Continental Control Systems (WattNode) data logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1001Total net (bidirectional) energykWhsingle
1003Total positive energykWhsingle
1005Total net (bidirectional) energy non resettablekWhsingle
1007Total positive energy non resettablekWhsingle
1009Real power, sum of active phasesWsingle
1011Real power, phase AWsingle
1013Real power, phase BWsingle
1015Real power, phase CWsingle
1017Average phase to neutral voltageVsingle
1019Rms voltage, phase A to neutralVsingle
1021Rms voltage, phase B to neutralVsingle
1023Rms voltage, phase C to neutralVsingle
1025Average line to line voltageVsingle
1027Rms voltage, line to line, phase A to BVsingle
1029Rms voltage, line to line, phase B to CVsingle
1031Rms voltage, line to line, phase A to CVsingle
1033Power line frequencyHzsingle
1101Net (bidirectional) energy, phase AkWhsingle
1103Net (bidirectional) energy, phase BkWhsingle
1105Net (bidirectional) energy, phase CkWhsingle
1107Positive energy, phase AkWhsingle
1109Positive energy, phase BkWhsingle
1111Positive energy, phase CkWhsingle
1113Negative energy, sum of active phaseskWhsingle
1115Negative energy, sum of active phases non resettablekWhsingle
1117Negative energy, phase AkWhsingle
1119Negative energy, phase BkWhsingle
1121Negative energy, phase CkWhsingle
1123Reactive energy, sum of active phaseskVARhsingle
1125Net reactive energy, phase AkVARhsingle
1127Net reactive energy, phase BkVARhsingle
1129Net reactive energy, phase CkVARhsingle
1131Apparent energy, sum of active phaseskVAhsingle
1133Apparent energy, phase AkVAhsingle
1135Apparent energy, phase BkVAhsingle
1137Apparent energy, phase CkVAhsingle
1139Power factor, average of active phases single
1141Power factor, phase A single
1143Power factor, phase B single
1145Power factor, phase C single
1147Reactive power, sum of active phasesVARsingle
1149Reactive power, phase AVARsingle
1151Reactive power, phase BVARsingle
1153Reactive power, phase CVARsingle
1155Apparent power, sum of active phasesVAsingle
1157Apparent power, phase AVAsingle
1159Apparent power, phase BVAsingle
1161Apparent power, phase CVAsingle
1163Rms current, phase AAsingle
1165Rms current, phase BAsingle
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