Janitza (UMG96) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" or "Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
19000Voltage L1 NVsingle
19002Voltage L2 NVsingle
19004Voltage L3 NVsingle
19006Voltage L1 L2Vsingle
19008Voltage L2 L3Vsingle
19010Voltage L1 L3Vsingle
19012Current I L1Asingle
19014Current I L2Asingle
19016Current I L3Asingle
19018Vector sum; in=i1+i2+i3Asingle
19020Real power P1 l1nWsingle
19022Real power P2 l2nWsingle
19024Real power P3 l3nWsingle
19026Sum; psum3=p1+p2+p3Wsingle
19028Apparent power S1 l1nVAsingle
19030Apparent power S2 l2nVAsingle
19032Apparent power S3 l3nVAsingle
19034Sum; ssum3=s1+s2+s3VAsingle
19036Fund. reactive power Q1 l1nvarsingle
19038Fund. reactive power Q2 l2nvarsingle
19040Fund. reactive power Q3 l3nvarsingle
19042Sum; qsum3=q1+q2+q3varsingle
19044Cosphi; UL1 IL1 (fundamental comp.) single
19046Cosphi; UL2 IL2 (fundamental comp.) single
19048Cosphi; UL3 IL3 (fundamental comp.) single
19050Measured frequencyHzsingle
19052Rotation field; 1=right, 0=none, 1=left single
19054Real energy L1Whsingle
19056Real energy L2Whsingle
19058Real energy L3Whsingle
19060Real energy l1..l3Whsingle
19062Real energy l1, consumedWhsingle
19064Real energy l2, consumedWhsingle
19066Real energy l3, consumedWhsingle
19068Real energy l1..l3, consumed, rate 1Whsingle
19070Real energy l1, deliveredWhsingle
19072Real energy l2, deliveredWhsingle
19074Real energy l3, deliveredWhsingle
19076Real energy l1..l3, deliveredWhsingle
19078Apparent energy L1VAhsingle
19080Apparent energy L2VAhsingle
19082Apparent energy L3VAhsingle
19084Apparent energy l1..l3VAhsingle
19086Reactive energy L1varhsingle
19088Reactive energy L2varhsingle
19090Reactive energy L3varhsingle
19092Reactive energy l1..l3varhsingle
19094Reactive energy ind. L1varhsingle
19096Reactive energy ind. L2varhsingle
19098Reactive energy ind. L3varhsingle
19100Reactive energy ind. l1..l3varhsingle
19102Reactive energy cap. L1varhsingle
19104Reactive energy cap. L2varhsingle
19106Reactive energy cap. L3varhsingle
19108Reactive energy cap. l1..l3varhsingle
19110Harmonic, thd U L1 N%single
19112Harmonic, thd U L2 N%single
19114Harmonic, thd U L3 N%single
19116Harmonic, thd I L1%single
19118Harmonic, thd I L2%single
19120Harmonic, thd I L3%single
800Measured frequencyHzsingle
802Voltage, zero sequence single
804Voltage, negative sequence single
806Voltage, positive sequence single
808Voltage U1 L1 NVsingle
810Voltage U2 L2 NVsingle
812Voltage U3 L3 NVsingle
814Voltage U1 L1 L2Vsingle
816Voltage U2 L2 L3Vsingle
818Voltage U3 L3 L1Vsingle
820Fund. power factor, cosphi; uln, IL1 single
822Fund. power factor, cosphi; uln, IL2 single
824Fund. power factor, cosphi; uln, IL3 single
826Sum; cosphisum3=p0sum3/ssum3 single
828Power factor; ul1n, IL1 single
830Power factor; ul2n, IL2 single
832Power factor; ul3n, IL3 single
834Sum; power factor sum3=psum3/ssum3 single
836Thd, U l1n, bezogen auf u0 L1%single
838Thd, U l2n, bezogen auf u0 L2%single
840Thd, U l3n, bezogen auf u0 L3%single
842Thd, U l1l2, bezogen auf u0 l1l2%single
844Thd, U l2l3, bezogen auf u0 l2l3%single
846Thd, U l3l1, bezogen auf u0 l3l1%single
848Voltage, real part U1 l1nVsingle
850Voltage, real part U2 l2nVsingle
852Voltage, real part U3 l3nVsingle
854Voltage, imaginary part U l1nVsingle
856Voltage, imaginary part U l2nVsingle
858Voltage, imaginary part U l3nVsingle
860Current I1 L1Asingle
862Current I2 L2Asingle
864Current I3 L3Asingle
866Vector sum; in=i1+i2+i3Asingle
868Real power P1 l1nWsingle
870Real power P2 l2nWsingle
872Real power P3 l3nWsingle
874Sum; psum3=p1+p2+p3Wsingle
876Fund. reactive power Q1 l1nvarsingle
