Delab (PQM) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
2Ampere L2Adword
4Ampere L3Adword
6Ampere (neutral current)Adword
8Voltage L1Vdword
10Voltage L2Vdword
12Voltage L3Vdword
14Voltage L12Vdword
16Voltage L23Vdword
18Voltage L31Vdword
20Voltage assym%word
22Kw L1Winteger
24Kw L2Winteger
26Kw L3Winteger
28Kvar L1Varinteger
30Kvar L2Varinteger
32Kvar L3Varinteger
34Kva L1VAdword
36Kva L2VAdword
38Kva L3VAdword
40Pf L1 smallint
41Pf L2 smallint
42Pf L3 smallint
43Pf avg smallint
44Cos L1 smallint
45Cos L2 smallint
46Cos L3 smallint
47Cos avg smallint
48Energy import (kwh)kWhdword
52Energy export (kwh)kWhdword
56Energy inductive (kvarh)kVarhdword
60Energy capacitive (kvarh)kVarhdword
64Energy apparent (kvah)kVAhdword
68Max dmd kw L1 (import)Wdword
70Max dmd kw L2 (import)Wdword
72Max dmd kw L3 (import)Wdword
74Max dmd kw total (import)Wdword
76Max dmd kva L1VAdword
78Max dmd kva L2VAdword
80Max dmd kva L3VAdword
82Max dmd kva totalVAdword
84Max dmd I L1Adword
86Max dmd I L2Adword
88Max dmd I L3Adword
90Max dmd iavg (3phase)Adword
92Prev dmd kw L1 (import)Wdword
94Prev dmd kw L2 (import)Wdword
96Prev dmd kw L3 (import)Wdword
98Prev dmd kw total (import)Wdword
100Prev dmd kva L1VAdword
102Prev dmd kva L2VAdword
104Prev dmd kva L3VAdword
106Prev dmd kva totalVAdword
108Prev dmd I L1Adword
110Prev dmd I L2Adword
112Prev dmd I L3Adword
114Prev dmd iavg (3phase)Adword
116Demand elapsed timesecword
117Thd V1%word
118Thd V2%word
119Thd V3%word
120Thd I1%word
121Thd I2%word
122Thd I3%word
123Kf I1 word
124Kf I2 word
125Kf I2 word
128V L1 angledegsmallint
129V L2 angledegsmallint
130V L3 angledegsmallint
131I L1 angledegsmallint
132I L2 angledegsmallint
133I L3 angledegsmallint
134In angle (neutral)degsmallint
135Phase rotation smallint
136Hour runsecdword
512V L1 minVdword
514V L2 minVdword
516V L3 minVdword
518V L1 maxVdword
520V L2 maxVdword
522V L3 maxVdword
524V assym min%word
525V assym max%word
526I L1 minAdword
528I L2 minAdword
530I L3 minAdword
532I n minAdword
534I L1 maxAdword
536I L2 maxAdword
538I L3 maxAdword
540I n maxAdword
542Kw L1 min (import)Wdword
544Kw L2 min (import)Wdword
546Kw L3 min (import)Wdword
548Kw total min (import)Wdword
550Kw L1 max (import)Wdword
552Kw L2 max (import)Wdword
554Kw L3 max (import)Wdword
556Kw total max (import)Wdword
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

Delab (PQM) data logging

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