Schneider Electric PowerLogic ION8800 logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
10Uln 1, Volts/Amps/Freq word
11Uln 2, Volts/Amps/Freq word
12Uln 3, Volts/Amps/Freq word
13Uln avg, Volts/Amps/Freq word
14Ull 12, Volts/Amps/Freq word
15Ull 23, Volts/Amps/Freq word
16Ull 31, Volts/Amps/Freq word
17Ull avg, Volts/Amps/Freq word
18I 1, Volts/Amps/Freq word
19I 2, Volts/Amps/Freq word
20I 3, Volts/Amps/Freq word
21I avg, Volts/Amps/Freq word
22U unbal, Volts/Amps/Freq word
23I unbal, Volts/Amps/Freq word
24Freq, Volts/Amps/Freq word
25I4, Volts/Amps/Freq word
26kW 1, Power/PFkWinteger
28kW 2, Power/PFkWinteger
30kW 3, Power/PFkWinteger
32kW tot, Power/PFkWinteger
34kVAR 1, Power/PFkVARinteger
36kVAR 2, Power/PFkVARinteger
38kVAR 3, Power/PFkVARinteger
40kVAR tot, Power/PFkVARinteger
42kVA 1, Power/PFkVAinteger
44kVA 2, Power/PFkVAinteger
46kVA 3, Power/PFkVAinteger
48kVA tot, Power/PFkVAinteger
50PF sign 1, Power/PF integer
52PF sign 2, Power/PF integer
54PF sign 3, Power/PF integer
56PF sign tot, Power/PF integer
58Ull avg mx, Min/Max/Demand integer
60I avg mx, Min/Max/Demand integer
62kW tot mx, Min/Max/DemandkWinteger
64kVAR tot mx, Min/Max/DemandkVARinteger
66kVA tot mx, Min/Max/DemandkVAinteger
68Freq mx, Min/Max/Demand integer
70Ull avg mn, Min/Max/Demand integer
72I avg mn, Min/Max/Demand integer
74Freq mn, Min/Max/Demand integer
76kW sd del-rec, Min/Max/DemandkWinteger
78kVA sd del+rec, Min/Max/DemandkVAinteger
80kVAR sd del-rec, Min/Max/DemandkVARinteger
82kW sd mx d-r, Min/Max/DemandkWinteger
84kVA sd mx d+r, Min/Max/DemandkVAinteger
86kVAR sd mx d-r, Min/Max/DemandkVARinteger
88Phase Rev, Min/Max/Demand integer
90kWh del, Energy/THDkWhinteger
92kWh rec, Energy/THDkWhinteger
94kWh del+rec, Energy/THDkWhinteger
96kWh del-rec, Energy/THDkWhinteger
98kVARh del, Energy/THDkVARhinteger
100kVARh rec, Energy/THDkVARhinteger
102kVARh del+rec, Energy/THDkVARhinteger
104kVARh del-rec, Energy/THDkVARhinteger
106kVAh del+rec, Energy/THD integer
108U1 THD mx, Energy/THD integer
110U2 THD mx, Energy/THD integer
112U3 THD mx, Energy/THD integer
114I1 THD mx, Energy/THD integer
116I2 THD mx, Energy/THD integer
118I3 THD mx, Energy/THD integer
149I 1, Amp/freq/unbal word
150I 2, Amp/freq/unbal word
151I 3, Amp/freq/unbal word
152I 4, Amp/freq/unbal word
154I avg, Amp/freq/unbal word
155I avg mn, Amp/freq/unbal word
156I avg mx, Amp/freq/unbal word
157I avg mean 1, Amp/freq/unbal word
158Freq, Amp/freq/unbal word
159Freq mn, Amp/freq/unbal word
160Freq mx, Amp/freq/unbal word
161Freq mean 1, Amp/freq/unbal word
162U unbal, Amp/freq/unbal word
163I unbal, Amp/freq/unbal word
164Phase Rev, Amp/freq/unbal word
165Uln 1, Volts dword
167Uln 2, Volts dword
169Uln 3, Volts dword
171Uln avg, Volts dword
173Uln avg mx, Volts dword
177Ull 12, Volts dword
179Ull 23, Volts dword
181Ull 31, Volts dword
183Ull avg, Volts dword
185Ull avg mx, Volts dword
187Ull avg mean 1, Volts dword
197kW 1, kW/kVAr/kVAkWinteger
199kW 2, kW/kVAr/kVAkWinteger
201kW 3, kW/kVAr/kVAkWinteger
203kW tot, kW/kVAr/kVAkWinteger
205kW tot mx, kW/kVAr/kVAkWinteger
207kVAR 1, kW/kVAr/kVAkVARinteger
209kVAR 2, kW/kVAr/kVAkVARinteger
211kVAR 3, kW/kVAr/kVAkVARinteger
213kVAR tot, kW/kVAr/kVAkVARinteger
215kVAR tot mx, kW/kVAr/kVAkVARinteger
217kVA 1, kW/kVAr/kVAkVAinteger
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