878Fund. reactive power Q2 l2nvarsingle
880Fund. reactive power Q3 l3nvarsingle
882Sum; qsum3=q1+q2+q3varsingle
884Apparent power S1 l1nVAsingle
886Apparent power S2 l2nVAsingle
888Apparent power S3 l3nVAsingle
890Sum; ssum3=s1+s2+s3VAsingle
892Fund. real power P01 l1nWsingle
894Fund. real power P02 l2nWsingle
896Fund. real power P03 l3nWsingle
898Sum; p0sum3=p01+p02+p03Wsingle
900Harmonic distortion power D1 l1nvarsingle
902Harmonic distortion power D2 l2nvarsingle
904Harmonic distortion power D3 l3nvarsingle
906Sum; dsum3=d1+d2+d3varsingle
908Thdi1 i1, bezogen auf I01%single
910Thdi2 i2, bezogen auf I02%single
912Thdi3 i3, bezogen auf I03%single
914Tddi1 i1, bezogen auf den nenn laststrom%single
916Tddi2 i2, bezogen auf den nenn laststrom%single
918Tddi3 i3, bezogen auf den nenn laststrom%single
920Current, zero sequence single
922Current, negative sequence single
924Current, positive sequence single
926Current, real part I L1Asingle
928Current, real part I L2Asingle
930Current, real part I L3Asingle
932Current, imaginary part I LAsingle
934Current, imaginary part I LAsingle
936Current, imaginary part I LAsingle
938Rotation field; 1=right, 0=none, 1=left single
6154Crest factor, U L1 single
6156Crest factor, U L2 single
6158Crest factor, U L3 single
6160Crest factor, I L1 single
6162Crest factor, I L2 single
6164Crest factor, I L3 single
1720Average, measured frequencyHzsingle
1722Average, voltage, zero sequence single
1724Average, voltage, negative sequence single
1726Average, voltage, positive sequence single
1728Average, voltage lnVsingle
1730Average, voltage lnVsingle
1732Average, voltage lnVsingle
1734Average, voltage llVsingle
1736Average, voltage llVsingle
1738Average, voltage llVsingle
2220Average, fund. power factor, cosphi; uln il single
2222Average, fund. power factor, cosphi; uln il single
2224Average, fund. power factor, cosphi; uln il single
2226Average, sum; cosphisum3=p0sum3/ssum3 single
2228Average, power factor; uln il single
2230Average, power factor; uln il single
2232Average, power factor; uln il single
2234Average, sum; power factor sum3=psum3/ssum3 single
2236Average, thd, U lnVsingle
2238Average, thd, U lnVsingle
2240Average, thd, U lnVsingle
2242Average, thd, U llVsingle
2244Average, thd, U llVsingle
2246Average, thd, U llVsingle
2248Average, voltage, real part U lnVsingle
2250Average, voltage, real part U lnVsingle
2252Average, voltage, real part U lnVsingle
2254Average, voltage, imaginary part U lnVsingle
2256Average, voltage, imaginary part U lnVsingle
2258Average, voltage, imaginary part U lnVsingle
2500Average, current ilAsingle
2502Average, current ilAsingle
2504Average, current ilAsingle
2506Average, vector sum; in=i1+i2+i3Asingle
2508Average, real power P lnWsingle
2510Average, real power plnWsingle
2512Average, real power P lnWsingle
2514Average, sum; psum3=p1+p2+p3Wsingle
2516Average, fund. reactive power Q lnvarsingle
2518Average, fund. reactive power Q lnvarsingle
2520Average, fund. reactive power Q lnvarsingle
2522Average, sum; qsum3=q1+q2+q3varsingle
2524Average, apparent power S lnVAsingle
2526Average, apparent power S lnVAsingle
2528Average, apparent power S lnVAsingle
2530Average, sum; ssum3=s1+s2+s3VAsingle
2532Average, fund. real power p0 lnWsingle
2534Average, fund. real power p0 lnWsingle
2536Average, fund. real power p0 lnWsingle
2538Average, sum; cosphisum3=p0sum3/ssum3Wsingle
2540Average, harmonic distortion power D lnvarsingle
2542Average, harmonic distortion power D lnvarsingle
2544Average, harmonic distortion power D lnvarsingle
2546Average, sum; dsum3=d1+d2+d3varsingle
2548Average, thd I%single
2550Average, thd I%single
