Kohler (Decision Maker 3500) data logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1Rms generator voltage L2 L3% word
2Rms generator voltage L3 L1% word
3Rms generator voltage line to line average% word
4Rms generator voltage L1 N% word
5Rms generator voltage L2 N% word
6Rms generator voltage L3 N% word
7Rms generator voltage line to neutral average% word
8Rms generator current L1% word
9Rms generator current L2% word
10Rms generator current L3% word
11Rms generator current average% word
12Generator frequency 100word
13Generator real power L1% smallint
14Generator real power L2% smallint
15Generator real power L3% smallint
16Generator total real power% smallint
17Generator reactive power L1% smallint
18Generator reactive power L2% smallint
19Generator reactive power L3% smallint
20Generator reactive power% smallint
21Generator apparent power L1% word
22Generator apparent power L2% word
23Generator apparent power L3% word
24Generator apparent power% word
25Generator power factor L1pF smallint
26Generator power factor L2pFsmallint
27Generator power factor L3pF smallint
28Generator power factorpF smallint
29Generator phase angle voltage L1 voltage L2D smallint
30Generator phase angle voltage L1 voltage L3D smallint
31Generator phase angle voltage L1 current L1D smallint
32Generator phase angle voltage L2 current L2D smallint
33Generator phase angle voltage L3 current L3D smallint
43Rms bus voltage L1 L2% word
44Rms bus voltage L2 L3% word
45Rms bus voltage L3 L1% word
46Rms bus voltage average line to line% word
47Total bus real power% smallint
48Total bus reactive power% smallint
49Bus frequency 100word
51Phase angle generator voltage L1 bus voltage L1D smallint
52Speed bias% smallint
53Voltage bias% smallint
110Engine run speedRPMword
512Total number of starts word
513Total runtime hours since maintenance lwhr word
515Total loaded hours since maintenance lwhr word
517Total kw hours since maintenance lwkWhword
519Last maintenance day, monthDay of Month, Month of Yearword
520Last maintenance year16 bit year word
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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