Cewe (Prometer) logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
2Phase voltage L2 single
4Phase voltage L3 single
6Main voltage L1-L2voltssingle
8Main voltage L2-L3 single
10Main voltage L3-L1 single
12Current L1amperesingle
14Current L2 single
16Current L3 single
18Phase symmetry voltage L1 2rad -Pi...Pisingle
20Phase symmetry voltage L2 single
22Phase symmetry voltage L3 single
24Phase symmetry current L1rad -Pi...Pisingle
26Phase symmetry current L2 single
28Phase symmetry current L3 single
30Phase angle L1rad -Pi...Pisingle
32Phase angle L2 single
34Phase angle L3 single
36Power factor L1 single
38Power factor L2 single
40Power factor L3 single
42Active power L1 4Wsingle
44Active power L2 single
46Active power L3 single
48Reactive power L1 4varsingle
50Reactive power L2 single
52Reactive power L3 single
54Apparent power L1VAsingle
56Apparent power L2 single
58Apparent power L3 single
60THD voltage L1 5 single
62THD voltage L2 single
64THD voltage L3 single
66THD current L1 5 single
68THD current L2 single
70THD current L3 single
72Total active power 4Wsingle
74Total reactive power 4varsingle
76Total apparent powerVAsingle
78Total power factor single
80Total phase anglerad -Pi...Pisingle
84Voltage transformer ratio single
86Current transformer ratio single
88Secondary nominal voltage 3voltsingle
90Secondary nominal currentamperesingle
92Voltage L1 single
94Voltage L1: fundamental value single
96Voltage L1: 1st harmonic value single
154Voltage L2 single
156Voltage L2: fundamental value single
157Voltage L2: 1st harmonic value single
216Voltage L3 single
218Voltage L3: fundamental value single
220Voltage L3: 1st harmonic value single
278Current L1 single
340Current L2 single
402Current L3 single
464Active energy impWhsingle
468Active energy exp single
472Reactive energy QIvarhsingle
476Reactive energy QII single
480Reactive energy QIII single
484Reactive energy QIV single
488Apparent energy impVAhsingle
492Apparent energy exp single
496Reactive energy impvarhsingle
500Reactive energy exp single
504Reactive energy ind single
508Reactive energy cap single
512Active energy imp. L1Whsingle
516Active energy imp. L2 single
520Active energy imp. L3 single
524Active energy exp. L1 single
528Active energy exp. L2 single
532Active energy exp. L3 single

Cewe (CDM) data logging
Cewe (Prometer) data logging

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