ABB (M4M) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
20480Active energy - importkWhint64
20484Active energy - exportkWhint64
20488Active energy - netkWhint64
20492Reactive energy - importkvarhint64
20496Reactive energy - exportkvarhint64
20500Reactive energy - netkvarhint64
20504Apparent energy - importkVAint64
20508Apparent energy - exportkVAint64
20512Apparent energy - netkVAint64
20516Active energy - importkg / kWhint64
20532Active energy - importCurrency / kWhint64
20848Active energy - import (Tariffs), 1kWhint64
20852Active energy - import (Tariffs), 2kWhint64
20856Active energy - import (Tariffs), 3kWhint64
20860Active energy - import (Tariffs), 4kWhint64
20864Active energy - import (Tariffs), 5kWhint64
20868Active energy - import (Tariffs), 6kWhint64
20880Active energy - export (Tariffs), 1kWhint64
20884Active energy - export (Tariffs), 2kWhint64
20888Active energy - export (Tariffs), 3kWhint64
20892Active energy - export (Tariffs), 4kWhint64
20896Active energy - export (Tariffs), 5kWhint64
20900Active energy - export (Tariffs), 6kWhint64
20912Reactive energy - import (Tariffs), 1kvarhint64
20916Reactive energy - import (Tariffs), 2kvarhint64
20920Reactive energy - import (Tariffs), 3kvarhint64
20924Reactive energy - import (Tariffs), 4kvarhint64
20928Reactive energy - import (Tariffs), 5kvarhint64
20932Reactive energy - import (Tariffs), 6kvarhint64
20944Reactive energy - export (Tariffs), 1kvarhint64
20948Reactive energy - export (Tariffs), 2kvarhint64
20952Reactive energy - export (Tariffs), 3kvarhint64
20956Reactive energy - export (Tariffs), 4kvarhint64
20960Reactive energy - export (Tariffs), 5kvarhint64
20964Reactive energy - export (Tariffs), 6kvarhint64
21600Active energy - import, L1kWhint64
21604Active energy - import, L2kWhint64
21608Active energy - import, L3kWhint64
21612Active energy - export, L1kWhint64
21616Active energy - export, L2kWhint64
21620Active energy - export, L3kWhint64
21624Active energy - net, L1kWhint64
21628Active energy - net, L2kWhint64
21632Active energy - net, L3kWhint64
21636Reactive energy - import, L1kvarhint64
21640Reactive energy - import, L2kvarhint64
21644Reactive energy - import, L3kvarhint64
21648Reactive energy - export, L1kvarhint64
21652Reactive energy - export, L2kvarhint64
21656Reactive energy - export, L3kvarhint64
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