Socomec Countis E63 logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
9999SOCO string(8)
10003Product order ID (Countis:100, protection:200, atys:300, diris:400) word
10004Product ID word
10005JBUS table version word
10006Product software version word
10009Serial_order word
10010Serial_Reserve dword
10017Product version (Major) word
10018Product version (Minor) word
10019Product version (Revision) word
10020Product version (Build) word
10024Software technical base version (Major) word
10025Software technical base version (Minor) word
10026Software technical base version (Revision) word
10027Customization version (Major) word
10028Customization version (Minor) word
10029Product VLO string(8)
10033Customization VLO string(8)
10037Software technical base VLO string(8)
10041Vendor name string(16)
10049Product name string(16)
10057Extended name string(16)
8911Communication board version (Major) word
8912Communication board version (Minor) word
8913Communication board version (Revision) word
8914Communication board version (Build) word
8918Communication board VLO string(8)
17345Current transformer primaryAword
17354Synchronisation top word
17601Year word
10769Total positive active energy (no resetable)Wh / 0.001dword
10779Partial positive active energyWh / 0.001dword
10513Phase to phase voltage: u12V / 100dword
10515Phase to phase voltage: u23V / 100dword
10517Phase to phase voltage: u31V / 100dword
10519Simple voltage: v1V / 100dword
10521Simple voltage: v2V / 100dword
10523Simple voltage: v3V / 100dword
10525FrequencyHz / 100dword
10527Current I1A / 1000dword
10529Current I2A / 1000dword
10531Current I3A / 1000dword
10535Active powerW / 0.1integer
10539Apparent powerVA / 0.1dword
10541Power factor- / 1000integer
10543Active power phase 1W / 0.1integer
10545Active power phase 2W / 0.1integer
10547Active power phase 3W / 0.1integer
10555Apparent power phase 1VA / 0.1dword
10557Apparent power phase 2VA / 0.1dword
10559Apparent power phase 3VA / 0.1dword
10561Power factor phase 1- / 1000integer
10563Power factor phase 2- / 1000integer
10565Power factor phase 3- / 1000integer
11280Phase to phase voltage: u12V / 100word
11281Phase to phase voltage: u23V / 100word
11282Phase to phase voltage: u31V / 100word
11283Simple voltage: v1V / 100word
11284Simple voltage: v2V / 100word
11285Simple voltage: v3V / 100word
11286FrequencyHz / 100word
11291Active powerW / 0.1smallint
11293Apparent powerVA / 0.1word
11294Power factor- / 1000smallint
11295Active power phase 1W / 0.1smallint
11296Active power phase 2W / 0.1smallint
11297Active power phase 3W / 0.1smallint
11301Apparent power phase 1VA / 0.1word
11302Apparent power phase 2VA / 0.1word
11303Apparent power phase 3VA / 0.1word
11304Power factor phase 1- / 1000smallint
11305Power factor phase 2- / 1000smallint
11306Power factor phase 3- / 1000smallint
6863Value of the meter overflowWh / 0.1dword
6895Ea + for day n-1Wh / 0.001dword
6897Ea + for day nWh / 0.001dword
6899Ea + for week n-1Wh / 0.001dword
6901Ea + for week nWh / 0.001dword
6903Ea + for month n-1Wh / 0.001dword
6905Ea + for month nWh / 0.001dword
6911Ea + for day n-1Wh / 0.001dword
6913Ea + for day nWh / 0.001dword
6915Ea + for week n-1Wh / 0.001dword
6917Ea + for week nWh / 0.001dword
6919Ea + for month n-1Wh / 0.001dword
6921Ea + for month nWh / 0.001dword
6927Ea + for day n-1Wh / 0.001dword
6929Ea + for day nWh / 0.001dword
6931Ea + for week n-1Wh / 0.001dword
6933Ea + for week nWh / 0.001dword
6935Ea + for month n-1Wh / 0.001dword
6937Ea + for month nWh / 0.001dword
6943Phase 1 total positive active energy: ea+Wh / 0.001dword
6945Phase 1 partial positive active energy: ea+Wh / 0.001dword
6947Phase 2 total positive active energy: ea+Wh / 0.001dword
6949Phase 2 partial positive active energy: ea+Wh / 0.001dword
6951Phase 3 total positive active energy: ea+Wh / 0.001dword
6953Phase 3 partial positive active energy: ea+Wh / 0.001dword
6959Ea + for day n-1Wh / 0.1dword
6961Ea + for day nWh / 0.1dword
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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