Janitza (UMG604) data logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" or "Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
19000Voltage L1 NVsingle
19002Voltage L2 NVsingle
19004Voltage L3 NVsingle
19006Voltage L1 L2Vsingle
19008Voltage L2 L3Vsingle
19010Voltage L3 L1Vsingle
19012Apparent current, L1 NAsingle
19014Apparent current, L2 NAsingle
19016Apparent current, L3 NAsingle
19018Vector sum; in=i1+i2+i3Asingle
19020Real power L1 NWsingle
19022Real power L2 NWsingle
19024Real power L3 NWsingle
19028Apparent power L1 NVAsingle
19030Apparent power L2 NVAsingle
19032Apparent power L3 NVAsingle
19034Sum; ssum3=s1+s2+s3VAsingle
19036Reactive power L1 (fundamental comp.)varsingle
19038Reactive power L2 (fundamental comp.)varsingle
19040Reactive power L3 (fundamental comp.)varsingle
19042Qsum3=q1+q2+q3 (fundamental comp.)varsingle
19044Cosphi; UL1 IL1 (fundamental comp.) single
19046Cosphi; UL2 IL2 (fundamental comp.) single
19048Cosphi; UL3 IL3 (fundamental comp.) single
19050Measured frequencyHzsingle
19052Rotation field; 1=right, 0=none, 1=left single
19054Real energy L1Whsingle
19056Real energy L2Whsingle
19058Real energy L3Whsingle
19060Real energy l1..l3Whsingle
19062Real energy l1, consumedWhsingle
19064Real energy l2, consumedWhsingle
19066Real energy l3, consumedWhsingle
19068Real energy l1..l3, consumed, rate 1Whsingle
19070Real energy l1, deliveredWhsingle
19072Real energy l2, deliveredWhsingle
19074Real energy l3, deliveredWhsingle
19076Real energy l1..l3, deliveredWhsingle
19078Apparent energy L1VAhsingle
19080Apparent energy L2VAhsingle
19082Apparent energy L3VAhsingle
19084Apparent energy l1..l3VAhsingle
19086Reaktive energy L1 (fundamental comp.)varhsingle
19088Reaktive energy L2 (fundamental comp.)varhsingle
19090Reaktive energy L3 (fundamental comp.)varhsingle
19092Reaktive energy l1..l3 (fundamental comp.)varhsingle
19094Reactive energy, inductive, L1 (fundamental comp.)varhsingle
19096Reactive energy, inductive, L2 (fundamental comp.)varhsingle
19098Reactive energy, inductive, L3 (fundamental comp.)varhsingle
19100Reactive energy l1..l3, ind. (fundamental comp.)varhsingle
19102Reactive energy, capacitive, L1 (fundamental comp.)varhsingle
19104Reactive energy, capacitive, L2 (fundamental comp.)varhsingle
19106Reactive energy, capacitive, L3 (fundamental comp.)varhsingle
19108Reactive energy l1..l3, cap. (fundamental comp.)varhsingle
19110Harmonic, thd,u L1 N%single
19112Harmonic, thd,u L2 N%single
19114Harmonic, thd,u L3 N%single
19116Harmonic, thd,i L1%single
19118Harmonic, thd,i L2%single
19120Harmonic, thd,i L3%single
131. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
152. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
173. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
194. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
215. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
236. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
257. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
278. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
299. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
3110. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
3311. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
3512. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
3713. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
3914. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
4115. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
4316. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
4517. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
4718. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
4919. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
5120. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
5321. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
5522. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
5723. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
5924. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
6125. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
6326. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
6527. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
6728. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
