integer
9130Vb h10 10m maximum0.01%integer
9131Vb h11 10m average0.01%integer
9132Vb h11 10m minimum0.01%integer
9133Vb h11 10m maximum0.01%integer
9134Vb h12 10m average0.01%integer
9135Vb h12 10m minimum0.01%integer
9136Vb h12 10m maximum0.01%integer
9137Vb h13 10m average0.01%integer
9138Vb h13 10m minimum0.01%integer
9139Vb h13 10m maximum0.01%integer
9140Vb h14 10m average0.01%integer
9141Vb h14 10m minimum0.01%integer
9142Vb h14 10m maximum0.01%integer
9143Vb h15 10m average0.01%integer
9144Vb h15 10m minimum0.01%integer
9145Vb h15 10m maximum0.01%integer
9146Vb h16 10m average0.01%integer
9147Vb h16 10m minimum0.01%integer
9148Vb h16 10m maximum0.01%integer
9149Vb h17 10m average0.01%integer
9150Vb h17 10m minimum0.01%integer
9151Vb h17 10m maximum0.01%integer
9152Vb h18 10m average0.01%integer
9153Vb h18 10m minimum0.01%integer
9154Vb h18 10m maximum0.01%integer
9155Vb h19 10m average0.01%integer
9156Vb h19 10m minimum0.01%integer
9157Vb h19 10m maximum0.01%integer
9158Vb h20 10m average0.01%integer
9159Vb h20 10m minimum0.01%integer
9160Vb h20 10m maximum0.01%integer
9161Vb h21 10m average0.01%integer
9162Vb h21 10m minimum0.01%integer
9163Vb h21 10m maximum0.01%integer
9164Vb h22 10m average0.01%integer
9165Vb h22 10m minimum0.01%integer
9166Vb h22 10m maximum0.01%integer
9167Vb h23 10m average0.01%integer
9168Vb h23 10m minimum0.01%integer
9169Vb h23 10m maximum0.01%integer
9170Vb h24 10m average0.01%integer
9171Vb h24 10m minimum0.01%integer
9172Vb h24 10m maximum0.01%integer
9173Vb h25 10m average0.01%integer
9174Vb h25 10m minimum0.01%integer
9175Vb h25 10m maximum0.01%integer
9176Vc h2 10m average0.01%integer
9177Vc h2 10m minimum0.01%integer
9178Vc h2 10m maximum0.01%integer
9179Vc h3 10m average0.01%integer
9180Vc h3 10m minimum0.01%integer
9181Vc h3 10m maximum0.01%integer
9182Vc h4 10m average0.01%integer
9183Vc h4 10m minimum0.01%integer
9184Vc h4 10m maximum0.01%integer
9185Vc h5 10m average0.01%integer
9186Vc h5 10m minimum0.01%integer
9187Vc h5 10m maximum0.01%integer
9188Vc h6 10m average0.01%integer
9189Vc h6 10m minimum0.01%integer
9190Vc h6 10m maximum0.01%integer
9191Vc h7 10m average0.01%integer
9192Vc h7 10m minimum0.01%integer
9193Vc h7 10m maximum0.01%integer
9194Vc h8 10m average0.01%integer
9195Vc h8 10m minimum0.01%integer
9196Vc h8 10m maximum0.01%integer
9197Vc h9 10m average0.01%integer
9198Vc h9 10m minimum0.01%integer
9199Vc h9 10m maximum0.01%integer
9200Vc h10 10m average0.01%integer
9201Vc h10 10m minimum0.01%integer
9202Vc h10 10m maximum0.01%integer
9203Vc h11 10m average0.01%integer
9204Vc h11 10m minimum0.01%integer
9205Vc h11 10m maximum0.01%integer
9206Vc h12 10m average0.01%integer
9207Vc h12 10m minimum0.01%integer
9208Vc h12 10m maximum0.01%integer
9209Vc h13 10m average0.01%integer
9210Vc h13 10m minimum0.01%integer
9211Vc h13 10m maximum0.01%integer
9212Vc h14 10m average0.01%integer
9213Vc h14 10m minimum0.01%integer
9214Vc h14 10m maximum0.01%integer
9215Vc h15 10m average0.01%integer
9216Vc h15 10m minimum0.01%integer
9217Vc h15 10m maximum0.01%integer
9218Vc h16 10m average0.01%integer
9219Vc h16 10m minimum0.01%integer
9220Vc h16 10m maximum0.01%integer
9221Vc h17 10m average0.01%integer
9222Vc h17 10m minimum0.01%integer
9223Vc h17 10m maximum0.01%integer
9224Vc h18 10m average0.01%integer
9225Vc h18 10m minimum0.01%integer
9226Vc h18 10m maximum0.01%integer
9227Vc h19 10m average0.01%integer
9228Vc h19 10m minimum0.01%integer
9229Vc h19 10m maximum0.01%integer
9230Vc h20 10m average0.01%integer
9231Vc h20 10m minimum0.01%integer
9232Vc h20 10m maximum0.01%integer
9233Vc h21 10m average0.01%integer
9234Vc h21 10m minimum0.01%integer
9235Vc h21 10m maximum0.01%integer
9236Vc h22 10m average0.01%integer
9237Vc h22 10m minimum0.01%integer
9238Vc h22 10m maximum0.01%integer
9239Vc h23 10m average0.01%integer
9240Vc h23 10m minimum0.01%integer
9241Vc h23 10m maximum0.01%integer
