Schneider Electric (Sepam 80) data logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
512Phase current I1 dword
514Phase current I2 dword
516Phase current I3 dword
518Residual current i0 dword
520Residual current i0 dword
522Demand current Im1 dword
524Demand current Im2 dword
526Demand current Im3 dword
528Peak demand current IM1 dword
530Peak demand current IM2 dword
532Peak demand current IM3 dword
534Phase to phase voltage U21 dword
536Phase to phase voltage U32 dword
538Phase to phase voltage U13 dword
540Phase to neutral voltage V1 dword
542Phase to neutral voltage V2 dword
544Phase to neutral voltage V3 dword
546Residual voltage v0 dword
548Positive sequence voltage vd dword
550Negative sequence voltage vi dword
552Frequency fHzdword
554Active power PkWinteger
556Reactive power Qkvarinteger
558Apparent power SkVAinteger
560Power factor cos integer
562Peak demand active power pmkWinteger
564Peak demand reactive power qmkvarinteger
566Active power P phase 1kWinteger
568Active power P phase 2kWinteger
570Active power P phase 3kWinteger
572Reactive power Q phase 1kvarinteger
574Reactive power Q phase 2kvarinteger
576Reactive power Q phase 3kvarinteger
578Apparent power S phase 1kVAinteger
580Apparent power S phase 2kVAinteger
582Apparent power S phase 3kVAinteger
584Positive active energy ea+kWdword
586Negative active energy eakWdword
588Positive reactive energy er+kvardword
590Negative reactive energy erkvardword
592Ext. positive active energy ea+kWdword
594Ext. negative active energy eakWdword
596Ext. positive reactive energy ea+kvardword
598Ext. negative reactive energy eakvardword
600Neutral point voltage vnt dword
602H3 neutral point voltage v3nt dword
604H3 residual voltage v3r dword
606Phase current i-1 dword
608Phase current i-2 dword
610Phase current i-3 dword
612Residual current i0 dword
614Residual current i-0 dword
616Number of operations dword
618Tripping current phase 1 itrip1 dword
620Tripping current phase 2 itrip2 dword
622Tripping current phase 3 itrip3 dword
624Tripping current calculated i0 itrip0 dword
636Number of operations dword
638Differential current Id1 dword
640Differential current Id2 dword
642Differential current Id3 dword
644Through current It1 dword
646Through current It2 dword
648Through current It3 dword
650Impedance zd dword
652Impedance Z21 dword
654Impedance Z32 dword
656Impedance Z13 dword
658Phase to phase voltage U21 dword
660Phase to phase voltage U32 dword
662Phase to phase voltage U13 dword
664Phase to neutral voltage V1 dword
666Phase to neutral voltage V2 dword
668Phase to neutral voltage V3 dword
670Residual voltage v0 dword
672Positive sequence voltage vd dword
674Negative sequence voltage vi dword
676Frequency fHzdword
678Voltage difference du (synchro check) dword
680Frequency difference dfHzdword
682Phase difference dphi dword
684Capacitor capacitance C1 (or c21) dword
690Capacitor capacitance C2 (or c32) dword
688Capacitor capacitance C3 (or c13) dword
768Temperature 1 met148 2 nd 1 smallint
769Temperature 2 met148 2 nd 1 smallint
770Temperature 3 met148 2 nd 1 smallint
771Temperature 4 met148 2 nd 1 smallint
772Temperature 5 met148 2 nd 1 smallint
773Temperature 6 met148 2 nd 1 smallint
774Temperature 7 met148 2 nd 1 smallint
775Temperature 8 met148 2 nd 1 smallint
776Temperature 1 met148 2 nd 2 smallint
777Temperature 2 met148 2 nd 2 smallint
778Temperature 3 met148 2 nd 2 smallint
779Temperature 4 met148 2 nd 2 smallint
780Temperature 5 met148 2 nd 2 smallint
781Temperature 6 met148 2 nd 2 smallint
782Temperature 7 met148 2 nd 2 smallint
783Temperature 8 met148 2 nd 2 smallint
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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