Serial Printer Logger: Migrate Easily to Paperless Workflow

AGG Software announces the release of Serial Printer Logger, a software-only solution to replace dot-matrix printers for easy migration to a completely paperless document workflow.

More and more offices switch to electronic document workflow over time. Many still resist because of complications and costs associated with training office employees to handle paperwork electronically instead of sending everything of importance to a printer. Most of these offices are still using legacy dot-matrix printers connected to PCs through serial ports.

Dot-matrix printers were widespread in the offices for a long period of time. They were inexpensive and cost-effective, fast and easy to operate compared to other types of printers in those days.

Today, dot-matrix printers and serial ports are rarely used. Most models are discontinued and are difficult to replace. Ink and tapes are getting difficult to get. On the other hand, many more people are concerned today about things such as ecology, the natural environment and noise pollution. It is no secret the dot-matrix printers were the noisiest of the bunch, often making the office environment extremely noisy.

A logical solution seems to be to replace aging dot-matrix printers with laser type, or even installing and networking a central printing processor. While a network printing processor is very appealing if you print a lot, and can be used effectively to free numerous square feet of desk space, wouldn't it be simpler and more effective to just cut down on paper usage?

Serial Printer Logger ( effectively replaces up to 255 dot-matrix printers in the office.

Why bother using tools such as Serial Printer Logger? It does one thing that is extremely important in a busy office environment: Serial Printer Logger requires absolutely no learning or training of your office employees. They can continue to print everything of importance, only this time those documents don't waste any paper - they are stored in an electronic archive in a completely electronic way! The printing is noiseless and instantaneous, and the electronic archive is fast and easy to search. Serial Printer Logger stores printed documents as RTF documents that are easy to edit, or as PDF files protected against modifications but still easy to view and print.

Using Serial Printer Logger saves you money too. No need to fix or replace aging hardware. No need to order new ink or tapes. Much less paper waste, and much less document storage required. Noise reduction improves employee productivity, and employees spend less time finding needed documents. Finally, an Enterprise license costs only $60 - less than the cost of a new toner cartridge!

Going paperless with Serial Printer Logger saves you time. With no employee training, it is quick and easy to implement. Instantaneous and noiseless printing improves your employee productivity and electronically printed documents can be searched for and retrieved in just seconds.

AGG Software offers a free evaluation version of Serial Printer Logger at: