Data Logger for GPS trackers, vehicle trackers and personal trackers

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For Windows 2000 - Windows 11 (2022) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 2.11.6 build 227. February 27, 2024.

Data Logger for GPS trackers, vehicle trackers and personal trackers    

Brief description:

Devices that use GPS to locate an object and a GSM channel to send data to the user have become widely used lately. With GPS trackers, you can create a vehicle tracking system that allows you to track the entire route of a car or another vehicle. Besides information about the location, a GPS tracker can use additional sensors to send data about fuel consumption, traveled distance, velocity, and car alarm.

It works in the following way: the GPS tracking unit uses a GPS or GLONASS receiver to determine its coordinates. The tracker reads data from sensors and generates a data packet containing all information about the vehicle. Then it uses the GSM transmitter or the GPRS data transfer channel to send the information packet to the server.

Our program GPS Tracker Data Logger acts as the server and allows you to collect data from an unlimited number of various GPS trackers simultaneously. The obtained data is processed, uniformed, and written to a log file or a database. Also, the program has a set of interfaces so other applications can get data in real-time.

Besides, GPS Tracker Data Logger can convert data into other formats (the formats of other trackers) and send them to other servers. It allows you to connect previously unsupported devices to existing systems or view data from heterogeneous GPS trackers with the help of integrated client software.

What problems can be solved with GPS Tracker Data Logger?

The advantages of using GPS vehicle tracking systems are undeniable. They allow you to considerably reduce your company's expenses due to reduced expenditure on deviations from the route and prevented personal use of company vehicles.
Our program allows you to reduce the amount of client and server software being used, thanks to the possibility of receiving and process data from various trackers. One configuration can process data only from one type of GPS trackers. To connect another tracker type, you need to create a new configuration using the button with a green plus sign on it in the main window or clone an existing one.

Getting started is easy. GPS Tracker Data Logger is ready!

The software installation wizard can create a basic configuration where you will be able to make all necessary changes. To make these changes, start GPS Tracker Data Logger from the "Start - Programs" menu. Select a configuration from the drop-down list and click one of the buttons near it. You can select the parser for your tracker on the "Plug-ins - Query Parse Filter" tab. If necessary, configure export to the database using one of the plug-ins on the "Plug-ins - Data Export" tab.


GPS Tracker Data Logger main window More screenshots


Various types of GPS trackers. Receiving, processing and exporting data from a lot of various GPS trackers at the same time;

Universality. Receiving and processing binary and ASCII data packets;

Receipt confirmation. GPS Tracker Data Logger can send data receipt confirmation packets to the GPS tracker;

Advanced log file configuration. Logging received data to a file without any modification. A wide range of formatting log files (by time, date, etc.);

Conversion. It is possible to convert data from all trackers to one format and retransmit them to another server (on request);

Export to databases. Exporting data in real-time to any ODBC-compatible database (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, Interbase, Firebird, and others);

Integration. Plug-ins for writing to databases can work with tables of any structure. For special purposes, it is possible to write custom SQL queries, for example, for writing data to with the help of stored procedures;

Fault-tolerant export to a database. For an additional fee, you can purchase the plug-in for exporting data to MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Interbase, Firebird that directly connects to the necessary database without additional drivers and allows you to save data if the database is temporarily unavailable;

Interfaces for receiving data. GPS Tracker Data Logger can work as a DDE or OPC server and pass all received data to other applications in real-time;

Data filter. The set of filtering plug-ins allows you not to write unnecessary data to the database or the log file. It is possible to specify complex conditions for filters with the help of scripting languages;

Data modification. Additional plug-ins allow you to use formulas to calculate, correct and modify data before it is written to a database;

Windows service mode. GPS Tracker Data Logger can also run as a service under Windows 2000 and higher. It allows the program to receive and process data in the background mode right after the operating system is started and before the user logs in. The program keeps running after the user logs off;

Intuitive and straightforward interface. Neither programming nor specialized knowledge is required for the initial configuration of the program;

Supporting various operating systems. It runs on all Windows versions from Windows 2000 and higher (server and desktop systems). 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported;

It is effortless to use! The configuration process is completely visual and has full context help. You can completely customize the application.