Veris (E51) data logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1Real energy (diet import-export)kWhdword
3Real energy (Q1-4 import)kWhdword
5Real energy (Q2-3 import)kWhdword
7Reactive energy Q1kVARhdword
9Reactive energy Q2kVARhdword
11Reactive energy Q3kVARhdword
13Reactive energy Q4kVARhdword
15Apparent energy: net (import export)kVAhinteger
17Apparent: Q1-4 importkVAhdword
19Apparent: Q2-3 importkVAhdword
21Total instantaneous real powerkWsmallint
22Total instantaneous reactive powerkVARsmallint
23Total instantaneous apparent powerKVAword
24Total power factor (total kw /total kva)Ratiosmallint
25Voltage L-L, average of active phasesyoltword
27Current, average of active phasesAmpword
29Total real power present demandkWsmallint
30Total reactive power present demandkVARsmallint
31Total apparent power present demandKVAsmallint
32Total real power max. demandkWsmallint
33Total reactive power max. demandkVARsmallint
34Total apparent power max. demandKVAsmallint
35Total real power max. demandkWsmallint
36Total reactive power max. demandkVARsmallint
37Total apparent power max. demandKVAsmallint
39Pulse counter 1 (import real energy) dword
41Pulse counter 2 (export real energy) dword
43Accumulated real energy, phase AkWhdword
45Accumulated real energy, phase BkWhdword
47Accumulated real energy, phase CkWhdword
49Accumulated real energy, phase AkWhdword
51Accumulated real energy, phase BkWhdword
53Accumulated real energy, phase CkWhdword
55Accumulated Q1 reactive energy phase AkVARhdword
57Accumulated Q1 reactive energy phase BkVARhdword
59Accumulated Q1 reactive energy phase CkVARhdword
61Accumulated Q2 reactive energy phase AkVARhdword
63Accumulated Q2 reactive energy phase BkVARhdword
65Accumulated Q2 reactive energy phase CkVARhdword
67Accumulated Q3 reactive energy phase AkVARhdword
69Accumulated Q3 reactive energy phase BkVARhdword
71Accumulated Q3 reactive energy phase CkVARhdword
73Accumulated Q4 reactive energy phase AkYARhdword
75Accumulated Q4 reactive energy phase BkVARhdword
77Accumulated Q4 reactive energy phase CkVARhdword
79Accumulated apparent energy, phase AkVAhdword
81Accumulated apparent energy, phase BkYAhdword
83Accumulated apparent energy, phase CkYAhdword
85Accumulated apparent energy, phase AkYAhdword
87Accumulated apparent energy, phase BkYAhdword
89Accumulated apparent energy, phase CkYAhdword
91Real power, phase AkWsmallint
92Real power, phase BkWsmallint
93Real power, phase CkWsmallint
94Reactive power, phase AkVARsmallint
95Reactive power, phase BkVARsmallint
96Reactive power, phase CkVARsmallint
100Power factor (pf), phase ARati0smallint
101Power factor (pf), phase BRati0smallint
102Power factor (pf), phase CRati0smallint
103Voltage, phase A BVoltword
104Voltage, phase B CVoltword
105Voltage, phase A CVoltword
106Voltage, phase A NVoltword
107Voltage, phase B NVoltword
108Voltage, phase C NVoltword
109Current, phase AAmpword
110Current, phase BAmpword
111Current, phase CAmpword
131Ct ratio primaryAmpsword
132Ct ratio secondary word
133Pt ratio word
257Accumulated real energy (import export)kWhsingle
259Real energy Q1 and 4 importkWhsingle
261Real energy Q2 and 3 exportkWhsingle
263Reactive energy: Q1kVARhsingle
265Reactive energy: Q2kVARhsingle
267Reactive energy: Q3kVARhsingle
269Reactive energy: Q4kVARhsingle
271Apparent energy: net (import export)kVAhsingle
273Apparent energy: Q1 and 4 importkVAhsingle
275Apparent energy: Q2 and 3 exportkVAhsingle
277Total net instantaneous real powerkWsingle
279Total net instantaneous reactive powerkVARsingle
281Total net instantaneous apparent powerKVAsingle
283Total power factor (total kw /totai kva)Ratiosingle
285Voltage, L-L, average of active phasesVoltsingle
287Voltage, L-N, average of active phasesVoltsingle
289Current, average of active phasesAmpsingle
293Total real power present demandkWsingle
295Total reactive power present demandkVARsingle
297Total apparent power present demandKVAsingle
299Total real power max. demandkWsingle
301Total reactive power max. demandkVARsingle
303Total apparent power max. demandKVAsingle
305Total real power max. demandkWsingle
307Total reactive power max. demandkVARsingle
309Total apparent power max. demandKVAsingle
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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