AGG Software announces Advanced Serial Data Logger 3.0

AGG Software announces Advanced Serial Data Logger 3.0

Innovative serial port monitoring and logging software released January, 12 2007

January, 12 2007 AGG Software announced version 3.0 of its all-inclusive serial port monitoring, logging and sniffing software suite that allows software and hardware developers monitor COM port communications easily. Advanced Serial Data Logger can monitor and log transmissions coming via any serial port on the system. It supports baud rates up to 115200, configurable stop bits, data bits, parity and flow control. Thanks to spy mode of operation data exchange between hardware attached to the port and Windows applications can be also be monitored.

Advanced Serial Data Logger is intended for broad range of software and hardware developers who would like to implement hardware support within their solutions without having to make wild guesses. The application functionality can be expanded with help of special plug-ins, allowing developers emulate complex devices, build abstract systems of serial port communications and customize program to fit their particular development needs. Besides that, plug-in architecture results in more flexible pricing – there is an option to purchase either the whole package or individual plug-ins at lower price.

“As we looked at what most developers expect from serial port monitoring software and what the competitors have to offer, we were amazed!” – said Artem Gerasimov, CEO of AGG Software. “There is hardly a complete solution on the market that supports RS232/RS485/RS422 interfaces, allows operating in manual and automatic modes and offers flexibility to developers. Moreover, most products assume the developer does not require convenient user interface to help him manage vast amounts of raw data. That was the point where we thought we may change the situation”.

According to Mr. Gerasimov “AGG Software did its very best to offer the hardware and software developer complete solution for manipulating COM port data with ease and convenience never experienced before!”