GPS Tracker Data Logger - Omnicom FAS, Omnicom FTC GPS tracker

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For Windows 2000 - Windows 11 (2019) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 2.11.4 build 927. September 27, 2023.

Server software for Omnicom FAS, Omnicom FTC GPS Trackers, Vehicle trackers, AVL units

Omnicom FAS, Omnicom FTC

Parser item nameData typeDescription
FULL_DATA_PACKETStringOne message from a data packet
DATA_PACKETStringSame as FULL_DATA_PACKET, but without data packet signatures (if exist)
DATE_TIME_STAMPDateTimeDatetime stamp
DATA_SOURCE_IDIntegerData source ID
DATA_SOURCE_NAMEStringData source name
DATA_SOURCE_FULL_NAMEStringData source full name
CLIENTIDIntegerTracker's remote IP address and port
TIMESTAMP_UTCDateTimeTime stamp (UTC)
TIMESTAMPDateTimeTime stamp
DEVICE_IDStringDevice ID
LATITUDEFloatLatitude 1)
LONGITUDEFloatLongitude 1)
LATITUDE_DEGStringLatitude (format: deg/min/sec)
LONGITUDE_DEGStringLongitude (format: deg/min/sec)
VINFloatBattery power
EVENTIDIntegerEvent ID
DI1BooleanDigital input 1
COUNTER1IntegerCounter 1
COUNTER2IntegerCounter 2
COUNTER3IntegerCounter 3
COUNTER4IntegerCounter 4
STATE_IGNITIONBooleanState: ignition
STATE_GSMBooleanState: gsm
STATE_ROUMINGBooleanState: rouming
STATE_POWERBooleanState: power
ALARM_CASE_OPENBooleanAlarm: case open
ALARM_SOSBooleanAlarm: sos

1) The value is being calculated using the following formula:

d - degree
m - minutes
s - seconds
ms - milliseconds

If a longitude is west or a latitude is south, then the value is being multiplied by –1.

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