Veris (E34) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
10101Total kwh (msw)kWhsingle
10109Total kwkWsingle
10113Total kvakVAsingle
10115Total pfPFsingle
10119Average currentAmperessingle
10121Present kw demandkWsingle
10127Present current demandAmperessingle
10129Max kw demandkWsingle
10135Max current demandAmperessingle
10137Max kwkWsingle
10143Max currentAmperessingle
10145Voltage, L l, average of 3 phasesVoltssingle
10147Voltage, L n, average of 3 phasesVoltssingle
10149Frequency (derived from phase a)Hertzsingle
10151Thd current, weighted average of 3 phases single
10153Thd voltage L l, weighted average of 3 phases single
10155Thd voltage L n, weighted average of 3 phases single
10157Snapshot kwh (msw)kWhsingle
10301Kwh (msw)kWhsingle
10317Current angledegrees-angularsingle
10321Present kw demandkWsingle
10327Present current demandAmperessingle
10329Max kw demandkWsingle
10335Max current demandAmperessingle
10337Max kwkWsingle
10343Max currentAmperessingle
10345Voltage, L LVoltssingle
10347Voltage, L NVoltssingle
10349Frequency (derived from phase a)Hertzsingle
10351Thd current single
10353Thd voltage L L single
10355Thd voltage L N single
10357Kwh snapshot (msw)kWhsingle
10501Kwh (msw)kWhsingle
10517Current angledegrees-angularsingle
10521Present kw demandkWsingle
10527Present current demandAmperessingle
10529Max kw demandkWsingle
10535Max current demandAmperessingle
10537Max kwkWsingle
10543Max currentAmperessingle
10545Voltage, L LVoltssingle
10547Voltage, L NVoltssingle
10549Frequency (derived from phase a)Hertzsingle
10551Thd current single
10553Thd voltage L L single
10555Thd voltage L N single
10557Kwh snapshot (msw)kWhsingle
10701Kwh (msw)kWhsingle
10717Current angledegrees-angularsingle
10721Present kw demandkWsingle
10727Present current demandAmperessingle
10729Max kw demandkWsingle
10735Max current demandAmperessingle
10737Max kwkWsingle
10743Max currentAmperessingle
10745Voltage, L LVoltssingle
10747Voltage, L NVoltssingle
10749Frequency (derived from phase a)Hertzsingle
10751Thd current single
10753Thd voltage L L single
10755Thd voltage L N single
10757Kwh snapshot (msw)kWhsingle

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Veris (E34) data logging
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