Delta (DPM 530) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" or "Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
256Voltage A NVsingle
258Voltage B NVsingle
260Voltage C NVsingle
262Voltage L N avgVsingle
264Voltage A BVsingle
266Voltage B CVsingle
268Voltage C AVsingle
270Voltage L L avgVsingle
272Voltage unbalance A N%single
274Voltage unbalance B N%single
276Voltage unbalance C N%single
278Voltage unbalance L N avg%single
280Voltage unbalance A B%single
282Voltage unbalance B C%single
284Voltage unbalance C A%single
286Voltage unbalance L L avg%single
288Current AAsingle
290Current BAsingle
292Current CAsingle
294Current avgAsingle
296Current NAsingle
298Current unbalance A%single
300Current unbalance B%single
302Current unbalance C%single
304Current unbalance avg%single
306Power factor total single
308Power factor A single
310Power factor B single
312Power factor C single
314Displacement power factor total single
316Displacement power factor A single
318Displacement power factor B single
320Displacement power factor C single
324Active power totalkWsingle
326Active power AkWsingle
328Active power BkWsingle
330Active power CkWsingle
332Reactive power totalkVARsingle
334Reactive power AkVARsingle
336Reactive power BkVARsingle
338Reactive power CkVARsingle
340Apparent power totalkVAsingle
342Apparent power AkVAsingle
344Apparent power BkVAsingle
346Apparent power CkVAsingle
348Active energy deliveredWhsingle
350Active energy receivedWhsingle
352Reactive energy deliveredVARhsingle
354Reactive energy receivedVARhsingle
356Apparent energy deliveredVAhsingle
358Apparent energy receivedVAhsingle
360Active energy delivered + receivedWhsingle
362Active energy delivered receivedWhsingle
364Reactive energy delivered + receivedVARhsingle
366Reactive energy delivered receivedVARhsingle
368Apparent energy delivered + receivedVAhsingle
370Apparent energy delivered receivedVAhsingle
372Thd current A%single
374Thd current B%single
376Thd current C%single
378Thd current N%single
380Thd voltage A N%single
382Thd voltage B N%single
384Thd voltage C N%single
386Thd voltage A B%single
388Thd voltage B C%single
390Thd voltage C A%single
392Thd current avg%single
394Thd voltage avg%single
396Present demand current avgAsingle
398Last demand current avgAsingle
400Predicted demand current avgAsingle
402Peak demand current avgAsingle
408Present demand active powerkWsingle
410Last demand active powerkWsingle
412Predicted demand active powerkWsingle
414Peak demand active powerkWsingle
420Present demand reactive powerkVARsingle
422Last demand reactive powerkVARsingle
424Predicted demand reactive powerkVARsingle
426Peak demand reactive powerkVARsingle
432Present demand apparent powerkVAsingle
434Last demand apparent powerkVAsingle
436Predicted demand apparent powerkVAsingle
438Peak demand apparent powerkVAsingle
448Auto metering I active energy deliveredWhsingle
450Auto metering I active energy receivedWhsingle
452Auto metering ii active energy deliveredWhsingle
454Auto meter reading ii active energy receivedWhsingle
456Auto metering I reactive energy deliveredVARhsingle
458Auto metering I reactive energy receivedVARhsingle
460Auto metering ii reactive energy deliveredVARhsingle
462Auto metering ii reactive energy receivedVARhsingle
464Total fundamental active powerkWsingle
466Fundamental active power AkWsingle
468Fundamental active power BkWsingle
470Fundamental active power CkWsingle
472Total fundamental reactive powerkVARsingle
474Fundamental reactive power AkVARsingle
476Fundamental reactive power BkVARsingle
478Fundamental reactive power CkVARsingle
480Total fundamental apparent powerkVAsingle
482Fundamental apparent power AkVAsingle
484Fundamental apparent power BkVAsingle
486Fundamental apparent power CkVAsingle
512Max voltage A BVsingle
518Max voltage B CVsingle
524Max voltage C AVsingle
530Max voltage A NVsingle
536Max voltage B NVsingle
542Max voltage C NVsingle
548Max current AAsingle
554Max current BAsingle
560Max current CAsingle
566Max current NAsingle
572Max frequencyHzsingle
578Max power factor single
584Max active power totalkWsingle
590Max reactive power totalkVARsingle
596Max apparent power totalkVAsingle
602Max thd voltage A B%single
608Max thd voltage B C%single
614Max thd voltage C A%single
620Max thd voltage A N%single
626Max thd voltage B N%single
632Max thd voltage C N%single
638Max avg thd voltage L L%single
644Max avg thd voltage L N%single
650Max thd current A%single
656Max thd current B%single
662Max thd current C%single
668Max avg thd current%single
674Max voltage unbalance A B%single
680Max voltage unbalance B C%single
686Max voltage unbalance C A%single
692Max voltage unbalance A N%single
698Max voltage unbalance B N%single
704Max voltage unbalance C N%single
710Max voltage unbalance L L%single
716Max voltage unbalance L N%single
722Max current unbalance A%single
728Max current unbalance B%single
734Max current unbalance C%single
740Max current unbalance%single
768Min voltage A BVsingle
