Accurate Printer Monitor - real-time printer monitoring and logging for local, network printers

For Windows 2000 - Windows 11 (2022) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 5.7.6 build 514. May 17, 2024.

Accurate Printer Monitor - real-time printer monitoring and logging for local, network printers    

Brief description:

Printer monitoring is indeed a lot of companies all over the world should invest in. But why is this so? Why is there an imminent need to monitor printing activity? Let us say that you operate a medium-sized enterprise and you have dozens of computers connected to three or four computer networks. With this many computers, your office would inevitably need a lot of working printers at hand, so many that keeping tabs as to printing activity would become fairly difficult it achieve. The task to printer monitor is not really hard if you have software to back you up. This is why you need to have print monitor software in your office.

Another great feature that comes with print monitoring software is that it points out the employees using the printers most often, as well as the number of pages they have been printing off the printers. Now, this goes without saying that there are employees who are just a little bit abusive when it comes to using office equipment and when it comes to printing, there really is no way of knowing who is using what printer for personal use. That is, if you do not have the software. With the software, this is easily carried out because it keeps track of all documents printed as well as the employee who printed them respectively. These reports are then stored inside a built-in database that you can easily access to monitor abusive users.

What problems can be solved with Accurate Printer Monitor?

This software can be used in a centralized supervising system of all you printers. With this software, you can monitor printing activity more efficiently, thus preventing the personal use of your printers by your employees. It just cannot be helped; there are times when your own employees would use your printers to print some documents that are not related to work at all.

Getting started is easy. Accurate Printer Monitor is ready!

After installation start our Printer Monitor from the Start Menu. Click the green plus button and choose printer for monitoring. Then define how you want to export export and log events data.


Printer Monitor window view More screenshots


Multiple printers at the same time. Capability to monitor multiple local or remote printers at the same time. Our remote client application can automatically detect new attached printers.

Universal. Allows you to monitor local, remote, or network printers.

Fast. Real-time optimized monitoring.

Job content. Our Printer Monitor allows saving the content of printed jobs to PDF and upload it to a central server.

Printer Monitor automatically detects when the printer or print server goes offline and restores monitoring when the printer is online.

All printer types. The program supports color and monochrome printers.

Printer monitoring. Can send notifications via email and several other methods.

SNMP. The program can read SNMP data from network printers with toner level and cartridge information.

Enterprise printers monitoring. Our Printer Monitor capture information in remote offices via the Internet or VPN and collect all data into a central database like MSSQL, MySQL, or PostgreSQL.

Quotas. You can define quotas for a division, printer, or user or ask for a PIN code before each print job.

Reports. Many reports, which you may save to Adobe PDF or MS Word files (report examples).

Printer accounting. You can calculate the printing cost for each printer, domain or user, paper size, or print quality.

Duplex mode. The program automatically counts pages and sheets for printers that can print in the duplex mode.

Scheduled reports. The printer monitor can send scheduled reports to administrators.

Remote printers monitoring. Build-in HTTP server allows administrators or users to browse company or individual reports from remote computers.

Simple, menu-driven step-by-step set-up Programming is not required to configure the software to collect data.

Various OS. Works on all Windows versions since Win2000, including x86 and x64 platforms.

Windows service mode. Unlike most other printer monitoring applications, our Printer Monitor can run as a service so that it starts as soon as the operating system starts and doesn't require a user to log in and run it. It will continue to run even as the user login and logoff the workstation.

It is extremely easy to use! The configuration process is fully menu-driven and has complete, context-sensitive, online help. You can easily customize all input to your exact specifications. Once you see how easy it is to use Accurate Printer Monitor, you will never again take data readings by hand!