Advanced NMEA Data Logger - User testimonials

- Bob:

« Arthur is AMAZING -- very knowledgeable about your product line and its features resolved my issues and just gained a customer!! Thank you!! »

- Brandon Russell:

« I was at my wits end with respect to pulling data from a couple of power meters. I felt the Advanced Serial Data Logger would work easily with the application; however, the MODBUS protocol (ENRON) used in the devices was not supported and I was at a loss. In less than 24 hours the Aggsoft programmers created a configuration to allow my devices to work and now I have data! No other software company I have used would have made the extra effort to support their users. Thank you for being instrumental in getting my project working. »

- Michael Carver:

« I have been using the TCP/IP data logger since 2010 and have had no issues! It is extremely reliable and efficient. It truly brings Excel to life with the ability to have an uninterrupted stream of data. Any questions I have had over the years have been answered timely. I don't usually write reviews, but I have to give kudos to AGGSOFTWARE and its excellent support. »

- Paolo M.:

« Let me say that it is awesome! There are so many possibilities that, while trying to configure it I was like a baby opening gifts at Christmas. »

- Michael Sylvester:

« Just a quick e-mail to mention the excellent support we've had from Arthur Grasin. We initially had some issues with the installation on a Win8.1 machine. This was all sorted. Arthur has then continued to provide an excellent service. »

- Ryan:

« Very cool! I knew your "super modular" design would have exactly such a feature. Very excellent work. »

- Ray:

« p.s. you have given me the best technical support of any company i have ever worked. »

- Justin Anning:

« This program is just what I was looking for - something which is adaptable by "non-programmers" such as myself to our many and rapidly changing applications and equipment configurations. »

- Jim Christensen:

« Thanks for all the excellent work and support. I'll definitely recommend this software to other agencies who are looking for a similar solution! »

- Andrew Kohlsmith:

« I stumbled across your monitor and logger applications, and I have to say I am very impressed! I am trying to use your software to monitor an RS485 link between two of our products to try and determine the cause of some serial read errors on one of these devices. »

- John Heffernan:

« Just to let you know - we've solved the problem! I wanted to persist with ASDL because it's such a great piece of software! Very easy to set up and flexible - the problems that took the time were to do with the 'black box' we have built! Many thanks. »

- Patrick H. Barrett:

« I'm ready to buy your excellent software today, It is all that required in order to get our data flowing into Excel. »

- JCL Weston:

« Your Advanced Serial Data Logger is an excellent product and help us to capture data to an ODBC database. »

- Graeme Rixon:

« This program is very well written, easy to setup and use. »

- Monerva Cervantes Paez:

« Thank you for your help, I really was not concerned to find a solution and the generic printer solution worked perfectly. »

- David:

« I am using a full version of ASDL and it looks like the perfect software for my needs. »

- Hakon Hoff, Pixima:

« Pixima is a company who follows up and investigates individuals in gas stations filling fuel and omits to pay. The process is automatized via the Digital Video Recorder system (video surveillance) and synchronised with the cash register. For this purpose we use the ASD Logger software from AGG Software.

The ASD Logger is installed in the largest gas station in Norway and assists us catching up individuals who "buckle up" after not paying for fuel filled. Our services prevent big financial losses at these stations. At the moment we have 6 installations, but plan to have 50 at the end of this year.

The ASD Logger works perfectly without any need for manual operation. Pixima is highly satisfied and can recommend the software to any customer. »