Serial Printer Logger - A Paperless Printer for Your Company

A Paperless Printer for Your Company

Switch your company to a completely paperless document workflow - without changing the workflow!

Paperless workflow and electronic documents are becoming more and more popular over the years due to considerable savings, and ease and speed of use. Recent government legislations in many countries already gave electronic documents the same legal recognition as their hard copies. Electronic workflow is environment-friendly, fast and accessible, and requires no physical storage to keep tons of paperwork for the legally required period of time.

However, there is one important drawback in switching to an electronic workflow completely. Most office employees are accustomed to printing important mail for archival. Training them to enter the documents into an electronic archival system requires a lot of time and effort, and is prone to errors, especially in the beginning. There's nothing simpler than printing a letter or an invoice and putting it into a bin. Changing that workflow would be an unwanted adventure for any office manager.

Fortunately, there is a way to switch to the electronic workflow and eliminate paper out of your daily routine - without actually changing the workflow of office employees!

This is not just possible, but extremely easy. Serial Printer Logger (manufactured by is a software-only solution that does not require any additional training of your office employees, and does not introduce the slightest change into their daily routine. The simple and affordable (just $60 for an Enterprise edition!) software captures all data sent to up to 255 serial printers and stores printed matter into RTF or PDF files instead of wasting paper and ink. All office employees will be seamlessly adopting the electronic document workflow from now on!

Serial Printer Logger installed on a single computer replaces up to 255 dot-matrix printers in your office. With electronic workflow empowered by Serial Printer Logger you can easily set up a centralized storage for all electronic documents in your organization with easy search and retrieval.

Clean up your desk space by getting rid of the now useless bulk! Enhance the office environment and enjoy reduced noise levels, no paper-jams and instant printing speed with Serial Printer Logger. Forget about hunting for more paper or waiting for ink replacement. Make better use of those storage compartments stacked up with useless paper. Change your document workflow forever without actually changing your workflow at all!

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Author: Art Gerasimov is cofounder of AGG Software ( The company specializes in data acquisition and monitoring software for RS232, USB, Ethernet, serial ports and offers ready-to-use software solutions.