9242Vc h24 10m average0.01%integer
9243Vc h24 10m minimum0.01%integer
9244Vc h24 10m maximum0.01%integer
9245Vc h25 10m average0.01%integer
9246Vc h25 10m minimum0.01%integer
9247Vc h25 10m maximum0.01%integer
9248V 3PH 10m averageVolts/Scaleinteger
9249V 3PH 10m minimumVolts/Scaleinteger
9250V 3PH 10m maximumVolts/Scaleinteger
9251KW 3PH 10m averagekW/Scaleinteger
9252KW 3PH 10m minimumkW/Scaleinteger
9253KW 3PH 10m maximumkW/Scaleinteger
9254KVAR 3PH 10m averagekVAr/Scaleinteger
9255KVAR 3PH 10m minimumkVAr/Scaleinteger
9256KVAR 3PH 10m maximumkVAr/Scaleinteger
9257Ia 10m averageAmps/Scaleinteger
9258Ia 10m minimumAmps/Scaleinteger
9259Ia 10m maximumAmps/Scaleinteger
9260Ib 10m averageAmps/Scaleinteger
9261Ib 10m minimumAmps/Scaleinteger
9262Ib 10m maximumAmps/Scaleinteger
9263Ic 10m averageAmps/Scaleinteger
9264Ic 10m minimumAmps/Scaleinteger
9265Ic 10m maximumAmps/Scaleinteger
9266Ia h3 10m average0.01%integer
9267Ia h3 10m minimum0.01%integer
9268Ia h3 10m maximum0.01%integer
9269Ib h3 10m average0.01%integer
9270Ib h3 10m minimum0.01%integer
9271Ib h3 10m maximum0.01%integer
9272Ic h3 10m average0.01%integer
9273Ic h3 10m minimum0.01%integer
9274Ic h3 10m maximum0.01%integer
9275Ia h5 10m average0.01%integer
9276Ia h5 10m minimum0.01%integer
9277Ia h5 10m maximum0.01%integer
9278Ib h5 10m average0.01%integer
9279Ib h5 10m minimum0.01%integer
9280Ib h5 10m maximum0.01%integer
9281Ic h5 10m average0.01%integer
9282Ic h5 10m minimum0.01%integer
9283Ic h5 10m maximum0.01%integer
9284Ia h7 10m average0.01%integer
9285Ia h7 10m minimum0.01%integer
9286Ia h7 10m maximum0.01%integer
9287Ib h7 10m average0.01%integer
9288Ib h7 10m minimum0.01%integer
9289Ib h7 10m maximum0.01%integer
9290Ic h7 10m average0.01%integer
9291Ic h7 10m minimum0.01%integer
9292Ic h7 10m maximum0.01%integer
9293Ia h9 10m average0.01%integer
9294Ia h9 10m minimum0.01%integer
9295Ia h9 10m maximum0.01%integer
9296Ib h9 10m average0.01%integer
9297Ib h9 10m minimum0.01%integer
9298Ib h9 10m maximum0.01%integer
9299Ic h9 10m average0.01%integer
9300Ic h9 10m minimum0.01%integer
9301Ic h9 10m maximum0.01%integer
9302Ia h11 10m average0.01%integer
9303Ia h11 10m minimum0.01%integer
9304Ia h11 10m maximum0.01%integer
9305Ib H 11 10m average0.01%integer
9306Ib H 11 10m minimum0.01%integer
9307Ib H 11 10m maximum0.01%integer
9308Ic H 11 10m average0.01%integer
9309Ic H 11 10m minimum0.01%integer
9310Ic H 11 10m maximum0.01%integer
9311Ia h13 10m average0.01%integer
9312Ia h13 10m minimum0.01%integer
9313Ia h13 10m maximum0.01%integer
9314Ib h13 10m average0.01%integer
9315Ib h13 10m minimum0.01%integer
9316Ib h13 10m maximum0.01%integer
9317Ic h13 10m average0.01%integer
9318Ic h13 10m minimum0.01%integer
9319Ic h13 10m maximum0.01%integer
9359Unused integer
9529Email system Enable/Disable integer
9533Email system number of events to buffer integer
9534Email system time to buffer eventsSecondsinteger
9535Email system timeoutSecondsinteger
9536Email system maximum number of retries integer
9538Email system configuration change flag integer
9539Email system email outstanding flag integer
9540Email system number of emails pending integer
9541Email system number of emails sent to ECC integer
9542Email system number emails complete by ECC integer
9543Email system number of events buffered integer
9544Email system time events have been bufferedSecondsinteger
9545Email system number of ECC timeouts integer
9546Email system number of emails failed integer
9550Count of voltage events1integer
24Total counter1,0integer
25P3 counter1,0integer
26P2 counter1,0integer
27P1 counter1,0integer
40Number of samples in relative threshold average1,0integer
114Alarm position #001 counter1,0integer
115Alarm position #002 counter1,0integer
116Alarm position #003 counter1,0integer
117Alarm position #004 counter1,0integer
118Alarm position #005 counter1,0integer
119Alarm position #006 counter1,0integer
