Northern Design Cube 350 Cube 400 Rail 350 Modbus logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" or "Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
512Energy scaling (eScale), cube 350 only dword
514kWh, cube 350 onlykWhdword
516kVAh, cube 350 onlykVAhdword
518Kvarh inductive, cube 350 onlykvarhdword
520Kvarh capacitive, cube 350 onlykvarhdword
522Import kvarh, cube 350 onlykvarhdword
524Export kWh, cube 350 onlykWhdword
526Export kvarh, cube 350 onlykvarhdword
528Hours run, cube 350 only dword
2816System kW, cube 350 onlykWword
2817System kVA, cube 350 onlykVAword
2818System kvar, cube 350 onlykvarword
2819System PF, cube 350 only word
2820Frequency, cube 350 only word
2821Phase 1 volts, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
2822Phase 1 amps, cube 350 onlyAmpsword
2823Phase 1 kW, cube 350 onlykWword
2824Phase 2 volts, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
2825Phase 2 amps, cube 350 onlyAmpsword
2826Phase 2 kW, cube 350 onlykWword
2827Phase 3 volts, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
2828Phase 3 amps, cube 350 onlyAmpsword
2829Phase 3 kW, cube 350 onlykWword
2830Phase 1 PF, cube 350 only word
2831Phase 2 PF, cube 350 only word
2832Phase 3 PF, cube 350 only word
2833Ph1-Ph2 volts, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
2834Ph2-Ph3 volts, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
2835Ph3-Ph1 volts, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
2836Neutral current, cube 350 only word
2837Amps scale ki, cube 350 onlyAmpsword
2838Phase volts scale kvp, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
2839Line volts scale kvl, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
2840Power scale kp, cube 350 only word
3072Phase 1 kVA, cube 350 onlykVAword
3073Phase 2 kVA, cube 350 onlykVAword
3074Phase 3 kVA, cube 350 onlykVAword
3075Phase 1 kvar, cube 350 onlykvarword
3076Phase 2 kvar, cube 350 onlykvarword
3077Phase 3 kvar, cube 350 onlykvarword
3328Peak hold ph1 amps, cube 350 onlyAmpsword
3329Peak hold ph2 amps, cube 350 onlyAmpsword
3330Peak hold ph3 amps, cube 350 onlyAmpsword
3331Peak hold ph1 volts, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
3332Peak hold ph2 volts, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
3333Peak hold ph3 volts, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
3334Peak hold kW demand, cube 350 onlykWword
3335kW demand period, cube 350 onlykWword
3336kW demand, cube 350 onlykWword
3337kVA demand, cube 350 onlykVAword
3338Peak hold kVA demand, cube 350 onlykVAword
3584CT primary, cube 350 only word
3585Nominal volts, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
3586Pulse 1 rate, cube 350 only word
3587Pulse 2 rate, cube 350 only word
3588Baud, cube 350 only word
3589Modbus ID, cube 350 only word
3590Meter model cube, cube 350 only word
3591Meter type basic, cube 350 only word
3592Firmware version, cube 350 only word
3593Current demand period, cube 350 only word
3594Pulse ON time, cube 350 only word
3595Security code, cube 350 only word
3596Hours run trip point, cube 350 only word
3840Peak ph1 amps demand, cube 350 onlyAmpsword
3841Peak ph2 amps demand, cube 350 onlyAmpsword
3842Peak ph3 amps demand, cube 350 onlyAmpsword
3843Peak ph1 volts demand, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
3844Peak ph2 volts demand, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
3845Peak ph3 volts demand, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
4096Ph1 amps demand, cube 350 onlyAmpsword
4097Ph2 amps demand, cube 350 onlyAmpsword
4098Ph3 amps demand, cube 350 onlyAmpsword
4099Ph1 volts demand, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
4100Ph2 volts demand, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
4101Ph3 volts demand, cube 350 onlyVoltsword
4352V1 % THD, cube 350 only word
4353V2 % THD, cube 350 only word
4354V3 % THD, cube 350 only word
4355I1 % THD, cube 350 only word
4356I2 % THD, cube 350 only word
4357I3 % THD, cube 350 only word
4608kW demand, cube 350 onlykWword
4609kVA demand, cube 350 onlykVAword
4610Kvar demand, cube 350 onlyKvarword
4611Peak hold kW demand, cube 350 onlykWword
4612Peak hold kVA demand, cube 350 onlykVAword
4613Peak hold kvar demand, cube 350 onlykvarword
6656Count 1, digital input / output option dword
6658Count 2, digital input / output option dword
6912Combined contact status word
6913Input 1 status, only available when the word
6914Input 2 status, digital input / output word
6915Output 1 status, option is fitted word
6916Output 2 status word
7168Alarm 1 data address word
7169Alarm 1 high set point word
7170Alarm 1 high release point word
7171Alarm 1 low release point word
