Larsen Toubro (Vega) logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
256Voltage lower limit(vl) (9.6 word
257Voltage upper limit(vu) (vl word
258Current lower limit(cl) (0.1 word
259Current upper limit(cu) (cl word
260Frequency lower limit(fl) (40 word
261Frequency upper limit(fu) (fl word
2Y phase voltage dword
4B phase voltage dword
6R phase current dword
8Y phase current dword
10B phase current dword
12Active power R phase dword
14Active power R phase(unit) word
15Active power Y phase dword
17Active power Y phase(unit) word
18Active power B phase dword
20Active power B phase(unit) word
21Reactive power R phase dword
23Reactive power R phase(unit) word
24Reactive power Y phase dword
26Reactive power Y phase(unit) word
27Reactive power B phase dword
29Reactive power B phase (unit) word
30Apparent power R phase dword
32Apparent power R phase(unit) word
33Apparent power Y phase dword
35Apparent power Y phase(unit) word
36Apparent power B phase dword
38Apparent power B phase(unit) word
39Power factor R phase dword
41Power factor Y phase dword
43Power factor B phase dword
45Total active power dword
47Total active power(unit) word
48Total reactive power dword
50Total reactive power(unit) word
51Total apparent power dword
53Total apparent power(unit) word
54Total power factor dword
56Line frequency dword
58Ry line voltage dword
60Yb line voltage dword
62Br line voltage dword
64Average phase voltage dword
66Average phase current dword
68R phase voltage harmonic dword
70Y phase voltage harmonic dword
72B phase voltage harmonic dword
74R phase current harmonic dword
76Y phase current harmonic dword
78B phase current harmonic dword
80Phase difference R voltage and current dword
82Phase difference Y voltage and current dword
84Phase difference B voltage and current dword
86Voltage unbalance R phase dword
88Voltage unbalance Y phase dword
90Voltage unbalance B phase dword
92Current unbalance R phase dword
94Current unbalance Y phase dword
96Current unbalance B phase dword
98Percentage load R phase dword
100Percentage load Y phase dword
102Percentage load B phase dword
104Rpm dword
106Neutral current dword
132Md import apparent dword
134Md import apparent (unit) word
135Md import active dword
137Md import active(unit) word
138Md export apparent dword
140Md export apparent (unit) word
141Md export active dword
143Md export active(unit) word
144Import apparent rising demand dword
146Import apparent rising demand(unit) word
147Import active rising demand dword
149Import active rising demand(unit) word
150Export apparent rising demand dword
152Export apparent rising demand(unit) word
153Export active rising demand dword
155Export active rising demand(unit) word
180Md import apparent backup dword
182Md import apparent backup(unit) word
183Md import active backup dword
185Md import active backup(unit) word
186Md export apparent backup dword
188Md export apparent backup(unit) word
189Md export active backup dword
191Md export active backup(unit) word
192No. of resets word
193Total forward load time (days(1) + hr(1)) dword
195Total power on time (days(1) + hr(1) dword
197Total reverse load time (days(1) + hr(1) dword
199Total forward load time backup (days(1) + hr(1) dword
201Total reverse load time backup (days(1) + hr(1) dword
203Total power fail count word
204Time remaining kva md (import and export) word
205Time remaining kw md (import and export) word
206Time remaining current md word
207Hour import kva md occurred (days) word
208Hour import kva md occurred(1st word hour+2nd word minute) dword
210Hour import kw md occurred(days) word
211Hour import kw md occurred(1st word hour+2nd word minute) dword
213Hour export kva md occurred (days) word
214Hour export kva md occurred(1st word hour+2nd word minute) dword
216Hour export kw md occurred(days) word
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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Larsen Toubro (Vega) data logging

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