120Alarm position #007 counter1,0integer
121Alarm position #008 counter1,0integer
122Alarm position #009 counter1,0integer
123Alarm position #010 counter1,0integer
124Alarm position #011 counter1,0integer
125Alarm position #012 counter1,0integer
126Alarm position #013Counter1,0integer
127Alarm position #014 counter1,0integer
128Alarm position #015 counter1,0integer
129Alarm position #016 counter1,0integer
130Alarm position #017 counter1,0integer
131Alarm position #018 counter1,0integer
132Alarm position #019 counter1,0integer
133Alarm position #020 counter1,0integer
134Alarm position #021 counter1,0integer
135Alarm position #022 counter1,0integer
136Alarm position #023 counter1,0integer
137Alarm position #024 counter1,0integer
138Alarm position #025 counter1,0integer
139Alarm position #026 counter1,0integer
140Alarm position #027 counter1,0integer
141Alarm position #028 counter1,0integer
142Alarm position #029 counter1,0integer
143Alarm position #030 counter1,0integer
144Alarm position #031 counter1,0integer
145Alarm position #032 counter1,0integer
146Alarm position #033 counter1,0integer
147Alarm position #034 counter1,0integer
148Alarm position #035 counter1,0integer
149Alarm position #036 counter1,0integer
150Alarm position #037 counter1,0integer
151Alarm position #038 counter1,0integer
152Alarm position #039 counter1,0integer
153Alarm position #040 counter1,0integer
154Alarm position #041 counter1,0integer
155Alarm position #042 counter1,0integer
156Alarm position #043Counter1,0integer
157Alarm position #044 counter1,0integer
158Alarm position #045 counter1,0integer
159Alarm position #046 counter1,0integer
160Alarm position #047 counter1,0integer
161Alarm position #048 counter1,0integer
162Alarm position #049 counter1,0integer
163Alarm position #050 counter1,0integer
164Alarm position #051 counter1,0integer
165Alarm position #052 counter1,0integer
166Alarm position #053Counter1,0integer
167Alarm position #054 counter1,0integer
168Alarm position #055 counter1,0integer
169Alarm position #056 counter1,0integer
170Alarm position #057 counter1,0integer
171Alarm position #058 counter1,0integer
172Alarm position #059 counter1,0integer
173Alarm position #060 counter1,0integer
174Alarm position #061 counter1,0integer
175Alarm position #062 counter1,0integer
176Alarm position #063Counter1,0integer
177Alarm position #064Counter1,0integer
178Alarm position #065 counter1,0integer
179Alarm position #066 counter1,0integer
180Alarm position #067 counter1,0integer
181Alarm position #068 counter1,0integer
182Alarm position #069 counter1,0integer
183Alarm position #070 counter1,0integer
184Alarm position #071 counter1,0integer
185Alarm position #072 counter1,0integer
186Alarm position #073Counter1,0integer
187Alarm position #074 counter1,0integer
1699Current, phase AAmpssingle
1701Current, phase BAmpssingle
1703Current, phase CAmpssingle
1705Current, neutralAmpssingle
1707Current, groundAmpssingle
1709Current, 3-Phase averageAmpssingle
1711Voltage, A-BVoltssingle
1713Voltage, B-CVoltssingle
1715Voltage, C-AVoltssingle
1717Voltage, L-L averageVoltssingle
1719Voltage, A-NVoltssingle
1721Voltage, B-NVoltssingle
1723Voltage, C-NVoltssingle
1725Voltage, N-GVoltssingle
1727Voltage, L-N averageVoltssingle
1729Real power, phase AWsingle
1731Real power, phase BWsingle
1733Real power, phase CWsingle
1735Real power, totalWsingle
1737Reactive power, phase AVArsingle
1739Reactive power, phase BVArsingle
1741Reactive power, phase CVArsingle
1743Reactive power, totalVArsingle
1745Apparent power, phase AVAsingle
1747Apparent power, phase BVAsingle
1749Apparent power, phase CVAsingle
1751Apparent power, totalVAsingle
1753True power factor, phase A single
1755True power factor, phase B single
1757True power factor, phase C single
1759True power factor, total single
1803Energy, real outWHsingle
1809Energy, reactive total (signed/absolute)VArHsingle
1811Energy, apparentVAHsingle
