Kohler (Decision Maker 6000) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1L2 L3 voltageVolts ACword
2L3 L1 voltageVolts ACword
3L1 l0 voltageVolts ACword
4L2 l0 voltageVolts ACword
5L3 l0 voltageVolts ACword
6L1 currentAmps ACword
7L2 currentAmps ACword
8L3 currentAmps ACword
9FrequencyHz word
10Total kwkWword
11Percent of rated kw% Rated kWword
12Total power factorPF smallint
13L1 kwkWword
14L1 power factorPF smallint
15L2 kwkWword
16L2 power factorPF smallint
17L3 kwkWword
18L3 power factorPF smallint
19Total kvarkVAR smallint
20L1 kvarkVAR smallint
21L2 kvarkVAR smallint
22L3 kvarkVAR smallint
23Total kvakVAword
24L1 kvakVAword
25L2 kvakVAword
26L3 kvakVAword
27Current lead/lagBits 0-1 Total Current - Leading = 10 Lagging = 01 Bits 2-3 L1 Current Leading = 10 Lagging = 01 Bits 4-5 L2 Current - Leading = 10 Lagging = 01 Bits 6-7 L3 Current - Leading = 10 Lagging = 01word
32Oil pressurekPa/psiword
33Coolant temperatureDegrees C/Degrees Fsmallint
34Engine speedRPMword
35Local battery voltageVolts DC word
36Fuel pressurekPa/psi DDEC/MDEC/ADEC onlyword
37Fuel temperatureDegrees C/Degrees F DDEC/MDEC/ADEC onlysmallint
38Fuel rateLiters/Hour word
39Used last runLiters/Gallons DDEC onlyword
40Coolant pressurekPa/psi DDEC onlyword
41Coolant level% word
42Lube oil temperatureDegrees C/Degrees F DDEC/MDEC/ADEC onlysmallint
43Oil level% word
44Crankcase pressurekPa/psi DDEC onlyword
45Ambient temperatureDegrees C/Degrees F DDEC onlysmallint
46Ecm battery voltageVolts DC word
47Ecm status0 = DDEC-Equipped, 1 = Non-ECM, 2 = MDEC/ADEC-Equippedword
48Intake air temperatureDegrees C/Degrees F MDEC/ADEC onlysmallint
49Intake air pressureDegrees C/Degrees F MDEC/ADEC onlyword
50Mdec/adec fault codesNumeric Fault Code MDEC/ADEC onlyword
60Analog input 00 (battery voltage)Volts DCword
61Analog input01User-defined and calibrated through the 6000 controller. See the controller operation manual.word
62Analog input02 word
63Analog input03 word
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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