6929. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
7130. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
7331. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
7532. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
7733. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
7934. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
8135. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
8336. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
8537. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
8738. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
8939. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
9140. harmonic, UL1 NVsingle
1293Total harmonic distortion, UL1 N%single
1295Total harmonic distortion, UL2 N%single
1297Total harmonic distortion, UL3 N%single
1299Total harmonic distortion, UL4 N%single
1301Total harmonic distortion, IL1%single
1303Total harmonic distortion, IL2%single
1305Total harmonic distortion, IL3%single
1307Total harmonic distortion, IL4%single
1309K factor, L1 single
1311K factor, L2 single
1313K factor, L3 single
1315K factor, L4 single
1317Voltage L1 NVsingle
1319Voltage L2 NVsingle
1321Voltage L3 NVsingle
1323Voltage L4 NVsingle
1325Current L1Asingle
1327Current L2Asingle
1329Current L3Asingle
1331Current L4Asingle
1333Real power L1Wsingle
1335Real power L2Wsingle
1337Real power L3Wsingle
1339Real power L4Wsingle
1341Reactive power L1VArsingle
1343Reactive power L2VArsingle
1345Reactive power L3VArsingle
1347Reactive power L4VArsingle
1349Apparent power L1VAsingle
1351Apparent power L2VAsingle
1353Apparent power L3VAsingle
1355Apparent power L4VAsingle
1357Voltage UL1 L2Vsingle
1359Voltage UL2 L3Vsingle
1361Voltage UL3 L1Vsingle
1363Sum IL1 + IL2 + IL3Asingle
1365Sum IL1 + IL2 + IL3 + IL4Asingle
1367Sum SL1 + SL2 + SL3VAsingle
1369Sum PL1 + PL2 + PL3Wsingle
1371Sum QL1 + QL2 + QL3VArsingle
1373Sum cosl1 + cosl2 + cosl3 single
1375Sum SL1 + SL2 + SL3 + SL4VAsingle
1377Sum PL1 + PL2 + PL3 + PL4Wsingle
1379Sum QL1 + QL2 + QL3 + QL4VArsingle
1381Sum cosl1 +cosl2 +cosl3 +cosl4 single
1383Voltage l1, real partVsingle
1385Voltage l2, real partVsingle
1387Voltage l3, real partVsingle
1389Voltage l4, real partVsingle
1391Voltage l1, imaginary partVsingle
1393Voltage l2, imaginary partVsingle
1395Voltage l3, imaginary partVsingle
1397Voltage l4, imaginary partVsingle
1399Current l1, real partAsingle
1401Current l2, real partAsingle
1403Current l3, real partAsingle
1405Current l4, real partAsingle
1407Current l1, imaginary partAsingle
1409Current l2, imaginary partAsingle
1411Current l3, imaginary partAsingle
1413Current l4, imaginary partAsingle
1415Phase UL1 IL1Dsingle
1417Phase UL2 IL2Dsingle
1419Phase UL3 IL3Dsingle
1421Phase UL4 IL4Dsingle
1423Cosphi L1 single
1425Cosphi L2 single
1427Cosphi L3 single
1429Cosphi L4 single
1431Q sign in L1 single
1433Q sign in L2 single
1435Q sign in L3 single
1437Q sign in L4 single
1441Zero sequence systemVsingle
1443Positive sequence systemVsingle
1445Negative sequence systemVsingle
1447Unbalance = negative sequence system%single
1449Rotating field, 1=right, 0 none, 1=lefts single
1451Zero sequence systemAsingle
1453Positive sequence systemAsingle
1455Negative sequence systemAsingle
1457Pulse input 1, power per impulseWsingle
1459Pulse input 2, power per impulseWsingle
14631. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
14652. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
14673. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
14694. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
14715. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
14736. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
14757. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
14778. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
14799. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
148110. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
148311. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
148512. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
148713. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
148914. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
149115. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
149316. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
