Logging and capturing data from G&G (TC50K,TC60K,TC100K,TC150K,TC200K,TC300K)

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

DescriptionData typeColumn name
Weight unitsstringWEIGHT_UNITS

How to configure the logger for the G&G (TC50K,TC60K,TC100K,TC150K,TC200K,TC300K).

1. Download and install the "Scale data parser" module.
2. Create or modify existing configuration.
3. Go to the "Modules - Query Parse Filter" page
4. Select the corresponding parser module.

The parser for G&G (TC50K,TC60K,TC100K,TC150K,TC200K,TC300K)

G&G (TC50K,TC60K,TC100K,TC150K,TC200K,TC300K) (unipsarser.dll)

G&G (TC50K,TC60K,TC100K,TC150K,TC200K,TC300K) (unipsarser.dll)

The communication setting

Note: Your COM port settings above should match the RS232 settings on the scale.

How to write data from the G&G (TC50K,TC60K,TC100K,TC150K,TC200K,TC300K) to a database.

Please, visit our tutorials section for examples.

How to capture data from USB scale or balance?

Usually the scale vendor provides a driver that can create a virtual COM port for the usb scale. Our serial data logger fully supposts virtual COM ports.

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