Kohler (M340) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1System time word
2Day of week word
3Month word
4Day word
5Year word
6Week of month word
7Time not in normal since reset word
14Time not in normal word
15Time in emergency word
16Days of operation word
17Transfers word
18Month in operation word
19Day in operation word
20Year in operation word
21Voltage A B normal word
22Voltage B C normal word
23Voltage ca normal word
24Freq. Ac normal word
25Voltage A B emerg word
26Voltage B C emerg word
27Voltage ca emerg word
28Freq. Ac emerg word
29Exerciser time remaining word
30Month of last exercise word
31Day of last exercise word
32Year of last exercise word
33Time of last outage word
34Month of last outage word
35Day of last outage word
36Year of last outage word
37Duration of last outage word
38History event #1 code word
39History event #2 code word
40History event #2 month word
41History event #2 day word
42History event #2 year word
43History event #3 code word
44History event #3 month word
45History event #3 day word
46History event #3 year word
47History event #4 code word
48History event #4 month word
49History event #4 day word
50History event #4 year word
51Alert code word
77Off to emergency time delay word
78Off to normal time delay word
79Engine start time delay word
80Normal to emerg. Time delay word
81Emerg. To normal time delay word
82Engine cooldown time delay word
83Before emerg. Time delay word
84After emerg. Time delay word
85Sequence to emerg. Time delay word
86Return to emerg. Loads word
87Before normal time delay word
88After normal time delay word
89Sequence to normal time delay word
90Return to normal loads word
91Over voltage dropout normal word
92Over voltage pickup normal word
93Under voltage pickup normal word
94Under voltage dropout normal word
95Over frequency dropout normal word
96Over frequency pickup normal word
97Under frequency pickup normal word
98Under frequency dropout normal word
99Over voltage dropout emerg word
100Over voltage pickup emerg word
101Under voltage pickup emerg word
102Under voltage dropout emerg word
103Over frequency dropout emerg word
104Over frequency pickup emerg word
105Under frequency pickup emerg word
106Under frequency dropout emerg word
107System voltage normal word
108System frequency normal word
109System voltage emerg word
110System frequency emerg word
179Number of poles word
193Calendar start time #1 word
194Calendar run time #1 word
195Calendar start time #2 word
196Calendar run time #2 word
197Calendar start time #3 word
198Calendar run time #3 word
199Calendar start time #4 word
200Calendar run time #4 word
201Calendar start time #5 word
202Calendar run time #5 word
203Day of week #1 (calendar) word
204First week of month #1 (calendar) word
205Second week of month #1 (calendar) word
206Day of week #2 (calendar) word
207First week of month #2 (calendar) word
208Second week of month #2 (calendar) word
209Day of week #3 (calendar) word
210First week of month #3 (calendar) word
211Second week of month #3 (calendar) word
212Day of week #4 (calendar) word
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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