149517. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
149718. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
149919. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
150120. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
150321. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
150522. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
150723. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
150924. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
151125. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
151326. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
151527. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
151728. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
151929. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
152130. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
152331. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
152532. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
152733. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
152934. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
153135. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
153336. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
153537. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
153738. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
153939. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
154140. harmonic, ul1, mean valueVsingle
9807Apparent energy, L1VAhsingle
9809Apparent energy, L2VAhsingle
9811Apparent energy, L3VAhsingle
9813Apparent energy, L4VAhsingle
9815Apparent energy, l1+l2+l3VAhsingle
9817Apparent energy, l1+l2+l3+l4VAhsingle
9819Real energy, L1Whsingle
9821Real energy, L2Whsingle
9823Real energy, L3Whsingle
9825Real energy, L4Whsingle
9827Real energy, l1+l2+l3Whsingle
9829Real energy, l1+l2+l3+l4Whsingle
9831Reactiv energy, L1VArhsingle
9833Reactiv energy, L2VArhsingle
9835Reactiv energy, L3VArhsingle
9837Reactiv energy, L4VArhsingle
9839Reactiv energy, l1+l2+l3VArhsingle
9841Reactiv energy, l1+l2+l3+l4VArhsingle
9843Real energy, supply, L1Whsingle
9845Real energy, supply, L2Whsingle
9847Real energy, supply, L3Whsingle
9849Real energy, supply, L4Whsingle
9851Real energy, supply, l1+l2+l3Whsingle
9853Real energy, supply, l1+l2+l3+l4Whsingle
9855Real energy, consumption, L1Whsingle
9857Real energy, consumption, L2Whsingle
9859Real energy, consumption, L3Whsingle
9861Real energy, consumption, L4Whsingle
9863Real energy, consumption, l1+l2+l3Whsingle
9865Real energy, con., l1+l2+l3+l4Whsingle
9867Real energy, supply, ht tariff, L1Whsingle
9869Real energy, supply, ht tariff, L2Whsingle
9871Real energy, supply, ht tariff, L3Whsingle
9873Real energy, supply, ht tariff, L4Whsingle
9875Real energy, supply, ht tariff, l1+l2+l3Whsingle
9877Real energy, bez, ht tar., l1+l2+l3+l4Whsingle
9879Real energy, supply, nt tariff, L1Whsingle
9881Real energy, supply, nt tariff, L2Whsingle
9883Real energy, supply, nt tariff, L3Whsingle
9885Real energy, supply, nt tariff, L4Whsingle
9887Real energy, con., nt tariff, l1+l2+l3Whsingle
9889Real energy, con., nt tar., l1+l2+l3+l4Whsingle
9891Real energy, consumption, ht tariff, L1Whsingle
9893Real energy, consumption, ht tariff, L2Whsingle
9895Real energy, consumption, ht tariff, L3Whsingle
9897Real energy, consumption, ht tariff, L4Whsingle
9899Real energy, con., ht tariff, l1+l2+l3Whsingle
9901Real energy, lief., ht tar., l1+l2+l3+l4Whsingle
9903Real energy, consumption, nt tariff, L1Whsingle
9905Real energy, consumption, nt tariff, L2Whsingle
9907Real energy, consumption, nt tariff, L3Whsingle
9909Real energy, consumption, nt tariff, L4Whsingle
9911Real energy, lief., nt tariff, l1+l2+l3Whsingle
9913Real energy, lief., nt tar., l1+l2+l3+l4Whsingle
9915Reactiv energy, inductive, L1VArhsingle
9917Reactiv energy, inductive, L2VArhsingle
9919Reactiv energy, inductive, L3VArhsingle
9921Reactiv energy, inductive, L4VArhsingle
9923Reactiv energy, inductive, l1+l2+l3VArhsingle
9925Reactiv energy, inductive, l1+l2+l3+l4VArhsingle
9927Reactiv energy, capacitative, L1VArhsingle
9929Reactiv energy, capacitative, L2VArhsingle
9931Reactiv energy, capacitative, L3VArhsingle
9933Reactiv energy, capacitative, L4VArhsingle
