OPC Server Simulator - allows to test your OPC applications with this free and simple OPC server

For Windows 2000 - Windows 11 (2022) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 1.0.4 build 412. January 31, 2023.

OPC Server Simulator - allows testing your OPC applications with this free and simple OPC server  

Brief description:

This free and simple OPC DA2 server allows you to add multiple OPC tags and specify their names, data types, and values. Tag values can be updated from time to time. For numeric data types, the server can use several built-in functions to generate random values.

You can interactively change tag values and their quality. You can monitor the connected clients and the data requested by them.

What problems can be solved with OPC Server Simulator?

This OPC server allows you to quickly test your or our software that works with the OPC interface. For the duration of the test, it can replace the OPC server that works with the real hardware. Possibly, this simple server will start much faster than any other server of yours, which could allow you to do your development and initial tests in less time.

Getting started is easy. OPC Server Simulator is ready!

After the installation process, you need to configure the OPC simulator by adding OPC tags with a necessary data type.


Main window


Flexible. You can add variables with different data types and simulation modes.

Easy to use. You can see all program settings in one window, which allows you to change any parameter quickly.

Portable. You can save all server settings and the OPC tags list to a file, and then load them from that file.

Data types. The program supports different data types for OPC tags.

Emulations. A timer can update any tag value or all tag values.

Tag tree. Tags can have a hierarchy structure.

Read/write. You can read OPC tag values and write a new value to an OPC tag.

Various OS. The program works on all Windows versions starting from Windows 2000, including servers and x64.