2552Average, thd I%single
2554Average, tdd I%single
2556Average, tdd I%single
2558Average, tdd I%single
2560Average, current, zero sequence single
2562Average, current, negative sequence single
2564Average, current, positive sequence single
2566Average, current, real part I LAsingle
2568Average, current, real part I LAsingle
2570Average, current, real part I LAsingle
2572Average, current, imaginary part ilAsingle
2574Average, current, imaginary part ilAsingle
2576Average, current, imaginary part ilAsingle
3436Minimum, measured frequencyHzsingle
3438Minimum, voltage, zero sequence single
3440Minimum, voltage, negative sequence single
3442Minimum, voltage, positive sequence single
3444Minimum, voltage L NVsingle
3446Minimum, voltage L NVsingle
3448Minimum, voltage L NVsingle
3450Minimum, voltage L LVsingle
3452Minimum, voltage L LVsingle
3454Minimum, voltage L LVsingle
3456Minimum, fund. power factor, cosphi; uln il single
3458Minimum, fund. power factor, cosphi; uln il single
3460Minimum, fund. power factor, cosphi; uln il single
3462Minimum, sum; cosphisum3=p0sum3/ssum3 single
3464Minimum, power factor; uln I L single
3466Minimum, power factor; uln I L single
3468Minimum, power factor; uln I L single
3470Minimum, sum; power factor sum3=psum3/ssum3 single
3472Minimum, thd U ln%single
3474Minimum, thd U ln%single
3476Minimum, thd U ln%single
3478Minimum, thd U ll%single
3480Minimum, thd U ll%single
3482Minimum, thd U ll%single
3484Minimum, voltage, real part U lnVsingle
3486Minimum, voltage, real part U lnVsingle
3488Minimum, voltage, real part U lnVsingle
3490Minimum, voltage, imaginary part U lnVsingle
3492Minimum, voltage, imaginary part U lnVsingle
3494Minimum, voltage, imaginary part U lnVsingle
2578Maximum, measured frequencyHzsingle
2580Maximum, voltage, zero sequence single
2582Maximum, voltage, negative sequence single
2584Maximum, voltage, positive sequence single
2586Maximum, voltage L NVsingle
2588Maximum, voltage L NVsingle
2590Maximum, voltage L NVsingle
2592Maximum, voltage L LVsingle
2594Maximum, voltage L LVsingle
2596Maximum, voltage L LVsingle
3078Maximum, fund. power factor, cosphi; uln il single
3080Maximum, fund. power factor, cosphi; uln il single
3082Maximum, fund. power factor, cosphi; uln il single
3084Maximum, sum; cosphisum3=p0sum3/ssum3 single
3086Maximum, power factor; uln il single
3088Maximum, power factor; uln il single
3090Maximum, power factor; uln il single
3092Maximum, sum; power factor sum3=psum3/ssum single
3094Maximum, thd, U ln%single
3096Maximum, thd, U ln%single
3098Maximum, thd, U ln%single
3100Maximum, thd, U ll%single
3102Maximum, thd, U ll%single
3104Maximum, thd, U ll%single
3106Maximum, voltage, real part U lnVsingle
3108Maximum, voltage, real part U lnVsingle
3110Maximum, voltage, real part U lnVsingle
3112Maximum, voltage, imaginary part U lnVsingle
3114Maximum, voltage, imaginary part U lnVsingle
3116Maximum, voltage, imaginary part U lnVsingle
3358Maximum, current I LAsingle
3360Maximum, current I LAsingle
3362Maximum, current I LAsingle
3364Maximum, vector sum; in=i1+i2+i3Asingle
3366Maximum, real power P lnWsingle
3368Maximum, real power P lnWsingle
3370Maximum, real power P lnWsingle
3372Maximum, sum; psum3=p1+p2+p3Wsingle
3374Maximum, fund. reactive power Q lnvarsingle
3376Maximum, fund. reactive power Q lnvarsingle
3378Maximum, fund. reactive power Q lnvarsingle
3380Maximum, sum; qsum3=q1+q2+q3varsingle
3382Maximum, average, apparent power S lnVAsingle
3384Maximum, average, apparent power S lnVAsingle
3386Maximum, average, apparent power S lnVAsingle
3388Maximum, average, sum; ssum3=s1+s2+s3VAsingle