1815Energy, conditional reactive inVArHsingle
1817Energy, conditional real outWHsingle
1819Energy, conditional reactive outVArHsingle
1821Energy, conditional apparentVAHsingle
1823Energy, incremental real in, last complete intervalWHsingle
1825Energy. incremental reactive in, last complete intervalVArHsingle
1827Energy, incremental real out, last complete intervalWHsingle
1829Energy, incremental reactive out, last complete intervalVArHsingle
1831Energy, incremental apparent, last complete intervalVAHsingle
1835Energy, incremental real in, present intervalWHsingle
1837Energy. incremental reactive in, present intervalVArHsingle
1849Energy, reactive, quadrant 3VArHsingle
1851Energy, reactive, quadrant 4VArHsingle
1855Cumulative usage input channel #2(2)single
1857Cumulative usage input channel #3(2)single
1863Energy, real 3-Phase total usage todayWHsingle
1869Energy, real 3-Phase total usage last weekWHsingle
1871Energy, real 3-Phase total usage this monthWHsingle
1875Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage todayWHsingle
1877Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage yesterdayWHsingle
1883Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage this monthVAHsingle
1889Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - second shift - todayVAHsingle
1891Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - third shift - todayVAHsingle
1895Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - second shift - yesterdayWHsingle
1897Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - third shift - yesterdayWHsingle
1899Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - first shift - this weekWHsingle
1901Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - second shift - this weekWHsingle
1903Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - third shift - this weekWHsingle
1905Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - first shift - last weekWHsingle
1907Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - second shift - last weekWHsingle
1909Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - third shift - last weekWHsingle
1911Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - first shift - this monthWHsingle
1913Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - second shift - this monthWHsingle
1915Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - third shift - this monthWHsingle
1917Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - first shift - last monthWHsingle
1921Energy, real 3-Phase total usage - third shift - last monthWHsingle
1925Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - second shift - todayWHsingle
1927Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - third shift - todayWHsingle
1929Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - first shift - yesterdayWHsingle
1931Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - second shift - yesterdayVAHsingle
1933Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - third shift - yesterdayVAHsingle
1935Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - first shift - this weekVAHsingle
1937Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - second shift - this weekVAHsingle
1941Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - first shift - last weekVAHsingle
1943Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - second shift - last weekVAHsingle
1945Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - third shift - last weekVAHsingle
1947Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - first shift - this monthVAHsingle
1951Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - third shift - this monthVAHsingle
1953Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - first shift - last monthVAHsingle
1955Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - second shift - last monthVAHsingle
1957Energy, apparent 3-Phase total usage - third shift - last monthVAHsingle
