Janitza (UMG104) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
19000Voltage L1 NVsingle
19002Voltage L2 NVsingle
19004Voltage L3 NVsingle
19006Voltage L1 L2Vsingle
19008Voltage L2 L3Vsingle
19010Voltage L3 L1Vsingle
19012Apparent current, L1Asingle
19014Apparent current, L2Asingle
19016Apparent current, L3Asingle
19018Vector sum; in=i1+i2+i3Asingle
19020Real power L1Wsingle
19022Real power L2Wsingle
19024Real power L3Wsingle
19026Sum; psum3=p1+p2+p3Wsingle
19028Apparent power L1VAsingle
19030Apparent power L2VAsingle
19032Apparent power L3VAsingle
19034Sum; ssum3=s1+s2+s3VAsingle
19036Reactive power (mains frequ.) L1varsingle
19038Reactive power (mains frequ.) L2varsingle
19040Reactive power (mains frequ.) L3varsingle
19042Sum; qsum3=q1+q2+q3varsingle
19044Fund.power factor, cosphi; UL1 IL1 single
19046Fund.power factor, cosphi; UL2 IL2 single
19048Fund.power factor, cosphi; UL3 IL3 single
19050Measured frequencyHzsingle
19052Rotation field; 1=right, 0=none, 1=left single
19054Real energy L1Whsingle
19056Real energy L2Whsingle
19058Real energy L3Whsingle
19060Real energy l1..l3Whsingle
19062Real energy l1, consumedWhsingle
19064Real energy l2, consumedWhsingle
19066Real energy l3, consumedWhsingle
19068Real energy l1..l3, consumed, rate 1Whsingle
19070Real energy l1, deliveredWhsingle
19072Real energy l2, deliveredWhsingle
19074Real energy l3, deliveredWhsingle
19076Real energy l1..l3, deliveredWhsingle
19078Apparent energy L1VAhsingle
19080Apparent energy L2VAhsingle
19082Apparent energy L3VAhsingle
19084Apparent energy l1..l3VAhsingle
19086Reaktive energy L1varhsingle
19088Reaktive energy L2varhsingle
19090Reaktive energy L3varhsingle
19092Reaktive energy l1..l3varhsingle
19094Reactive energy, inductive, L1varhsingle
19096Reactive energy, inductive, L2varhsingle
19098Reactive energy, inductive, L3varhsingle
19100Reactive energy l1..l3, indvarhsingle
19102Reactive energy, capacitive, L1varhsingle
19104Reactive energy, capacitive, L2varhsingle
19106Reactive energy, capacitive, L3varhsingle
19108Reactive energy l1..l3, capvarhsingle
19110Harmonic, thd,u L1 N%single
19112Harmonic, thd,u L2 N%single
19114Harmonic, thd,u L3 N%single
19116Harmonic, thd,i L1%single
19118Harmonic, thd,i L2%single
19120Harmonic, thd,i L3%single
4Time (utc)secinteger
6Day (1..31) smallint
7Month (0=jan, .. 11=dec) smallint
8Year smallint
9Hour (1..24)hsmallint
10Minute (1..59minsmallint
11Second (1..59)ssmallint
12Weekday (0=sun, .. 6=mon) smallint
1293Harmonic, thd,u L1 N%single
1295Harmonic, thd,u L2 N%single
1297Harmonic, thd,u L3 N%single
1299Harmonic, thd,u L4 N%single
1301Harmonic, thd,i1 L%single
1303Harmonic, thd,i2 L%single
1305Harmonic, thd,i3 L%single
1307Harmonic, thd,i4 L%single
1309K factor, L single
1311K factor, L single
1313K factor, L single
1315K factor, L single
1317Voltage L NVsingle
1319Voltage L NVsingle
1321Voltage L NVsingle
1323Voltage L NVsingle
1325Apparent current, LAsingle
1327Apparent current, LAsingle
1329Apparent current, LAsingle
1331Apparent current, LAsingle
1333Real power LWsingle
1335Real power LWsingle
1337Real power LWsingle
1339Real power LWsingle
1341Reactive power (mains frequ.) Lvarsingle
1343Reactive power (mains frequ.) Lvarsingle
1345Reactive power (mains frequ.) Lvarsingle
1347Reactive power (mains frequ.) Lvarsingle
1349Apparent power LVAsingle
1351Apparent power LVAsingle
1353Apparent power LVAsingle
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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