Arch Meter (PA310) data logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
2Ct ratio single
4096Modbus address word
4097Baudrate set word
4098Stopbit word
4100Wiring word
4114Clr kwh smallint
4128Kt value smallint
4129Voltage transform er ratio word
4130Current transform er ratio word
4131Year word
4132Month word
4133Date word
4134Hour word
4135Minute word
4136Second word
4137Day of week word
4144Demand flag smallint
4145Sub interval smallint
4146Interval multipli er smallint
4147Lp_data_group1_ clr word
4148Lp_group1_datac ounter smallint
4149Lp group1 intlen gth smallint
4150Lp_g1_ch1_save data smallint
4151Lp G1 Ch2 save data smallint
4152Lp_g1_ch3_save data smallint
4153Lp G1 Ch4 save data smallint
4154Lp_g1_ch5_save data smallint
4155Lp G1 Ch6 save data smallint
4156Lp_g1_ch7_save data smallint
4157Lp G1 Ch8 save data smallint
4158Lp_g1_ch9_save data smallint
4159Lp G1 ch10 save data smallint
4160Lp_g1_ch11_save data smallint
4161Lp_g1_ch12_save data smallint
4162Lp data group2 cfr smallint
4163Lp group2 datac ounter smallint
4164Lp group2 intlen gth smallint
4165Lp G2 Ch1 save data smallint
4166Lp G2 Ch2 save data smallint
4167Lp G2 Ch3 save data smallint
4168Lp G2 Ch4 save data smallint
4169Lp G2 Ch5 save data smallint
4170Lp G2 Ch6 save data smallint
4171Lp G2 Ch7 save data smallint
4172Lp G2 Ch8 save data smallint
4173Lp read begin int erval serial numbe smallint
4864Kwh_deiiver_a single
4866Kwh receiver a single
4868Kvarh_iagging_a single
4870Kvarh_ieading_a single
4872Kvah a single
4874Kwh deliver b single
4876Kwh receiver b single
4878Kvarh lagging b single
4880Kvarh leading b single
4882Kvah b single
4884Kwh deliver c single
4886Kwh receiver c single
4888Kvarh lagging c single
4890Kvarh leading c single
4892Kvah c single
4894Kwh deliver total single
4896Kwh_receiver_totai single
4898Kvarh lagging total single
4900Kvarh leading total single
4902Kvah_totai single
1024Vln a single
1026Vln b single
1028Vln_c single
1030Vln avg single
1032Vii ab single
1034Vii bc single
1036Vii ca single
1038Vii avg single
1040I a single
1042I b single
1044I c single
1046I avg single
1050Freq single
1052Kw a single
1054Kw_b single
1056Kw_c single
1058Kw total single
1060Kvar_a single
1062Kvar b single
1064Kvar c single
1066Kvar_totai single
1068Kva a single
1070Kva b single
1072Kva c single
1074Kva total single
1076Pf signed a single
1078Pf signed b single
1080Pf signed c single
1082Pf signed avg single
1084Phaseangle V a single
1086Phaseangle V b single
1088Phaseangle V c single
1090Phaseangle I a single
1092Phaseangle I b single
1094Phaseangle I c single
1152Kwh deliver a single
1154Kwh receiver a single
1156Kvarh_iagging_a single
1158Kvarh leading a single
1160Kvah a single
1162Kwh_deiiver_b single
1164Kwh receiver b single
1166Kvarh lagging b single
1168Kvarh leading b single
1170Kvah b single
1172Kwh deliver c single
1174Kwh receiver c single
1176Kvarh lagging c single
1178Kvarh leading c single
1180Kvah c single
1182Kwh deliver total single
1184Kwh receiver total single
1186Kvarh lagging total single
1188Kvarh leading total single
1190Kvah total single
1536Vln_a dword
1538Vln_b dword
1540Vln c dword
1542Vln_avg dword
1544Vll_ab dword
1546Vii bc dword
1548Vll_ca dword
1550Vll_avg dword
1552I a dword
1554I b dword
1556I c dword
1558I avg dword
1562Freq dword
1564Kw a integer
1566Kw b integer
1568Kw c integer
1570Kw total integer
1572Kvar a integer
1574Kvar b integer
1576Kvar c integer
1578Kvar_totai integer
1580Kva a integer
1582Kva_b integer
1584Kva_c integer
1586Kva total integer
1588Pf_signed_a integer
1590Pf_signed_b integer
1592Pf signed c integer
1594Pf_signed_avg integer
1596Phaseangle V a integer
1598Phaseangle V b integer
1600Phaseangle V c integer
1602Phaseangle I a integer
1604Phaseangle I b integer
1606Phaseangle I c integer
1664Kwh deliver a dword
1666Kwh receiver a dword
1668Kvarh lagging a dword
1670Kvarh leading a dword
1672Kvah a dword
1674Kwh_deiiver_b dword
1676Kwh receiver b dword
1678Kvarh_iagging_b dword
1680Kvarh_ieading_b dword
1682Kvah b dword
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

Arch Meter (PA310) data logging
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