GE (EPM 7000,EPM 7100) logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" or "Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
8Meter SerialNumber string
16Meter type word
17Firmware version string
19Map version word
20MeterConfiguration word
21ASIC version word
22Boot Firmware Version string
24Option slot 1Usage word
25Option slot 2Usage word
26Meter type name string
278Integer readings block occupies these registers, see below word
279Volts B-N word
280Volts C-N word
281Volts A-B word
282Volts B-C word
283Volts C-A word
284Amps A word
285Amps B word
286Amps C word
289VARs, 3-Ph total smallint
290VAs, 3-Ph total word
291Power factor, 3-Phtotal smallint
294Watts, phase B smallint
295Watts, phase C smallint
296VARs, phase A smallint
297VARs, phase B smallint
298VARs, phase C smallint
299VAs, phase A word
300VAs, phase B word
303Power Factor,Phase B smallint
304Power Factor,Phase C smallint
999Volts A-N single
1001Volts B-N single
1003Volts C-N single
1005Volts A-B single
1007Volts B-C single
1009Volts C-A single
1011Amps A single
1013Amps B single
1015Amps C single
1017Watts, 3-Ph total single
1019VARs, 3-Ph total single
1021VAs, 3-Ph total single
1023Power factor, 3-Phtotal single
1025Frequency single
1027Neutral current single
1029Watts, phase A single
1031Watts, phase B single
1033Watts, phase C single
1035VARs, phase A single
1037VARs, phase B single
1039VARs, phase C single
1041VAs, phase A single
1043VAs, phase B single
1045VAs, phase C single
1047Power Factor,Phase A single
1049Power Factor,Phase B single
1051Power Factor,Phase C single
1053SymmetricalComponent magnitude, 0 seq single
1055SymmetricalComponent magnitude, + seq single
1057SymmetricalComponent magnitude, - seq single
1059SymmetricalComponent phase, 0 seq smallint
1060SymmetricalComponent phase,+ seq smallint
1061SymmetricalComponent phase,- seq smallint
1062Unbalance, 0sequence component word
1063Unbalance, -sequence component word
1064Current unbalance word
1499W-hours, received integer
1501W-hours, delivered integer
1503W-hours, net integer
1505W-hours, total integer
1507VAR-hours,Positive integer
1509VAR-hours,Negative integer
1511VAR-hours, net integer
1513VAR-hours, total integer
1515VA-hours, total integer
1517W-hours,Received, phase A integer
1519W-hours,Received, phase B integer
1521W-hours,Received, phase C integer
1523W-hours,Delivered, phase A integer
1525W-hours,Delivered, phase B integer
1527W-hours,Delivered, phase C integer
1529W-hours, Net,Phase A integer
1531W-hours, Net,Phase B integer
1533W-hours, Net,Phase C integer
1535W-hours, Total,Phase A integer
1537W-hours, Total,Phase B integer
1539W-hours, Total,Phase C integer
1541VAR-hours,Positive, phase A integer
1543VAR-hours,Positive, phase B integer
1545VAR-hours,Positive, phase C integer
1547VAR-hours,Negative, phase A integer
2999Watts, 3-Ph total single
3001VARs, 3-Ph total single
3003VAs, 3-Ph total single
3005Power factor, 3-Phtotal single
3007Watts, phase A single
3009Watts, phase B single
3011Watts, phase C single
3013VARs, phase A single
3017VARs, phase C single
3019VAs, phase A single
3021VAs, phase B single
3023VAs, phase C single
3025Power Factor,Phase A single
3027Power Factor,Phase B single
3029Power Factor,Phase C single
3031W-hours, received integer
3033W-hours, delivered integer
3035W-hours, net integer
3037W-hours, total integer
3039VAR-hours,Positive integer
3041VAR-hours,Negative integer
3043VAR-hours, net integer
3045VAR-hours, total integer
3047VA-hours, total integer
3049W-hours,Received, phase A integer
3051W-hours,Received, phase B integer
3053W-hours,Received, phase C integer
3055W-hours,Delivered, phase A integer
3057W-hours,Delivered, phase B integer
3059W-hours,Delivered, phase C integer
3061W-hours, Net,Phase A integer
3063W-hours, Net,Phase B integer
3065W-hours, Net,Phase C integer
3067W-hours, Total,Phase A integer
3069W-hours, Total,Phase B integer
3071W-hours, Total,Phase C integer
3073VAR-hours,Positive, phase A integer
3075VAR-hours,Positive, phase B integer
3077VAR-hours,Positive, phase C integer
3079VAR-hours,Negative, phase A integer
3081VAR-hours,Negative, phase B integer
3083VAR-hours,Negative, phase C integer
3085VAR-hours, Net,Phase A integer
3087VAR-hours, Net,Phase B integer
3089VAR-hours, Net,Phase C integer
3091VAR-hours, Total,Phase A integer
3093VAR-hours, Total,Phase B integer
3095VAR-hours, Total,Phase C integer
3097VA-hours, phase A integer
3099VA-hours, phase B integer
3101VA-hours, phase C integer
4099Phase A current smallint
4100Phase B current smallint
4101Phase C current smallint
4102Angle, volts A-B smallint
4103Angle, volts B-C smallint
4104Angle, volts C-A smallint

GE (EPM 5100) data logging
GE (EPM 5300) data logging
GE (EPM 6000) data logging
GE (EPM 7000,EPM 7100) data logging

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