Algodue (UPM215,UPM310,UPM315,UPM3060,UPM3080) data logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
4096System voltagemVsingle
4098L N voltage phase 1mVsingle
4100L N voltage phase 2mVsingle
4102L N voltage phase 3mVsingle
4104L L voltage line 12mVsingle
4106L L voltage line 23mVsingle
4108L L voltage line 31mVsingle
4110System currentmAsingle
4112Phase 1 currentmAsingle
4114Phase 2 currentmAsingle
4116Phase 3 currentmAsingle
4118System power factor single
4120Phase 1 power factor single
4122Phase 2 power factor single
4124Phase 3 power factor single
4126Phase order single
4128Phase 1 cos single
4130Phase 2 cos single
4132Phase 3 cos single
4134System apparent powermVAsingle
4136Phase 1 apparent powermVAsingle
4138Phase 2 apparent powermVAsingle
4140Phase 3 apparent powermVAsingle
4142System active powermWsingle
4144Phase 1 active powermWsingle
4146Phase 2 active powermWsingle
4148Phase 3 active powermWsingle
4150System reactive powermvarsingle
4152Phase 1 reactive powermvarsingle
4154Phase 2 reactive powermvarsingle
4156Phase 3 reactive powermvarsingle
4158Imported active energymWhsingle
4160Imported reactive inductive energymvarhsingle
4162Exported active energymWhsingle
4164Exported reactive inductive energymvarhsingle
4166Line frequencymHzsingle
4168Phase 1 voltage thdm%single
4170Phase 2 voltage thdm%single
4172Phase 3 voltage thdm%single
4174Phase 1 current thdm%single
4176Phase 2 current thdm%single
4178Phase 3 current thdm%single
4180Void single
4182Void single
4184Imported reactive capacitive energymvarhsingle
4186Exported reactive capacitive energymvarhsingle
4188Imported apparent energymVAhsingle
4190Exported apparent energymVAhsingle
4192Neutral currentmAsingle
4194System current demandmAsingle
4196System active power demandmWsingle
4198System apparent power demandmVAsingle
4200Maximum phase 1 currentmAsingle
4202Maximum phase 2 currentmAsingle
4204Maximum phase 3 currentmAsingle
4206Maximum system current dmdmAsingle
4208Maximum system active power dmdmWsingle
4210Maximum system apparent power dmdmVAsingle

Algodue (UPM209) data logging
Algodue (UPM215,UPM310,UPM315,UPM3060,UPM3080) data logging
Algodue (UPM309) data logging

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