3390Maximum, fund. real power p0 lnWsingle
3392Maximum, fund. real power p0 lnWsingle
3394Maximum, fund. real power p0 lnWsingle
3396Maximum, sum; p0sum3=p01+p02+p03Wsingle
3398Maximum, harmonic distortion power D lnvarsingle
3400Maximum, harmonic distortion power D lnvarsingle
3402Maximum, harmonic distortion power D lnvarsingle
3404Maximum, sum; dsum3=d1+d2+d3varsingle
3406Maximum, thd IAsingle
3408Maximum, thd IAsingle
3410Maximum, thd IAsingle
3412Maximum, tdd IAsingle
3414Maximum, tdd IAsingle
3416Maximum, tdd IAsingle
3418Maximum, current, zero sequence single
3420Maximum, current, negative sequence single
3422Maximum, positive sequence single
3424Maximum, real part I LAsingle
3426Maximum, real part I LAsingle
3428Maximum, real part I LAsingle
3430Maximum, imaginary part I LAsingle
3432Maximum, imaginary part I LAsingle
3434Maximum, imaginary part I LAsingle
3496Max. values of average val., current I LAsingle
3498Max. values of average val., current I LAsingle
3500Max. values of average val., current I LAsingle
3502Max. values of average val., vector sum; in=i1+i2+i3Asingle
3504Max. values of average val., real power P lnWsingle
3506Max. values of average val., real power P lnWsingle
3508Max. values of average val., real power P lnWsingle
3510Max. values of average val., sum; psum3=p1+p2+p3Wsingle
5000Real energy, l1, rateWhsingle
5002Real energy, l1, rateWhsingle
5004Real energy, l1, rateWhsingle
5006Real energy, l1, rateWhsingle
5008Real energy, l1, rateWhsingle
5010Real energy, l1, rateWhsingle
5012Real energy, l1, rateWhsingle
5014Real energy, l1, rateWhsingle
5016Real energy, l1, obtained, rateWhsingle
5018Real energy, l1, obtained, rateWhsingle
5020Real energy, l1, obtained, rateWhsingle
5022Real energy, l1, obtained, rateWhsingle
5024Real energy, l1, obtained, rateWhsingle
5026Real energy, l1, obtained, rateWhsingle
5028Real energy, l1, obtained, rateWhsingle
5030Real energy, l1, obtained, rateWhsingle
5032Real energy, l1, supplied, rateWhsingle
5034Real energy, l1, supplied, rateWhsingle
5036Real energy, l1, supplied, rateWhsingle
5038Real energy, l1, supplied, rateWhsingle
5040Real energy, l1, supplied, rateWhsingle
5042Real energy, l1, supplied, rateWhsingle
5044Real energy, l1, supplied, rateWhsingle
5046Real energy, l1, supplied, rateWhsingle
5048Reactive energy, l1, ratevarhsingle
5050Reactive energy, l1, ratevarhsingle
5052Reactive energy, l1, ratevarhsingle
5054Reactive energy, l1, ratevarhsingle
5056Reactive energy, l1, ratevarhsingle
5058Reactive energy, l1, ratevarhsingle
5060Reactive energy, l1, ratevarhsingle
5062Reactive energy, l1, ratevarhsingle
5064Reactive energy, l1, ind., ratevarhsingle
5066Reactive energy, l1, ind., ratevarhsingle
5068Reactive energy, l1, ind., ratevarhsingle
5070Reactive energy, l1, ind., ratevarhsingle
5072Reactive energy, l1, ind., ratevarhsingle
5074Reactive energy, l1, ind., ratevarhsingle
5076Reactive energy, l1, ind., ratevarhsingle
5078Reactive energy, l1, ind., ratevarhsingle
5080Reactive energy, l1, cap., ratevarhsingle
5082Reactive energy, l1, cap., ratevarhsingle
5084Reactive energy, l1, cap., ratevarhsingle
5086Reactive energy, l1, cap., ratevarhsingle
5088Reactive energy, l1, cap., ratevarhsingle
5090Reactive energy, l1, cap., ratevarhsingle
5092Reactive energy, l1, cap., ratevarhsingle
5094Reactive energy, l1, cap., ratevarhsingle
5096Apparent energy, l1, rateVAhsingle
5098Apparent energy, l1, rateVAhsingle
5100Apparent energy, l1, rateVAhsingle
5102Apparent energy, l1, rateVAhsingle
5104Apparent energy, l1, rateVAhsingle
5106Apparent energy, l1, rateVAhsingle
5108Apparent energy, l1, rateVAhsingle
