Resellers - Partnership Program

AGG Software is interested in joining efforts with other parties to promote highquality solutions for software development and business servers integration. Major responsibility of a reseller is direct sales of our product by giving clients complete information about our software. Reseller should be familiar with products functionality and suitability for appropriate standard tasks.

Benefits that you are gaining as partner-reseller are:

  • You get a discount for one-time purchases and larger discounts in case of longtime cooperation
    1. Grade A: This is the first step in our Reseller Program. Once accepted, you will get a coupon code to purchase our software with 15% reseller discount.
    2. Grade B: Authorized Resellers. Once first 3 purchases are made, your Reseller Status will receive this status and you will be able to purchase with 20% reseller discount.
    3. Grade C: Professional Resellers. This is the third step. Reaching the sales amount of 1000 USD your Reseller Status will be set to "Grade C" giving you ability to buy our products with 25% reseller discount.
  • Your contacts and website address will be published on the AGG Software corporate web site (in the company news and on the reseller page)
  • Potential clients will be directed to your company, if they contact AGG Software looking for a local reseller in their country
  • Clients will get full technical support from AGG Software
  • Clients will get all necessary sales support from AGG Software To become a partner, you should choose which our products you are going to promote and follow the appropriate steps to fulfill selected role.

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About Us

AGG Software specializes in data acquisition, data logging and monitoring software for several hardware interfaces (RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet). The company offers professional software and tools that support the latest standards, protocols, software, and hardware for system engeeniers, system builders, system integrators and hardware developers. Our portfolio includes such companies as Boeing, Motorola, Siemens, Ericsson and General Electric.