Refund and Return Policy

AGG Software provides 14-day Money Back Guarantee

As we are a software company, developing electronic products, our refund policy has some peculiarities. Please, get acquainted with our Refund Policy before you order our software in order to avoid dissatisfactions after the purchase.


We sell our software using "try before you buy" scheme and expect you to try our product before you purchase it. Therefore the refund request will be considered only if product doesn't operate correctly on a customer's PC.


1. The client has the right to request for refund for the AGG Software software for the 14 days from the date of purchase.

2. The purchase should be done either directly through AGG Software or through authorized re-seller of AGG Software. Authorized re-sellers are:

  • RegNow (
  • ShareIt (


3. AGG Software is not responsible for any one of the following:

  1. Any lost or misdirected email.
  2. Delays in downloading or any communication delays.
  3. Delay due to any unforeseen uncontrolled factor.
  4. Mail being marked as SPAM by the email client application of the client or by the mail server being used by the client.
  5. Mail for download or activation is bounced by the sender or receiver mail server due to any reason.


4. Refunds are never approved according to our Return Policy in following cases:

  • Customer has not requested technical support before submitting refund request.
  • Customer refuses to follow instructions given by support team in order to make product to operate correctly.
  • Customer has purchased product on assumption that it does something that it is not designed for.
  • Customer has purchased product by mistake.
  • Product was purchased by different person.
  • The activation code had been used (you contacted our activation server with the activation request).


5. Can not be refunded:

  1. Cost of Backup CD production.
  2. Order processing fee.


To request a refund:

  1. Send us an email with "Refund Request for Order # ..." subject. In an email specify the reason for asking for refund. Don't forget to mention your Order ID (Reference Number, Invoice #) as it is a main identification of your purchase. No refund request can be reviewed without order ID. Please, provide us with as many details as possible. This will help us to confirm the problem.
  2. Upon receiving your refund request, we will make a decision after technical investigation. Please allow us up to three business days to investigate the cause of the malfunctioning and issue a refund. You should expect an email from our support team and be ready to provide our technician with additional information.
  3. If your refund is approved, it might take up to three days to process it. You will get the money returned according to your payment method. Purchases with credit cards will be refunded to the credit card used to purchase the product.
  4. Fill, sign, scan and send us Letter Of Destruction. Letter Of Destruction implies that client provides in written that the product/software bought from AGG Software will be destroyed from all machines where it have been installed and also allow authorized person from AGG Software to do physical inspection of all the machines where it was installed to ensure destruction is done properly. The inspection can happen anytime within 1 year of the date of purchase of product/software from AGG Software.  The inspection can happen without prior notice to the client. Any evidence of the refund product/software will entitled to legal proceedings.