7172Alarm 1 low set point word
7173Alarm 1 set delay (Seconds) word
7174Alarm 1 status word
7175Alarm 1 parameter value, only available when the word
7176Alarm 2 data address word
7177Alarm 2 high set point word
7178Alarm 2 high release point word
7179Alarm 2 low release point word
7180Alarm 2 low set point word
7181Alarm 2 set delay (Seconds) word
7182Alarm 2 status word
7183Alarm 2 parameter value word
7680KWh high wordKWhword
7681KWh low wordKWhword
7682KVAh high wordKVAhword
7683KVAh low wordKVAhword
7684Kvarh high wordKvarhword
7685Kvarh low wordKvarhword
7686Export kWh high wordkWhword
7687Export kWh low wordkWhword
7688Phase 1 ampsAmpsword
7689Phase 2 ampsAmpsword
7690Phase 3 ampsAmpsword
7691Phase 1 voltsVoltsword
76927693 phase 2 voltsVoltsword
76937694 phase 3 voltsVoltsword
76947695 Ph1-Ph2 voltsVoltsword
76957696 Ph2-Ph3 voltsVoltsword
76967697 Ph3-Ph1 voltsVoltsword
76977698 frequency word
76987699 phase 1 PF word
76997700 phase 2 PF word
77007701 phase 3 PF word
77017702 system PF word
77027703 phase 1 kWkWword
77037704 phase 2 kWkWword
77047705 phase 3 kWkWword
77057706 system kWkWword
77067707 phase 1 kVAkVAword
77077708 phase 2 kVAkVAword
77087709 phase 3 kVAkVAword
77097710 system kVAkVAword
77107711 phase 1 kvarkvarword
77117712 phase 2 kvarkvarword
77127713 phase 3 kvarkvarword
77137714 system kvarkvarword
77147715 ph1 amps demandAmpsword
77157716 ph2 amps demandAmpsword
77167717 ph3 amps demandAmpsword
77177718 ph1 volts demandVoltsword
77187719 ph2 volts demandVoltsword
77197720 ph3 volts demandVoltsword
77207721 peak ph1 amps demandAmpsword
77217722 peak ph2 amps demandAmpsword
77227723 peak ph3 amps demandAmpsword
77237724 peak ph1 volts demandVoltsword
77247725 peak ph2 volts demandVoltsword
77257726 peak ph3 volts demandVoltsword
77267727 kW demandkWword
77277728 kVA demandkVAword
77287729 kvar demandkvarword
77297730 peak hold kW demandkWword
77307731 peak hold kVA demandkVAword
77317732 peak hold kvar demandkvarword
77327733 neutral current word
77337734 amps scale kiAmpsword
77347735 phase volts scale kvpVoltsword
77357736 line volts scale kvlVoltsword
77367737 power scale kp word
77377738 energy scale ke word
79367937 v1: 2nd harmonic, read only word
79377938 v1: 3rd harmonic word
79387939 v1: 4th harmonic word
79397940 v1: 5th harmonic word
79407941 v1: 6th harmonic word
7941V1: 7th harmonic word
7942V1: 8th harmonic word
7943V1: 9th harmonic word
7944V1: 10th harmonic word
7945V1: 11th harmonic word
7946V1: 12th harmonic word
7947V1: 13th harmonic word
7948V1: 14th harmonic word
7949V1: 15th harmonic word
8192V2: 2nd harmonic word
8193V2: 3rd harmonic word
8194V2: 4th harmonic word
8195V2: 5th harmonic word
8196V2: 6th harmonic word
8197V2: 7th harmonic word
8198V2: 8th harmonic word
8199V2: 9th harmonic word
82002: 10th harmonic word
82012: 11th harmonic word
82022: 12th harmonic word
82032: 13th harmonic word
82042: 14th harmonic word
82052: 15th harmonic word
8448V3: 2nd harmonic word
8449V3: 3rd harmonic word
8450V3: 4th harmonic word
8451V3: 5th harmonic word
8452V3: 6th harmonic word
8453V3: 7th harmonic word
8454V3: 8th harmonic word
8455V3: 9th harmonic word
8456V3 10th harmonic word
84573: 11th harmonic word
84583: 12th harmonic word
84593: 13th harmonic word
84603: 14th harmonic word
84613: 15th harmonic word
87041: 2nd harmonic word
8705I1: 3rd harmonic word
87061: 4th harmonic word
87071: 5th harmonic word
87081: 6th harmonic word
87091: 7th harmonic word
87101: 8th harmonic word
87111: 9th harmonic word
8712I1: 10th harmonic word
8713I1: 11th harmonic word
8714I1: 12th harmonic word
8715I1: 13th harmonic word
8716I1: 14th harmonic word
8717I1: 15th harmonic word
8960I2: 2nd harmonic word
8961I2: 3rd harmonic word
8962I2: 4th harmonic word
8963I2: 5th harmonic word
8964I2: 6th harmonic word
8965I2: 7th harmonic word
8966I2: 8th harmonic word
8967I2: 9th harmonic word
8968I2: 10th harmonic word
8969I2: 11th harmonic word
8970I2: 12th harmonic word
8971I2: 13th harmonic word
8972I2: 14th harmonic word
8973I2: 15th harmonic word
9216I3: 2nd harmonic word
9217I3: 3rd harmonic word
9218I3: 4th harmonic word
9219I3: 5th harmonic word
9220I3: 6th harmonic word
9221I3: 7th harmonic word
9222I3: 8th harmonic word
9223I3: 9th harmonic word
9224I3: 10th harmonic word
9225I3: 11th harmonic word
9226I3: 12th harmonic word
9227I3: 13th harmonic word
9228I3: 14th harmonic word
9229I3: 15th harmonic word

Northern Design Cube 300 Modbus data logging
Northern Design Cube 350 Cube 400 Rail 350 Modbus data logging
Northern Design MultiCube Modbus data logging
Northern Design PM390 data logging

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