774Min voltage B CVsingle
780Min voltage C AVsingle
786Min voltage A NVsingle
792Min voltage B NVsingle
798Min voltage C NVsingle
804Min current AAsingle
810Min current BAsingle
816Min current CAsingle
822Min current NAsingle
828Min frequencyHzsingle
834Min power factor single
840Min total active powerkWsingle
846Min total reactive powerkVARsingle
852Min total apparent powerkVAsingle
858Min thd voltage A B%single
864Min thd voltage B C%single
870Min thd voltage C A%single
876Min thd voltage A N%single
882Min thd voltage B N%single
888Min thd voltage C N%single
894Min avg thd voltage L L%single
900Min avg thd voltage L N%single
906Min thd current A%single
912Min thd current B%single
918Min thd current C%single
924Min avg thd current%single
930Min voltage unbalance A B%single
936Min voltage unbalance B C%single
942Min voltage unbalance C A%single
948Min voltage unbalance A N%single
954Min voltage unbalance B N%single
960Min voltage unbalance C N%single
966Min voltage unbalance L L%single
972Min voltage unbalance L N%single
978Min current unbalance A%single
984Min current unbalance B%single
990Min current unbalance C%single
996Min current unbalance%single
1024Over current alarm status word
1025Over current alarm countertimesword
1030Under current alarm status word
1031Under current alarm countertimesword
1036Over neutral current alarm status word
1037Over neutral current alarm countertimesword
1042Over voltage L L alarm status word
1043Over voltage L L alarm countertimesword
1048Under voltage L L alarm status word
1049Under voltage L L alarm countertimesword
1054Over voltage L N alarm status word
1055Over voltage L N alarm countertimesword
1060Under voltage L N alarm status word
1061Under voltage L N alarm countertimesword
1066Over voltage unbalance alarm status word
1067Over voltage unbalance alarm countertimesword
1072Over current unbalance alarm status word
1073Over current unbalance alarm countertimesword
1078Over active power alarm status word
1079Over active power alarm countertimesword
1084Over reactive power alarm status word
1085Over reactive power alarm countertimesword
1090Over apparent power alarm status word
1091Over apparent power alarm countertimesword
1096Lead power factor alarm status word
1097Lead power factor alarm countertimesword
1102Lag power factor alarm status word
1103Lag power factor alarm countertimesword
1108Lead displacement power factor alarm status word
1109Lead displacement power factor alarm countertimesword
1114Lag displacement power factor alarm status word
1115Lag displacement power factor alarm countertimesword
1120Over current demand alarm status word
1121Over current demand alarm countertimesword
1126Over active power demand alarm status word
1127Over active power demand alarm countertimesword
1132Over reactive power demand alarm status word
1133Over reactive power demand alarm countertimesword
1138Over apparent power demand alarm status word
1139Over apparent power demand alarm countertimesword
1144Over frequency alarm status word
1145Over frequency alarm countertimesword
1150Under frequency alarm status word
1151Under frequency alarm countertimesword
1156Over thd voltage alarm status word
1157Over thd voltage alarm countertimesword
1162Over thd current alarm status word
1163Over thd current alarm countertimesword
1168Over phase loss alarm status word
1169Over phase loss alarm countertimesword
1174Meter reset alarm status word
1175Meter reset alarm countertimesword
1180Phase reversal alarm status word
1181Phase reversal alarm countertimesword
1186Over dui alarm status word
1187Over dui alarm countertimesword
1192Over eui alarm status word
1193Over eui alarm countertimesword
1280Floor area word
1282Auto metering i, enable word
1284Auto metering i, datedayword
1287Auto metering ii, enable word
1289Auto metering ii, datedayword
1292Parameter grouping #1 setting word
1293Parameter grouping #2 setting word
1361Parameter grouping #70 setting word
1363Reset energy datedayword
1365Reset energy timesecondword
1370Max/min auto reset interval word
1371Parameter #1 for data log word
1389Wh per hour word
1390Schedule #1 word
1393Schedule #2 word
1396Schedule #3 word
1399Schedule #4 word
1402Schedule #5 word
1405Schedule #6 word
1408Schedule #7 word
1411Schedule #8 word
1414Energy saving mode word
1415Energy saving mode status word
1606P1 active energykWhsingle
1610P2 active energykWhsingle
1614P3 active energykWhsingle
1618P4 active energykWhsingle
1622Hour 0 active energykWhsingle
1624Hour 0 reactive energykWhsingle
1626Hour 1 active energykWhsingle
1628Hour 1 reactive energykWhsingle
1630Hour 2 active energykWhsingle
1632Hour 2 reactive energykWhsingle
1714Hour 23 active energykWhsingle
1716Hour 23 reactive energykWhsingle
1718Total time on energy saving modedayword
1721Active energy on energy saving modekWhsingle
1723Total time on normal modedayword
1726Active energy on normal modekWhsingle

Delta (DPM 520) data logging
Delta (DPM 530) data logging

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