ABB A41-A42 logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
20480Active import, kwhkWhint64
20484Active export, kwhkWhint64
20488Active net, kwhkWhint64
20492Reactive import, kvarhkvarhint64
20496Reactive export, kvarhkvarhint64
20500Reactive net, kvarhkvarhint64
20504Apparent import, kvahkVAhint64
20508Apparent export, kvahkVAhint64
20512Apparent net, kvahkVAhint64
20516Active import, kvahkgint64
20532Active import, kvahcurrencyint64
20848Active import, tariff 1kWhint64
20852Active import, tariff 2kWhint64
20856Active import, tariff 3kWhint64
20860Active import, tariff 4kWhint64
20880Active export, tariff 1kWhint64
20884Active export, tariff 2kWhint64
20888Active export, tariff 3kWhint64
20892Active export, tariff 4kWhint64
20912Reactive import, tariff 1kvarhint64
20916Reactive import, tariff 2kvarhint64
20920Reactive import, tariff 3kvarhint64
20924Reactive import, tariff 4kvarhint64
20944Reactive export, tariff 1kvarhint64
20948Reactive export, tariff 2kvarhint64
20952Reactive export, tariff 3kvarhint64
20956Reactive export, tariff 4kvarhint64
21600Active import, l1kWhint64
21604Active import, l2kWhint64
21608Active import, l3kWhint64
21612Active export, l1kWhint64
21616Active export, l2kWhint64
21620Active export, l3kWhint64
21624Active net, l1kWhint64
21628Active net, l2kWhint64
21632Active net, l3kWhint64
21636Reactive import, l1kvarhint64
21640Reactive import, l2kvarhint64
21644Reactive import, l3kvarhint64
21648Reactive export, l1kvarhint64
21652Reactive export, l2kvarhint64
21656Reactive export, l3kvarhint64
21660Reactive net, l1kvarhint64
21664Reactive net, l2kvarhint64
21668Reactive net, l3kvarhint64
21672Apparent import, l1kVAhint64
21676Apparent import, l2kVAhint64
21680Apparent import, l3kVAhint64
21684Apparent export, l1kVAhint64
21688Apparent export, l2kVAhint64
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