Pilot PMAC770 logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1Vb (ph-N)Vword
2Vc (ph-N)Vword
5Vab (ph-ph)Vword
6Vbc (ph-ph)Vword
7Vca (ph-ph)Vword
10Positive sequence voltage word
11Negative sequence voltage word
12Neutral voltageVword
17Average currentAword
24Negative sequence current word
25Neutral currentAword
26Phase A active powerWsmallint
27Phase B active powerWsmallint
28Phase C active powerWsmallint
29Total active powerWinteger
30Total active powerWinteger
31Phase A reactive powervarsmallint
32Phase B reactive powervarsmallint
33Phase C reactive powervarsmallint
34Total reactive powervarinteger
35Total reactive powervarinteger
36Phase A apparent powerVAword
37Phase B apparent powerVAword
38Phase C apparent powerVAword
39Total apparent powerVAword
40Phase A power factor smallint
41Phase B power factor smallint
42Phase C power factor smallint
43Total power factor smallint
45Digital input status word
50Analog input 2 word
51Pulse input%word
53Phase B voltage deviation%smallint
54Phase C voltage deviation%smallint
10055Frequency deviationHzsmallint
10056Vph-N unbalance rate%word
1001st quadrant, phase A kWhkWhinteger
1011st quadrant, phase A kWhkWhinteger
1021st quadrant, phase B kWhkWhinteger
1031st quadrant, phase B kWhkWhinteger
1041st quadrant, phase C kWhkWhinteger
1051st quadrant, phase C kWhkWhinteger
1061st quadrant, total kWhkWhinteger
1071st quadrant, total kWhkWhinteger
1081st quadrant, phase A kvarhkvarhinteger
1091st quadrant, phase A kvarhkvarhinteger
1101st quadrant, phase B kvarhkvarhinteger
1121st quadrant, phase C kvarh integer
1131st quadrant, phase C kvarh integer
1141st quadrant, total kvarh integer
1151st quadrant, total kvarh integer
1162nd quadrant, phase A kWhkWhinteger
1172nd quadrant, phase A kWhkWhinteger
1182nd quadrant, phase B kWhkWhinteger
1192nd quadrant, phase B kWhkWhinteger
1202nd quadrant, phase C kWhkWhinteger
1212nd quadrant, phase C kWhkWhinteger
1222nd quadrant, total kWhkWhinteger
1232nd quadrant, total kWhkWhinteger
1242nd quadrant, phase A kvarhkvarhinteger
1252nd quadrant, phase A kvarhkvarhinteger
1262nd quadrant, phase B kvarhkvarhinteger
1272nd quadrant, phase B kvarhkvarhinteger
1282nd quadrant, phase C kvarhkvarhinteger
1292nd quadrant, phase C kvarhkvarhinteger
1302nd quadrant, total kvarhkvarhinteger
1312nd quadrant, total kvarhkvarhinteger
1323rd quadrant, phase A kWhkWhinteger
1333rd quadrant, phase A kWhkWhinteger
1343rd quadrant, phase B kWhkWhinteger
1353rd quadrant, phase B kWhkWhinteger
1363rd quadrant, phase C kWhkWhinteger
1373rd quadrant, phase C kWhkWhinteger
1383rd quadrant, total kWhkWhinteger
1393rd quadrant, total kWhkWhinteger
1403rd quadrant, phase A kvarhkvarhinteger
1413rd quadrant, phase A kvarhkvarhinteger
1423rd quadrant, phase B kvarhkvarhinteger
1433rd quadrant, phase B kvarhkvarhinteger
1443rd quadrant, phase C kvarhkvarhinteger
1453rd quadrant, phase C kvarhkvarhinteger
1463rd quadrant, total kvarhkvarhinteger
1473rd quadrant, total kvarhkvarhinteger
1484th quadrant, phase A kWhkWhinteger
1504th quadrant, phase B kWh integer
1514th quadrant, phase B kWh integer
1524th quadrant, phase C kWh integer
1534th quadrant, phase C kWh integer
1544th quadrant, total kWh integer
1554th quadrant, total kWh integer
1564th quadrant, phase A kvarhkvarhinteger
1574th quadrant, phase A kvarhkvarhinteger
1584th quadrant, phase B kvarhkvarhinteger
1594th quadrant, phase B kvarhkvarhinteger
1604th quadrant, phase C kvarhkvarhinteger
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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