GE (EPM 5100) data logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1Initialize meter word
2Clear energy (var-hour) word
3Clear meter errors word
4Serial number integer
6Firmware revision single
8COC software revision single
3000Hour smallint
3001Minute smallint
3002Seconds smallint
3003Password smallint
3005Pulse value interval time for pulse KYZ output 1 single
3007Pulse value interval time for pulse KYZ output 2 single
3009Pulse units for KYZ output 1 word
3010Pulse units for KYZ output 2 word
3011Programming flags word
3013Demand interval length (in minutes) smallint
3014Number of sub-intervals smallint
3015Display scroll time smallint
3016Meter configuration word
3017Potential transformer ratio single
3019Current transformer ratio single
3021Energy display format word
3022Demand display format word
3023Voltage display format word
3024Amps display format word
3025Energy display scale (kWh, MWh) word
3026Demand display scale (W, kW, MW) word
3027Voltage display scale (V, kV) word
3028Amps display scale (A, kA) word
3029Local faceplate password word
1000Number of pending event messages smallint
1002kVA max, total of all phaseskVAsingle
1004kW max, total of all phaseskWsingle
1006Kvar lag max, total of all phaseskvarsingle
1008Kvar lead max, total of all phaseskvarsingle
1010Current max phase Aampssingle
1012Current max phase Bampssingle
1014Current max phase Campssingle
1016Kvarh lag, total of all phaseskVARsingle
1018Kvarh lead, total of all phaseskVARsingle
1020kWh, total of all phaseskWsingle
1022kQh, total of all phases single
1024kVAh, total of all phaseskVAsingle
1026Average power factor since last reset, all phases single
1028Power factor, total of all phases, at maximum kVA single
1030Apparent power demand (kVA), total of all phaseskVAsingle
1032Real power demand (kW) total of all phaseskWsingle
1034Reactive power demand (kvar lag), total of all phaseskvarsingle
1036Reactive power demand (kvar lead), total of all phaseskvarsingle
1038Current demand, phase Aampssingle
1040Current demand, phase Bampssingle
1042Current demand, phase Campssingle
1044Power factor, all phases (over last demand interval) single
1046Real power (kW), phase AkWsingle
1048Real power (kW), phase BkWsingle
1050Real power (kW), phase CkWsingle
1052Reactive power (kvar), phase Akvarsingle
1054Reactive power (kvar), phase Bkvarsingle
1056Reactive power (kvar), phase Ckvarsingle
1058Apparent power (kVA), phase AkVAsingle
1060Apparent power (kVA), phase BkVAsingle
1062Apparent power (kVA), phase CkVAsingle
1064Power factor, phase A single
1066Power factor, phase B single
1068Power factor, phase C single
1070Apparent power (kVA), total of all phaseskVAsingle
1072Real power (kW), total of all phaseskWsingle
1074Reactive power (kvar), total of all phaseskVARsingle
1076L-N voltage, phase A-Nvoltssingle
1078L-N voltage, phase B-Nvoltssingle
1080L-N voltage, phase C-Nvoltssingle
1082L-L voltage, phase A-Bvoltssingle
1084L-L voltage, phase B-Cvoltssingle
1086L-L voltage, phase C-Avoltssingle
1088Total power factor of all phases single
1090Real power (KW), total of all phases at maximum kVAkWsingle
1092Current, phase Aampssingle
1094Current, phase Bampssingle
1096Current, phase Campssingle
1098Neutral currentampssingle
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