Power One Inverter (PVI,Aurora Central) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
3650Modbus interface type smallint
3651Firmware major release smallint
3652Firmware minor release smallint
3653Firmware build release smallint
3700Collection daily energy of all modulesKWattHoursingle
3702Collection total energy of all modulesKWattHoursingle
3704Collection partial energy of all modulesKWattHoursingle
3706Collection week energy of all modulesKWattHoursingle
3708Collection monthly energy of all modulesKWattHoursingle
3710Collection yearly energy of all modulesKWattHoursingle
0129PN5 module 01 smallint
0130Type of module (Master or slave) smallint
0131Status0 module 01 (Global state) smallint
0132Status1 module 01 (Inverter state) smallint
0133Status2 module 01 (Alarm state) smallint
0136Daily energy module 01KWattHoursingle
0138Total energy module 01KWattHoursingle
0140Partial energy module 01KWattHoursingle
0142Week energy module 01KWattHoursingle
0144Monthly energy module 01KWattHoursingle
0146Yearly energy module 01KWattHoursingle
01483 phases grid voltage module 01 (Slave)Volt Rmssingle
01503 phases grid current module 01 (Slave)Ampere Rmssingle
01523 phases grid power module 01 (Slave)KWattsingle
01543 phases frequence module 01 (Slave)Hzsingle
0156Input power module 01 (Slave)KWattsingle
0158Input voltage module 01 (Slave)Voltsingle
0160Input current module 01 (Slave)Amperesingle
0162Supervisor temperature module 01Celsius Degreesingle
0164Power supply temperature module 01Celsius Degreesingle
0166Headsink module 01Celsius Degreesingle
0168T2 module 01Celsius Degreesingle
0170T3 module 01Celsius Degreesingle
0172Daily energy module 01 (Rack energy)KWattHoursingle
0174Total energy module 01 (Rack energy)KWattHoursingle
0176Partial energy module 01 (Rack energy)KWattHoursingle
0178Week energy module 01 (Rack energy)KWattHoursingle
0180Monthly energy module 01 (Rack energy)KWattHoursingle
0182Yearly energy module 01 (Rack energy)KWattHoursingle
0184Grid voltage module 01 (Master mean of 3 phases global measurements)Voltsingle
0186Grid current module 01 (Master mean of 3 phases global measurements)Amperesingle
0188Grid power module 01 (Master mean of 3 phases global measurements)KWattsingle
0190Input power module 01 (Master global measurements)KWattsingle
0192Input voltage module 01 (Master global measurements)Voltsingle
0194Input current module 01 (Master global measurements)Amperesingle
4100Numbers junction box presents in the system (Total) smallint
4101RackNumber of the module that manages the junction box smallint
4102Address of the module that manages the junction box smallint
4103Junction box present in the rack smallint
4104Address junction box 01 smallint
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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