5110Apparent energy, l1, rateVAhsingle
5112Real energy, l2, rateWhsingle
5114Real energy, l2, rateWhsingle
5116Real energy, l2, rateWhsingle
5118Real energy, l2, rateWhsingle
5120Real energy, l2, rateWhsingle
5122Real energy, l2, rateWhsingle
5124Real energy, l2, rateWhsingle
5126Real energy, l2, rateWhsingle
5128Real energy, l2, obtained, rateWhsingle
5130Real energy, l2, obtained, rateWhsingle
5132Real energy, l2, obtained, rateWhsingle
5134Real energy, l2, obtained, rateWhsingle
5136Real energy, l2, obtained, rateWhsingle
5138Real energy, l2, obtained, rateWhsingle
5140Real energy, l2, obtained, rateWhsingle
5142Real energy, l2, obtained, rateWhsingle
5144Real energy, l2, supplied, rateWhsingle
5146Real energy, l2, supplied, rateWhsingle
5148Real energy, l2, supplied, rateWhsingle
5150Real energy, l2, supplied, rateWhsingle
5152Real energy, l2, supplied, rateWhsingle
5154Real energy, l2, supplied, rateWhsingle
5156Real energy, l2, supplied, rateWhsingle
5158Real energy, l2, supplied, rateWhsingle
5160Reactive energy, l2, ratevarhsingle
5162Reactive energy, l2, ratevarhsingle
5164Reactive energy, l2, ratevarhsingle
5166Reactive energy, l2, ratevarhsingle
5168Reactive energy, l2, ratevarhsingle
5170Reactive energy, l2, ratevarhsingle
5172Reactive energy, l2, ratevarhsingle
5174Reactive energy, l2, ratevarhsingle
5176Reactive energy, l2, ind., ratevarhsingle
5178Reactive energy, l2, ind., ratevarhsingle
5180Reactive energy, l2, ind., ratevarhsingle
5182Reactive energy, l2, ind., ratevarhsingle
5184Reactive energy, l2, ind., ratevarhsingle
5186Reactive energy, l2, ind., ratevarhsingle
5188Reactive energy, l2, ind., ratevarhsingle
5190Reactive energy, l2, ind., ratevarhsingle
5192Reactive energy, l2, cap., ratevarhsingle
5194Reactive energy, l2, cap., ratevarhsingle
5196Reactive energy, l2, cap., ratevarhsingle
5198Reactive energy, l2, cap., ratevarhsingle
5200Reactive energy, l2, cap., ratevarhsingle
5202Reactive energy, l2, cap., ratevarhsingle
5204Reactive energy, l2, cap., ratevarhsingle
5206Reactive energy, l2, cap., ratevarhsingle
5208Apparent energy, l2, rateVAhsingle
5210Apparent energy, l2, rateVAhsingle
5212Apparent energy, l2, rateVAhsingle
5214Apparent energy, l2, rateVAhsingle
5216Apparent energy, l2, rateVAhsingle
5218Apparent energy, l2, rateVAhsingle
5220Apparent energy, l2, rateVAhsingle
5222Apparent energy, l2, rateVAhsingle
5224Real energy, l3, rateWhsingle
5226Real energy, l3, rateWhsingle
5228Real energy, l3, rateWhsingle
5230Real energy, l3, rateWhsingle
5232Real energy, l3, rateWhsingle
5234Real energy, l3, rateWhsingle
5236Real energy, l3, rateWhsingle
5238Real energy, l3, rateWhsingle
5240Real energy, l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5242Real energy, l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5244Real energy, l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5246Real energy, l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5248Real energy, l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5250Real energy, l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5252Real energy, l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5254Real energy, l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5256Real energy, l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5258Real energy, l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5260Real energy, l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5262Real energy, l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5264Real energy, l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5266Real energy, l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5268Real energy, l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5270Real energy, l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5272Reactive energy, l3, ratevarhsingle
