Acrel (ACR10R) data logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1Communication speedbpsword
2Communication check mod word
3Wiring modewireword
4Secondary side rated voltage ueVword
5Secondary side rated current value ieAword
6Primary side rated voltage PUkVword
8Backlight delay time word
9Relay 1 delay timesecondword
14Voltage primary side and dword
16Primary side and secondary side coefficient of current dword
18Power, primary and secondary side coefficients dword
53First channel switching input word
61First channel switching output word
62Second channel switching output word
63Third channel switching output word
64Fourth channel switching output word
133Second word
242Neutral current word
243Phase voltage uan word
244Phase voltage ubn word
245Phase voltage ucn word
246Line voltage uab word
247Line voltage ubc word
248Line voltage uca word
249Phase current ia word
250Phase current ib word
251Phase current ic word
252Frequency F word
253Phase A active power paWdword
255Phase B active power pbWdword
257Phase C active power pcWdword
259Total.Active power PTotalWdword
261Phase A reactive power qavardword
263Phase B reactive power qbvardword
265Phase C reactive power qcvardword
267TotalReactive power QTotalvardword
269Phase A apparent powerSaVAdword
271Phase B apparent powerSbVAdword
273Phase C apparent powerScVAdword
275TotalApparent power STotalVAdword
277Phase A power factor word
278Phase B power factor word
279Phase C power factor word
280Total power factor word
287Phase A current K factor word
288Phase B current K factor word
289Phase C current K factor word
299Unbalance factor of voltage word
300Unbalance factor of current word
301Maximum demand dword
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