Enerdis (Enerium 50-150) data logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1326FP1 smallint
1327Quadrant FP1 word
1328FP2 smallint
1329Quadrant FP2 word
1330FP3 smallint
1331Quadrant FP3 word
1332Fpt smallint
1333Quadrant fpt word
1334Cos phi phase 1 smallint
1335Quadrant word
1336Cos phi phase 2 smallint
1337Quadrant word
1338Cos phi phase 3 smallint
1339Quadrant word
1340Cos phi three phase smallint
1341Quadrant word
1342V1 crest factor word
1343V2 crest factor word
1344V3 crest factor word
1345I1 crest factor word
1346I2 crest factor word
1347I3 crest factor word
1348Unbalance of the voltages smallint
1350Total tan phi integer
2788Minima of V1Vdword
2790Date of the minimum of V1 dword
2792Minima of V2Vdword
2794Date of the minimum of V2 dword
2796Minima of V3Vdword
2798Date of the minimum of V3 dword
2800Minima of vtVdword
2802Date of the minimum of vt dword
2804Minima of U12Vdword
2806Date of the minimum of U12 dword
2808Minima of U23Vdword
2810Date of the minimum of U23 dword
2812Minima of U31Vdword
2814Date of the minimum of U31 dword
2816Minima of I1Adword
2818Date of the minimum of I1 dword
2820Minima of I2Adword
2822Date of the minimum of I2 dword
2824Minima of I3Adword
2826Date of the minimum of I3 dword
2828Minima of inAdword
2830Date of the minimum of in dword
2832Minima of pt receiverWdword
2834Date of the minimum of pt receiver dword
2836Minima of pt generatorWdword
2838Date of the minimum of pt generator dword
2840Minima of qt receivervarinteger
2842Date of the minimum of qt receiver dword
2844Minima of qt generatorvarinteger
2846Date of the minimum of qt generator dword
2848Minima of the frequencyHzdword
2850Date of the minimum of the frequency dword
3140Minima of stVAdword
3142Date of the minimum of st dword
2852Minimum of average fpt receiver word
2853Quadrant of the minimum of average fpt receiver word
2854Date of the minimum of average fpt receiver dword
2856Minimum of average fpt generator smallint
2857Quadrant of the minimum of average fpt generator word
2858Date of the minimum of average fpt generator dword
2860Minimum of average cos phi three phase receiver word
2861Quadrant of the minimum of average cos phi tri receiver word
2862Date of the minimum of average cos phi tri receiver dword
2864Minimum of average cos phi tri generator smallint
2865Quadrant of the minimum of average cos phi tri generator word
2866Date of the minimum of average of cos phi tri generator dword
3148Minimum of average tangent phi receiver integer
3150Date of the minimum of average tangent phi receiver dword
3152Minimum of average tangent phi generator integer
3154Date of the minimum of average tangent phi generator dword
2868Maximum of V1Vdword
2870Date of the maximum of V1 dword
2872Maximum of V2Vdword
2874Date of the maximum of V2 dword
2876Maximum of V3Vdword
2878Date of the maximum of V3 dword
2880Maximum of vtVdword
2882Date of the maximum of vt dword
2884Maximum of U12Vdword
2886Date of the maximum of U12 dword
2888Maximum of U23Vdword
2890Date of the maximum of U23 dword
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

Enerdis (Enerium 100-200) data logging
Enerdis (Enerium 30) data logging
Enerdis (Enerium 50-150) data logging
Enerdis (Enerium Power Monitor 100-200-300) data logging

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