Pilot (SPM33) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1Phase B voltageVword
2Phase C voltageVword
3Line ab voltageVword
4Line bc voltageVword
5Line ca voltageVword
6Phase A currentAword
7Phase B currentAword
8Phase C currentAword
9Neutral currentAword
10Total active powerWinteger
12Total reactive powerVarinteger
14Total power factor smallint
15Phase A active powerWsmallint
16Phase B active powerWsmallint
17Phase C active powerWsmallint
18Phase A reactive powerWsmallint
19Phase B reactive powerWsmallint
20Phase C reactive powerWsmallint
21Phase A power factor smallint
22Phase B power factor smallint
23Phase C power factor smallint
25Total active energykWhdword
27Total reactive energykvarhdword
29Input active energykWhdword
31Output active energykWhdword
33Input reactive energykvarhdword
35Output reactive energykvarhdword
37On off status word
38Relay status word
39Alarm status word
40Ct ratio word
42Average phase voltageVword
43Average line voltageVword
44Average phase currentAword
45Current unbalance rateAword
46Phase A apparent powerVAword
47Phase B apparent powerVAword
48Phase C apparent powerVAword
49Total apparent power dword
51Grid input active energykWhdword
53Grid output active energy dword
55Grid total active energy dword
57Grid input reactive energykvarhdword
59Grid output reactive energykvarhdword
61Grid totalreactive energykvarhdword
63Generator input active energykWhdword
65Generator output active energykWhdword
67Generator total active energykWhdword
69Generator input reactive energykvarhdword
71Generator output reactive energykvarhdword
73Generator total reactive energykvarhdword
75Ferroelectric fault word
77Total apparent energykVAhdword
79Grid total apparent energykVAhdword
81Generator total apparent energykVAhdword
700Phase A current demandAword
701Phase B current demandAword
702Phase C current demandAword
703Phase A active power demandWword
704Phase B active power demandWword
705Phase C active power demandWword
706Total active power demandWinteger
708Maximum phase A current demandAword
709Maximum phase B current demandAword
710Maximum phase A current demandAword
711Maximum phase A active power demandWword
712Maximum phase B active power demandWword
713Maximum phase C active power demandWword
714Total active power demandWinteger
716Phase areactive power demandvarsmallint
717Phase breactive power demandvarsmallint
718Phase creactive power demandvarsmallint
719Totalreactive power demand low wordvarinteger
721Phase aapparent power demandVAsmallint
722Phase B apparent power demandVAsmallint
723Phase capparent power demandVAsmallint
724Total apparent power demand low wordVAinteger
726Phase areactive powermax. demandvarsmallint
727Phase breactive powermax. demandvarsmallint
728Phase creactive powermax. demandvarsmallint
729Total reactive powermax. demandvarinteger
731Phase apparentVAsmallint

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