1963THD/thd current, phase C single
1965THD/thd current, phase N single
1967THD/thd voltage, phase A-N single
1973THD/thd voltage, phase A-B single
1975THD/thd voltage, phase B-C single
1977THD/thd voltage, phase C-A single
3327Harmonic magnitudes and angles, voltage B-CSee Templateinteger
3455Harmonic magnitudes and angles, voltage C-ASee Templateinteger
3583Harmonic magnitudes and angles, voltage A-NSee Templateinteger
3711Harmonic magnitudes and angles, voltage B-NSee Templateinteger
3967Harmonic magnitudes and angles, voltage N-GSee Templateinteger
4095Harmonic magnitudes and angles, current, phase ASee Templateinteger
4223Harmonic magnitudes and angles, current, phase BSee Templateinteger
4351Harmonic magnitudes and angles, current, phase CSee Templateinteger
4479Harmonic magnitudes and angles, current, neutralSee Templateinteger
6143Energy summary meter reading months integer
6155Energy summary meter reading days integer
6167Energy summary metering reading time of day integer
6170Shift start time - first shiftMinutesinteger
6171Shift start time - second shiftMinutesinteger
6172Shift start time - third shiftMinutesinteger
6173Cost per kWh - first shiftSee Register 16178integer
6174Cost per kWh - second shiftSee Register 16178integer
6175Cost per kWh - third shiftSee Register 16178integer
6176Monetary scale factor integer
6177Monetary units codeUnit Codeinteger
6180Shift active integer
6189Energy cost - total todaySee Register 16178integer
6191Energy cost - total yesterdaySee Register 16178integer
6193Energy cost - total this weekSee Register 16178integer
6195Energy cost - total last weekSee Register 16178integer
6197Energy cost - total this monthSee Register 16178integer
6199Energy cost - total last monthSee Register 16178integer
6347Energy cost - first shift todaySee Register 16178integer
6349Energy cost - second shift todaySee Register 16178integer
6351Energy cost - third shift todaySee Register 16178integer
6353Energy cost - first shift yesterdaySee Register 16178integer
6355Energy cost - second shift yesterdaySee Register 16178integer
6357Energy cost - third shift yesterdaySee Register 16178integer
6359Energy cost - first shift this weekSee Register 16178integer
6361Energy cost - second shift this weekSee Register 16178integer
6363Energy cost - third shift this weekSee Register 16178integer
6365Energy cost - first shift last weekSee Register 16178integer
6367Energy cost - second shift last weekSee Register 16178integer
6369Energy cost - third shift last weekSee Register 16178integer
6371Energy cost - first shift this monthSee Register 16178integer
6373Energy cost - second shift this monthSee Register 16178integer
6375Energy cost - third shift this monthSee Register 16178integer
6377Energy cost - first shift last monthSee Register 16178integer
6379Energy cost - second shift last monthSee Register 16178integer
6381Energy cost - third shift last monthSee Register 16178integer
6383Trending and forecasting User-Defined quantity integer
1Label string(16)
9Second last updateSecondinteger
101-Second readingsValue/Scaleinteger
701-Minute statistics, Date/Time of last update1integer
761-Minute statisticsValue/Scaleinteger
2561-Hour statistics, Date/Time of last update1integer
2621-Hour statisticsValue/Scaleinteger
3341-Day statistics, Date/Time of last update1integer
3401-Day statisticsValue/Scaleinteger
4331-Month statistics, Date/Time of last update1integer
4391-Month statisticsValue/Scaleinteger
475Hourly forecastValue/Scaleinteger
483Daily forecastValue/Scaleinteger
491Summary of hourly statisticsValue/Scaleinteger
495Summary of weekly statisticsValue/Scaleinteger

Schneider Electric PM5100 PM5300 data logging
Schneider Electric PM5500 data logging
Schneider Electric PM800 data logging
Schneider Electric PowerLogic EM4800 data logging
Schneider Electric PowerLogic ION7400 data logging

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