Schneider Electric PowerLogic ION7500-ION7600 data logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
10Vln a, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
11Vln b, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
12Vln c, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
13Vln avg, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
14Vll ab, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
15Vll bc, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
16Vll ca, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
17Vll avg, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
18I a, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
19I b, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
20I c, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
21I avg, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
22V unbal, Volts/Amps/Freq 1Vword
23I unbal, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
24Freq, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
25I4, Volts/Amps/Freq 1 word
26kW a, Power/PF 2kWinteger
28kW b, Power/PF 2kWinteger
30kW c, Power/PF 2kWinteger
32kW tot, Power/PF 2kWinteger
34kVAR a, Power/PF 2kVARinteger
36kVAR b, Power/PF 2kVARinteger
38kVAR c, Power/PF 2kVARinteger
40kVAR tot, Power/PF 2kVARinteger
42kVA a, Power/PF 2kVAinteger
44kVA b, Power/PF 2kVAinteger
46kVA c, Power/PF 2kVAinteger
48kVA tot, Power/PF 2kVAinteger
50PF sign a, Power/PF 2 integer
52PF sign b, Power/PF 2 integer
54PF sign c, Power/PF 2 integer
56PF sign tot, Power/PF 2 integer
58Vll avg mx, Min/Max/Demand 3 integer
60I avg mx, Min/Max/Demand 3 integer
62kW tot mx, Min/Max/Demand 3kWinteger
64kVAR tot mx, Min/Max/Demand 3kVARinteger
66kVA tot mx, Min/Max/Demand 3kVAinteger
68Freq mx, Min/Max/Demand 3 integer
70Vll avg mn, Min/Max/Demand 3 integer
72I avg mn, Min/Max/Demand 3 integer
74Freq mn, Min/Max/Demand 3 integer
76kW sd del-rec, Min/Max/Demand 3kWinteger
78kVA sd del+rec, Min/Max/Demand 3kVAinteger
80kVAR sd del-rec, Min/Max/Demand 3kVARinteger
82kW sd mx d-r, Min/Max/Demand 3kWinteger
84kVA sd mx d+r, Min/Max/Demand 3kVAinteger
86kVAR sd mx d-r, Min/Max/Demand 3kVARinteger
88Phase Rev, Min/Max/Demand 3 integer
90kWh del, Energy/THD 4kWhinteger
92kWh rec, Energy/THD 4kWhinteger
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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