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For Windows 2000 - Windows 10 (2016) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 5.4.0 build 703. .


More than 200 companies and individuals from more than 20 countries have chosen GSM Guard, and have been successfully using it for various purposes:

  • To guard and monitor various sites or stationary objects;
  • To monitor motor vehicles;
  • To monitor and control boiler stations, boreholes, electric generators, etc.;
  • To collect and process electric meters' data.

- A.A. Prosvirnin:

« We've been using GSM Guard for some time to monitor our boiler stations, central heat distribution station, and water wells. This application has proved to be a great choice. It is very reliable, highly compatible with all our equipments, and user friendly. Even an elderly person can quickly grasp its intuitive user interface! All these things make GSM Guard stand out from other available software solutions. Yet another important advantage of GSM Guard is its prompt and reliable technical support. »

- Greg:

« We've used GSM Guard to set up a security control room in our suburban settlement. The application fits our needs perfectly. In brief, it is reliable, simple, and easy to use. All employees in our private security company have quickly found a common language with it. »

- Jacek:

« We use GSM Guard in our central security room to monitor multiple sites in Lviv City via GSM. We are very pleased with this program. It's simple, has an intuitive user interface, and works nicely with our security alarm equipment. The vendor continues to improve GSM Guard, adding more and more useful features. »

- Michel Julien:

« We've been using GSM Guard for more than one year. Thanks to GSM Guard, we've become more flexible in using security equipment from various vendors. Now we can buy cheaper equipment with necessary features. I'd like to mention the high quality of GSM Guard's technical support. When we requested some improvements to the software, they were promptly implemented. GSM Guard is a unique product because it's feature rich, highly customizable, and easy to use. »

- Edward:

« I'd like to thank the developers of GSM Guard on behalf of all technical staff of Unibank's security service! For us, this software provided an easy way to set up a central security console using the GSM technology. GSM Guard allows one to quickly and easily deploy a centralized surveillance station in any location with GSM coverage. Thanks to the application's high customizability, we easily configured our centralized surveillance station to fit our needs. GSM Guard not only has made remote monitoring easier for us, but also has allowed us to control objects remotely by sending commands to them (that is, provided telemetric capabilities). »

- Karen Lorena:

« We've been successfully using GSM Guard to monitor motor vehicles and guard stationary objects for a number of major transportation companies in Belarus. According to our customers' feedback, this application is very stable in operation and has a visually pleasing, intuitive user interface. We have never received any complaints about GSM Guard from our customers. I also would like to note that the vendor promptly implements additional features when requested by the customer. »

- Bill Howard:

« Thanks to its flexible settings and rich features, GSM Guard ensures a reliable operation of our centralized surveillance station that monitors our company's sites. GSM Guard has proved to be interfaceable with various security systems. Besides, I'd like to mention the promptness of technical support. The vendor was always happy to discuss our issues and requests online, and made changes to the software as necessary. An intuitive user interface, consistent settings, simplicity of use, and the ability to get any reports on events and analyze alarm signals make GSM Guard unique against the background of expensive, "heavyweight" software solutions. »

- Dan Maiale:

« I was pleasantly surprised to see that it worked perfectly!!! I cannot thank you enough for doing this! Without this program, I may have just had to move on and accept defeat. So, as promised, I will be purchasing a license today. Please keep up the good work!!!. »

- Victoria:

« Everything seem to work perfectly. I will test it in advance. Really thanks a lot! »

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