GPS Tracker Data Logger - Omnicom Profi, Omnicom Optim, Omnicom Light GPS tracker

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For Windows 2000 - Windows 11 (2019) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 2.11.5 build 1115. November 15, 2023.

Server software for Omnicom Profi, Omnicom Optim, Omnicom Light GPS Trackers, Vehicle trackers, AVL units

Omnicom Profi, Omnicom Optim, Omnicom Light

Parser item nameData typeDescription
FULL_DATA_PACKETStringOne message from a data packet
DATA_PACKETStringSame as FULL_DATA_PACKET, but without data packet signatures (if exist)
DATE_TIME_STAMPDateTimeDatetime stamp
DATA_SOURCE_IDIntegerData source ID
DATA_SOURCE_NAMEStringData source name
DATA_SOURCE_FULL_NAMEStringData source full name
CLIENTIDIntegerTracker's remote IP address and port
TIMESTAMP_UTCDateTimeTime stamp (UTC)
TIMESTAMPDateTimeTime stamp
DEVICE_IDStringDevice ID
LATITUDEFloatLatitude 1)
LONGITUDEFloatLongitude 1)
LATITUDE_DEGStringLatitude (format: deg/min/sec)
LONGITUDE_DEGStringLongitude (format: deg/min/sec)
VINFloatBattery power
EVENTIDIntegerEvent ID
DI1BooleanDigital input 1
COUNTER1IntegerCounter 1
COUNTER2IntegerCounter 2
COUNTER3IntegerCounter 3
COUNTER4IntegerCounter 4
STATE_IGNITIONBooleanState: ignition
STATE_GSMBooleanState: gsm
STATE_ROUMINGBooleanState: rouming
STATE_POWERBooleanState: power
ALARM_CASE_OPENBooleanAlarm: case open
ALARM_SOSBooleanAlarm: sos

1) The value is being calculated using the following formula:

d - degree
m - minutes
s - seconds
ms - milliseconds

If a longitude is west or a latitude is south, then the value is being multiplied by –1.

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