GPS Monitoring Server software based on MySQL, MS SQL Server or Oracle database

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For Windows 2000 - Windows 10 (2016) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 2.9.3 build 620. .

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Brief description:

Nowadays, tracking vehicles via GPS and GSM is becoming more and more popular. The advantages of implementing a vehicle tracking system are obvious:

  • By tracking a vehicle's position, you can prevent its unauthorized use;
  • By monitoring a vehicle's operating mode, you can extend its lifetime and reduce the number of road accidents;
  • By monitoring the fuel level in a vehicle's fuel tank, you can forecast vehicle maintenance costs.

GPS Tracker Monitor integrates with GPS Tracker Data Logger and lets you use the data received and stored in the logger's database to display vehicle location information in an easy-to-grasp form, and generate vehicle movement reports. GPS Tracker Monitor can display a vehicle's position on the map in real time, so you can use the application for real-time monitoring in various systems.

What problems can be solved with GPS Tracker Monitor?

GPS Tracker Monitor lets you set up your own full-fledged vehicle monitoring server that can handle everything, from receiving data from tracking devices to visualizing the data.

Getting started is easy. GPS Tracker Monitor is ready!

The software installation wizard can create and configure the server software. You may watch a tutorial video here.


GPS Tracker Data Logger main window


GPS Monitoring Web Server. You can use it as a Windows application, or as a web server for easy access via the Internet;

Roles and Users. You can assign user privileges and/or roles;

Integration. Thanks to GPS Tracker Data Logger, one server can support different models of tracking devices;

Maps. You can monitor a vehicle's location on the map (Google Maps or OpenStreetMap) in real time;

Routes and waypoints. You can view a vehicle's route and check its sensor readings at waypoints;

Reports. You can easily generate a set of reports on operation of one or more vehicles;

Integration. You can customize the application's user interface for each user;

Supporting various operating systems. The application works on all Windows versions starting from Windows 2000 SP4. 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported;

It is very easy to use! The configuration process is completely visual and has full context help. You can completely customize the application.

GPS Monitoring - Standalone application
GPS Tracker Monitoring - Web mode
GPS Tracker Object Description
Users and roles