9935Reactiv energy, capacitative, l1+l2+l3VArhsingle
9937Reactiv energy, cap., l1+l2+l3+l4VArhsingle
9939Reactiv energy, ht, inductive, L1VArhsingle
9941Reactiv energy, ht, inductive, L2VArhsingle
9943Reactiv energy, ht, inductive, L3VArhsingle
9945Reactiv energy, ht, inductive, L4VArhsingle
9947Reactiv energy, ht, inductive, l1+l2+l3VArhsingle
9949Reactiv energy, ht, ind., l1+l2+l3+l4VArhsingle
9951Reactiv energy, nt, inductive, L1VArhsingle
9953Reactiv energy, nt, inductive, L2VArhsingle
9955Reactiv energy, nt, inductive, L3VArhsingle
9957Reactiv energy, nt, inductive, L4VArhsingle
9959Reactiv energy, nt, inductive, l1+l2+l3VArhsingle
9961Reactiv energy, nt, ind., l1+l2+l3+l4VArhsingle
9963Counter, pulse input 1nsingle
9965Counter, pulse input 2nsingle
9967Active and apparent energyssingle
9969Reactive energy measurementssingle
9971Neutral point displacement voltageVsingle
10032Current transformer, primary, L1Asingle
10034Current transformer, primary, L2Asingle
10036Current transformer, primary, L3Asingle
10038Current transformer, primary, L4Asingle
10040Current transformer, secondary, L1Asingle
10042Current transformer, secondary, L2Asingle
10044Current transformer, secondary, L3Asingle
10046Current transformer, secondary, L4Asingle
10048Voltage transformer, primary, L1Vsingle
10050Voltage transformer, primary, L2Vsingle
10052Voltage transformer, primary, L3Vsingle
10054Voltage transformer, primary, L4Vsingle
10056Voltage transformer, secondary, L1Vsingle
10058Voltage transformer, secondary, L2Vsingle
10060Voltage transformer, secondary, L3Vsingle
10062Voltage transformer, secondary, L4Vsingle
10064Rated current, K factor, L1Asingle
10066Rated current, K factor, L1Asingle
10068Rated current, K factor, L1Asingle
10070Rated current, K factor, L1Asingle
10072Device name64string
10104Device description128string
10168Language selection, home page16string
12411Default=0. the temperature offset canDCsingle
13437Firmware release16string
14404Real energy, consumption, tariff 3, L1Whsingle
14406Real energy, consumption, tariff 3, L2Whsingle
14408Real energy, consumption, tariff 3, L3Whsingle
14410Real energy, consumption, tariff 3, L4Whsingle
14412Real energy, consump., tariff 3, l1..l3Whsingle
14414Real energy, consump., tariff 3, l1..l4Whsingle
14416Real energy, consumption, tariff 4, L1Whsingle
14418Real energy, consumption, tariff 4, L2Whsingle
14420Real energy, consumption, tariff 4, L3Whsingle
14422Real energy, consumption, tariff 4, L4Whsingle
14424Real energy, consump., tariff 4, l1..l3Whsingle
14426Real energy, consump., tariff 4, l1..l4Whsingle
14428Real energy, supply, tariff 3, L1Whsingle
14430Real energy, supply, tariff 3, L2Whsingle
14432Real energy, supply, tariff 3, L3Whsingle
14434Real energy, supply, tariff 3, L4Whsingle
14436Real energy, supply, tariff 3, l1..l3Whsingle
14438Real energy, supply, tariff 3, l1..l4Whsingle
14440Real energy, supply, tariff 4, L1Whsingle
14442Real energy, supply, tariff 4, L2Whsingle
14444Real energy, supply, tariff 4, L3Whsingle
14446Real energy, supply, tariff 4, L4Whsingle
14448Real energy, supply, tariff 4, l1..l3Whsingle
14450Real energy, supply, tariff 4, l1..l4Whsingle
14452Reactive energy, induktiv, tariff 3, L1varhsingle
14454Reactive energy, induktiv, tariff 3, L2varhsingle
14456Reactive energy, induktiv, tariff 3, L3varhsingle
14458Reactive energy, induktiv, tariff 3, L4varhsingle
14460Reactive energy, induktiv, tariff 3, l1..l3varhsingle
14462Reactive energy, induktiv, tariff 3, l1..l4varhsingle
14464Reactive energy, induktiv, tariff 4, L1varhsingle
14466Reactive energy, induktiv, tariff 4, L2varhsingle
14468Reactive energy, induktiv, tariff 4, L3varhsingle
14470Reactive energy, induktiv, tariff 4, L4varhsingle
14472Reactive energy, induktiv, tariff 4, l1..l3varhsingle
14474Reactive energy, induktiv, tariff 4, l1..l4varhsingle
14814Emax, 15 min. month high, janWsingle
14816Emax, 15 min. month high, febWsingle
14818Emax, 15 min. month high, marchWsingle
14820Emax, 15 min. month high, aprilWsingle
14822Emax, 15 min. month high, mayWsingle

Janitza (UMG103) data logging
Janitza (UMG104) data logging
Janitza (UMG604) data logging
Janitza (UMG605) data logging
Janitza (UMG96) data logging

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