Algodue (UPM209) logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
4608Phase 1-N voltage MAXVsingle
4610Phase 2-N voltage MAXVsingle
4612Phase 3-N voltage MAXVsingle
4614Line 12 voltage MAXVsingle
4616Line 23 voltage MAXVsingle
4618Line 31 voltage MAXVsingle
4620System voltage MAXVsingle
4622Phase 1 current MAXAsingle
4624Phase 2 current MAXAsingle
4626Phase 3 current MAXAsingle
4628Neutral current MAXAsingle
4630System current MAXAsingle
4632Phase 1 imported active power MAXWsingle
4634Phase 1 exported active power MAXWsingle
4636Phase 2 imported active power MAXWsingle
4638Phase 2 exported active power MAXWsingle
4640Phase 3 imported active power MAXWsingle
4642Phase 3 exported active power MAXWsingle
4644System imported active power MAXWsingle
4646System exported active power MAXWsingle
4648Phase 1 imported apparent power MAXVAsingle
4650Phase 1 exported apparent power MAXVAsingle
4652Phase 2 imported apparent power MAXVAsingle
4654Phase 2 exported apparent power MAXVAsingle
4656Phase 3 imported apparent power MAXVAsingle
4658Phase 3 exported apparent power MAXVAsingle
4660System imported apparent power MAXVAsingle
4662System exported apparent power MAXVAsingle
4664Phase 1 imported reactive power MAXvarsingle
4666Phase 1 exported reactive power MAXvarsingle
4668Phase 2 imported reactive power MAXvarsingle
4670Phase 2 exported reactive power MAXvarsingle
4672Phase 3 imported reactive power MAXvarsingle
4674Phase 3 exported reactive power MAXvarsingle
4676System imported reactive power MAXvarsingle
4678System exported reactive power MAXvarsingle
4680Phase 1 inductive power factor MAX single
4682Phase 1 capacitive power factor MAX single
4684Phase 2 inductive power factor MAX single
4686Phase 2 capacitive power factor MAX single
4688Phase 3 inductive power factor MAX single
4690Phase 3 capacitive power factor MAX single
4692System inductive power factor MAX single
4694System capacitive power factor MAX single
4696Phase 1 imported tangent MAX single
4698Phase 1 exported tangent MAX single
4700Phase 2 imported tangent MAX single
4702Phase 2 exported tangent MAX single
4704Phase 3 imported tangent MAX single
4706Phase 3 exported tangent MAX single
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