Siemens Sentron PAC 3200 data logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" or "Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1Voltage Va-nVsingle
3Voltage Vb-nVsingle
5Voltage Vc-nVsingle
7Voltage Va-bVsingle
9Voltage Vb-cVsingle
11Voltage Vc-aVsingle
13Current aAsingle
15Current bAsingle
17Current cAsingle
19Apparent Power aVsingle
21Apparent Power bVsingle
23Apparent Power cVsingle
25Active Power aWsingle
27Active Power bWsingle
29Active Power cWsingle
31Reactive Power avsingle
33Reactive Power bvsingle
35Reactive Power cvsingle
37Power Factor a-single
39Power Factor b-single
41Power Factor c-single
43THD-R Voltage a%single
45THD-R Voltage b%single
47THD-R Voltage c%single
49THD-R Current a%single
51THD-R Current b%single
53THD-R Current c%single
57Average Voltage Vph-nVsingle
59Average Voltage Vph-phVsingle
61Average CurrentAsingle
63Total Apparent PowerVsingle
65Total Active PowerWsingle
67Total Reactive Powervsingle
69Total Power Factor-single
71Amplitude Unbalance - Voltage%single
73Amplitude Unbalance - Current%single
75Maximum Voltage Va-nVsingle
77Maximum Voltage Vb-nVsingle
79Maximum Voltage Vc-nVsingle
81Max. Voltage Va-bVsingle
83Max. Voltage Vb-cVsingle
85Max. Voltage Vc-aVsingle
87Maximum Current aAsingle
89Maximum Current bAsingle
91Maximum Current cAsingle
93Maximum Apparent Power aVsingle
95Maximum Apparent Power bVsingle
97Maximum Apparent Power cVsingle
99Maximum Active Power aWsingle
101Maximum Active Power bWsingle
103Maximum Active Power cWsingle
105Maximum Reactive Power avsingle
107Maximum Reactive Power bvsingle
109Maximum Reactive Power cvsingle
111Maximum Power Factor a single
113Maximum Power Factor b single
115Maximum Power Factor c single
117Maximum THD-R Voltage a%single
119Maximum THD-R Voltage b%single
121Maximum THD-R Voltage c%single
123Maximum THD-R Current a%single
125Maximum THD-R Current b%single
127Maximum THD-R Current c%single
129Max. FrequencyHsingle
131Max. Average Voltage Vph-nVsingle
133Max. Average Voltage Vph-phVsingle
135Max. Average CurrentAsingle
137Max. Total Apparent PowerVsingle
139Max. Total Active PowerWsingle
141Max. Total Reactive Powervsingle
143Maximum Total Power Factor-single
145Minimum Voltage Va-nVsingle
147Minimum Voltage Vb-nVsingle
149Minimum Voltage Vc-nVsingle
151Min. Voltage Va-bVsingle
153Min. Voltage Vb-cVsingle
155Min. Voltage Vc-aVsingle
157Minimum Current aAsingle
159Minimum Current bAsingle
161Minimum Current cAsingle
163Minimum Apparent Power aVsingle
165Minimum Apparent Power bVsingle
167Minimum Apparent Power cVsingle
169Minimum Active Power aWsingle
171Minimum Active Power bWsingle
173Minimum Active Power cWsingle
175Minimum Reactive Power avsingle
177Minimum Reactive Power bvsingle
179Minimum Reactive Power cvsingle
181Minimum Power Factor a-single
183Minimum Power Factor b-single
185Minimum Power Factor c-single
187Min. FrequencyHsingle
189Min. Average Voltage Vph-nVsingle
191Min. Average Voltage Vph-phVsingle
193Min. Average CurrentAsingle
195Min. Total Apparent PowerVsingle
197Min. Total Active PowerWsingle
199Min. Total Reactive Powervsingle
201Minimum Total Power Factorvsingle
203Limit Violations*-dword
205Device Diagnostics and Device Status*-dword
207Status of the Digital Outputs-dword
209Status of the Digital Inputs-dword
211Active Tariff-dword
213Working hours countersdword
215Universal counter-dword
217Relevant Parameter Changes Counter-dword
219Counter All Parameter Changes-dword
501Demand Active Power - ImportWsingle
503Demand Reactive Power - Importvsingle
505Demand Active Power - ExportWsingle
507Demand Reactive Power - Exportvsingle
509Maximum Active Power Reading during the periodWsingle
511Minimum Active Power Reading during the periodWsingle
513Maximum Reactive Power Reading during the periodvsingle
515Minimum Reactive Power Reading during the periodvsingle
517Demand Periodsdword
519Time Since Start of the active demand periodsdword
801Active Energy Import Tariff 1Wdouble
805Active Energy Import Tariff 2Wdouble
809Active Energy Export Tariff 1Wdouble
813Active Energy Export Tariff 2Wdouble
817Reactive Energy Import Tariff 1vdouble
821Reactive Energy Import Tariff 2vdouble
825Reactive Energy Export Tariff 1vdouble
829Reactive Energy Export Tariff 2vdouble
833Apparent Energy Tariff 1Vdouble
837Apparent Energy Tariff 2Vdouble

Siemens Sentron PAC 3200 data logging
Siemens Sentron PAC 4200 data logging

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