Advanced NMEA Data Logger - FAQ

I would like to know if I can run your software on a Microsoft Surface tablet (or other windows PC) connected to a Standard Horizon CP-500 with an FF525 fish finder and a transducer/temperature sensor. I am interested in logging location and Water temperature.

The NMEA Data Logger software can be installed on any Windows x32 or x64 computer. It can capture data from one or multiple NMEA 0183 data sources including GPS and depth, temperature sensors, and the standard NMEA 0183 data through RS232.

How do I extract/setup to parse a propriety NMEA string to record/work with the values? It is a very simple string combo from an IMU that I need the pitch, roll, heading from.

Our NMEA Data Logger software allows you to add decoding of proprietary sentences. You may edit the "program folder\plugins\nmea\nmea.xml" file in Notepad. There are several examples of proprietary sentences in this XML file. Please, note that you should specify the sentence name without the leading "P" character (PRDID → RDID).

Our goal is to use the Garmin transducer to record depth w/GPS location. Then we want to import that data to ESRI software and create bathymetry. Can your software help?

It is the standard usage scenario for our NMEA Data Logger software. We've prepared a detailed tutorial.

How can I log data from RS232 and TCP data sources at the same time? I can only select one option in the installation package.

You can convert a TCP data stream using our This is another standard usage scenario for our NMEA Data Logger software. Please, look at TCP COM Bridge software. In this case, you can capture data from two COM ports.

Can your software split an NMEA signal into multiple signals to send to different programs?

Our NMEA data logger does not support this feature. We can offer our TCP Splitter instead. It is designed for this purpose.

GPS → Bluetooth → NMEA → Windows computer → Excel. Is this possible?

Our NMEA data logger supports various COM types. Usually, Bluetooth GPS devices create a virtual COM port on your Windows computer, and our logger can successfully connect to it and capture data.

I want to log the NMEA data from the USB port from my Garmin GPSMAP 64. The GPSMAP does not have a serial port, only a USB. What software do I need for my problem?

This device creates a virtual COM port in Windows (probably, you need a special driver from the manufacturer). It would be best to have our NMEA Data Logger software that can successfully read data from virtual COM ports created for USB devices. While installing our logger, you should select the "RS232" interface type.