5274Reactive energy, l3, ratevarhsingle
5276Reactive energy, l3, ratevarhsingle
5278Reactive energy, l3, ratevarhsingle
5280Reactive energy, l3, ratevarhsingle
5282Reactive energy, l3, ratevarhsingle
5284Reactive energy, l3, ratevarhsingle
5286Reactive energy, l3, ratevarhsingle
5288Reactive energy, l3, ind., ratevarhsingle
5290Reactive energy, l3, ind., ratevarhsingle
5292Reactive energy, l3, ind., ratevarhsingle
5294Reactive energy, l3, ind., ratevarhsingle
5296Reactive energy, l3, ind., ratevarhsingle
5298Reactive energy, l3, ind., ratevarhsingle
5300Reactive energy, l3, ind., ratevarhsingle
5302Reactive energy, l3, ind., ratevarhsingle
5304Reactive energy, l3, cap., ratevarhsingle
5306Reactive energy, l3, cap., ratevarhsingle
5308Reactive energy, l3, cap., ratevarhsingle
5310Reactive energy, l3, cap., ratevarhsingle
5312Reactive energy, l3, cap., ratevarhsingle
5314Reactive energy, l3, cap., ratevarhsingle
5316Reactive energy, l3, cap., ratevarhsingle
5318Reactive energy, l3, cap., ratevarhsingle
5320Apparent energy, l3, rateVAhsingle
5322Apparent energy, l3, rateVAhsingle
5324Apparent energy, l3, rateVAhsingle
5326Apparent energy, l3, rateVAhsingle
5328Apparent energy, l3, rateVAhsingle
5330Apparent energy, l3, rateVAhsingle
5332Apparent energy, l3, rateVAhsingle
5334Apparent energy, l3, rateVAhsingle
5336Real energy, sum. l1..l3, rateWhsingle
5338Real energy, sum. l1..l3, rateWhsingle
5340Real energy, sum. l1..l3, rateWhsingle
5342Real energy, sum. l1..l3, rateWhsingle
5344Real energy, sum. l1..l3, rateWhsingle
5346Real energy, sum. l1..l3, rateWhsingle
5348Real energy, sum. l1..l3, rateWhsingle
5350Real energy, sum. l1..l3, rateWhsingle
5352Real energy, sum. l1..l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5354Real energy, sum. l1..l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5356Real energy, sum. l1..l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5358Real energy, sum. l1..l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5360Real energy, sum. l1..l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5362Real energy, sum. l1..l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5364Real energy, sum. l1..l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5366Real energy, sum. l1..l3, obtained, rateWhsingle
5368Real energy, sum. l1..l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5370Real energy, sum. l1..l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5372Real energy, sum. l1..l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5374Real energy, sum. l1..l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5376Real energy, sum. l1..l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5378Real energy, sum. l1..l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5380Real energy, sum. l1..l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5382Real energy, sum. l1..l3, supplied, rateWhsingle
5384Reactive energy, sum. l1..l3, ratevarhsingle
5386Reactive energy, sum. l1..l3, ratevarhsingle
5388Reactive energy, sum. l1..l3, ratevarhsingle
5390Reactive energy, sum. l1..l3, ratevarhsingle
5392Reactive energy, sum. l1..l3, ratevarhsingle
5394Reactive energy, sum. l1..l3, ratevarhsingle
5396Reactive energy, sum. l1..l3, ratevarhsingle

Janitza (UMG103) data logging
Janitza (UMG104) data logging
Janitza (UMG604) data logging
Janitza (UMG605) data logging
Janitza (UMG96) data logging

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